Cash Back Credit Cards

I gotta say, I’m really liking this 5% cash back card that I have. It’s not always 5%, but every quarter, they designate a few categories where you can earn 5% cash back. For all other purchases, you get 1%. While I’m usually a fan of earning travel points, sometimes you just want some cold hard cash.

This quarter it’s about restaurants (and some other places I don’t frequent too often). Considering how much I spend eating out for lunch every day, this is definitely a nice little discount. I’m sure I’ll miss this when the quarter is over, but I’m definitely going to get it while the getting is good.

Scarf Girl, charging lots of food items.


2014 Miles Driven

Looks like here are my driving stats for 2014:

Miles Driven: 2,385
Gas Cost: $1,052.03

Maybe I should consider an electric car considering how little I drive. Then again, at the rate I’m going, I can probably drive my car for at least 10 more years. It’ll likely rust before I get there. Funny.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


2013 Miles Driven & Dollars Spent On Gas

So I don’t know why I do it, but I have kept track of my gas mileage ever since I’ve owned my car. I guess when I first got my car, I wanted to see how my mileage compared to what was posted on the car (it never does…). Anyway, I’ve tallied up my miles driven and dollars spent in 2013:

Miles Driven: 2,299
Spent on Gas: $574.56
Gas Cost/Mile: ~$0.25

How does one spend so little on gas? It’s called taking public transportation. While it does take quite a while, the ride is much more relaxing than fighting traffic where everyone else is miserable and aggressive. Plus, I can do things like travel planning, reading or, well, actual working.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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iPhone Calendars Can Be Tricky

So I’ve only had my iPhone for a little bit over a year. Yeah, I’m not an early adopter. In fact, I’m a pretty late adopter. But nevertheless, I “joined the dark side.” As somewhat of a newbie, I never really tried to figure out how to use every last feature. Also, I’m a PC and I don’t use Outlook.

How is this a problem? Well, I got this recurring calendar invite for work in an email so I clicked on the little attachment that conveniently adds it to the phone’s calendar. The bad thing? The meeting invite was sent out by someone who is on Central time, and for whatever reason, when I clicked on the icon, it added it in Central time! The darn phone wasn’t clever enough to change it to Pacific time. That was my first problem.

My second problem was that I couldn’t make any adjustments to it. Sheesh, maybe I’m just dumb.

Eventually the recurring meeting was canceled, so when I tried to delete the meeting off my phone, I couldn’t! Aiyah, what’s a girl to do? I figured that if I had some sort of calendar program, I could sync things up and delete the meeting.

Well, eventually I decided to start using iCloud’s calendar feature through the website, and FINALLY I got rid of that stinkin invite. Yeah yeah, I’m sure all you people out there must think I’m some kind of idiot. But really, I was just without calendar software and too lazy to start using iCloud until recently.

I wonder if I’m turning in to one of those folks who doesn’t know how to learn about technology. Eek, I better brush up on gadgets and things.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


I Have Neglected My Blog

Dear Scarf Girl Blog,

I’m so sorry that I’ve been such a lazy bum that I’ve neglected you. Life seems to fly by really quickly and I should definitely be a bit more diligent about keeping track of the interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. Have faith! I will write more things in the future.

Scarf Girl

P.S. I have since added a new scarf to my collection.


Homemade Dishwashing Detergent

I was surfing the web one time and came across a do-it-yourself dishwashing detergent recipe. It’s supposed to be eco-friendly and economical. That seems like a win-win situation if you ask me.

After shopping around the Southbay, I found the hard-to-find ingredients (washing soda & borax). Afterall, why would a national grocery chain want to sell you ingredients to make your own stuff when you could buy theirs? Here are the components:

1cp Washing Soda (not baking soda, but it’s similar)
1cp Borax
1/2cp Kosher Salt
1/2cp Citric Acid (unsweetened lemonade mix packets will do)
Vinegar (this doesn’t go into the mix, but you add it to rinse dispenser part)

Now, let’s break down the costs:
$4.14 - Washing Soda (includes tax) - 55oz ($0.075/oz)
$5.34 - Borax (includes tax) - 76oz ($0.07/oz)
$1.5 - Kosher Salt - 13oz ($0.12/oz) - I just looked up a price since I always have this in my pantry)
$2.99 - Citric Acid (Sugar-free lemonade mix) - 3.2oz (0.93/oz) (I’m sure I can get this cheaper)
$1.83 - Vinegar - 32oz ($0.057/oz)

Here’s the cost of each batch (assuming 8oz per cup): $5.36
$0.60 - Washing Soda
$0.56 - Borax
$0.48 - Kosher Salt
$3.72 - Citric Acid

Each batch makes 24oz of dishwashing detergent. The instructions say use 1 tablespoon per load (which is about 1/2 oz in terms of dry ingredient volume), which will give you around 48 loads. Doing the math, each wash costs you around $0.11-$0.12. I’m sure the price would drop dramatically if you can get citric acid for cheaper than $0.93/oz.

Anyway, after using this mix for about a month, I haven’t really noticed any difference (that’s a good thing). The only thing is that you definitely still want a rinse agent (I haven’t tried the vinegar yet), because without it, it won’t be as good as the normal dishwasher detergent that you can buy in a store.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Time Flies

I can’t believe it has been 1 year since I last updated my blog. Wowsers. Well, my house is pretty much finally remodeled (2 bathrooms, kitchen, and all new flooring). I’ve definitely learned some lessons and have found some good sites for home improvement shopping.

I’m also very enthusiastic about our LED recessed lighting that we’ve installed in our kitchen and living room. After using them in the kitchen for about 6 months, they were definitely a good investment. I haven’t done the math, but at 10.5w per bulb (vs. 60w), we are saving tons of money. More on the lights another time.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Not For Under Cabinet Lighting

So after extensively searching for some affordable LED lights for under my kitchen cabinets, I thought I found something in IKEA’s Inreda & Komplement series. They were light bars which could connect with other light bars to cover more space. Unfortunately, the lights are somewhat angled so that they direct light to only the area under the upper cabinet and on the backsplash. They don’t cover the entire counter, which would be necessary for task lighting. Boo… time to continue surfing the web.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Kitchen Destruction

Today, at long last, we begun remodel work on our 70’s style kitchen. Let me say that demolition is a very quick process. This morning when I left for work, everything was intact, except for the portion of the wall that we let our friends “help” knock a hole in. When I got home, the floors were all taken up and the cabinets gone. *poof*

Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the recessed lighting positions as well as having the plumber come in to check things out. Exciting time ahead, and we’ve only just begun.

The “before” video

Post-Demo and plumbing rough-ins video (5/6/11 & 5/7/11)

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Kitchen Cabinets Galore

So we received our delivery of kitchen cabinets recently. Holy moly! They have taken over our two-car garage completely. Everything arrived in huge boxes from what I imagine, a large-ass truck (J was home to receive the goodies, so I’m merely using my imagination).

The next step? We have to open everything up, take inventory, and check for damage. So far there isn’t any damage, but we did notice that a lot of the cabinet doors got misaligned during transit.

Unfortunately we won’t begin the kitchen remodel for at least a month. *sigh* A month of parking outside. Luckily the weather is getting nicer.

Scarf Girl, counting boxes.


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