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Cash Back Credit Cards

I gotta say, I’m really liking this 5% cash back card that I have. It’s not always 5%, but every quarter, they designate a few categories where you can earn 5% cash back. For all other purchases, you get 1%. While I’m usually a fan of earning travel points, sometimes you just want some cold hard cash.

This quarter it’s about restaurants (and some other places I don’t frequent too often). Considering how much I spend eating out for lunch every day, this is definitely a nice little discount. I’m sure I’ll miss this when the quarter is over, but I’m definitely going to get it while the getting is good.

Scarf Girl, charging lots of food items.


I Have Neglected My Blog

Dear Scarf Girl Blog,

I’m so sorry that I’ve been such a lazy bum that I’ve neglected you. Life seems to fly by really quickly and I should definitely be a bit more diligent about keeping track of the interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. Have faith! I will write more things in the future.

Scarf Girl

P.S. I have since added a new scarf to my collection.


Time Flies

I can’t believe it has been 1 year since I last updated my blog. Wowsers. Well, my house is pretty much finally remodeled (2 bathrooms, kitchen, and all new flooring). I’ve definitely learned some lessons and have found some good sites for home improvement shopping.

I’m also very enthusiastic about our LED recessed lighting that we’ve installed in our kitchen and living room. After using them in the kitchen for about 6 months, they were definitely a good investment. I haven’t done the math, but at 10.5w per bulb (vs. 60w), we are saving tons of money. More on the lights another time.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Not For Under Cabinet Lighting

So after extensively searching for some affordable LED lights for under my kitchen cabinets, I thought I found something in IKEA’s Inreda & Komplement series. They were light bars which could connect with other light bars to cover more space. Unfortunately, the lights are somewhat angled so that they direct light to only the area under the upper cabinet and on the backsplash. They don’t cover the entire counter, which would be necessary for task lighting. Boo… time to continue surfing the web.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


I’m Still Alive… Just Busy/Lazy

I couldn’t believe how long it’s been since I was wrote a blog post. I suppose after all these years of blogging, it starts to be come a chore. Anyway, the summer was great and flew by way too quickly. Our master bathroom was finally finished and now we’ve been planning for a kitchen remodel. It’s going to be nice to get that done and finally be able to host a party!

Good luck to the Giants in Game #4 of the World Series!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Climb On

So it’s been a while since I went climbing (besides last week). I managed to squeeze in a 2nd week in a row today. Let’s see, I did 4 climbs, and with a little nudging from my friend, did some harder climbs. 5.9, 10a, 10d, 11a. Whew, my forearms are definitely tired, but in a good way.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Police Gas Stations and Other Musings

So the other day while driving by a gas station, one question popped into my head: where do the police, fire trucks and ambulances fuel up? I suppose it would make sense for each respective station to have some sort of fuel pumps for convenience. The last thing a cop would want to be caught doing is filling up at their local gas station. If they had to, would they get free gas?

One thing thing I was wondering was what kind of mileage does a fire truck get? I mean, a Hummer H3 gets around 13-14mpg (city), so I can’t imagine that a fire truck would do any better. I suppose while manufacturing the fire trucks, they don’t really have to think about fuel economy so much.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Strawberry Fresca

A yummy “strawberry water” drink for those hot summer days. Taken from

25oz Strawberries - hulled and sliced (4 cups)
1 cup white sugar
8 cups water

1) Prep strawberries and put into a bowl (w/ lid).

2) Mix with sugar and 1 cup of water. Cover and place in fridge for 4 hours.

3) Blend until smooth in a blender/food processor.

4) Strain out pulp and seeds.

5) Mix with remaining 7 cups of water and chill or serve with ice.


Mosaic Tile Backsplash

So we finally finished tiling, grouting and caulking the backsplash for our 2nd bathroom. It took such a long time because we were pretty lazy.

Here’s the breakdown of the costs:
1) Jeffrey Court 5/8 Vintage Merlot 12 In. x 12 In. Glass Wall Tile (from Home Depot) - $13.99 each. We used 2 sheets and cut each 12×12 sheet into three strips.
2) 1LB Laticrete Tile Repair & Bathroom Fixture Adhesive (Mortar) - $2.94
3) 1LB Laticrete Unsanded Grout - Bright White - $1.88
4) White caulk - We already had this in the toolbox so I’ll count it as $0!
Total after tax: $35.82

Not too shabby if you ask me. I gotta say that grout really makes a difference. I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the color/texture mix when the sheets went up, but after the grout went in, I really liked how it turned out. It seemed to mellow out the colors (if that makes any sense).

Next up is to finally put on those baseboards!
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Time Sure Flies

Wow, I blink and suddenly two months have passed. Crazy! Well, I’ve mostly been distracted with trying to remodel out house. Although, we haven’t started construction of our master bath. We’ve been doing a lot of planning for it (and lazing around). I’m happy to say that we’ve been using our hallway bathroom for a while now although the finishing touches haven’t quite been, well, finished.

I finally got around to tiling the backsplash. It was my first time tiling anything on a vertical surface. I pretty much just decided to dive into it. “How hard can it be?” I used strips of mosaic tiles (that I cut from a 12″x12″ sheet), and applied them to the wall after putting some mortar on the wall. Next step is to grout. I wanted a small gap between the sink countertop and the tiles, so I used quarters as bottom spacers. I just cleaned off any mortar that got stuck. Hooray for free remodeling supplies!
Scarf Girl, signing off.


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