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Closing Day!

So today is supposed to be closing day. I suppose we’ll close officially at the close of the day. *badumbum*. First order of business before we move in is this check-list of must-do items:

1) Fumigate! (die you filthy wood eating vermin!)
2) Spray Poison! (die you filthy dirt dwelling wood eating vermin! aka… subterranean termites)
3) Fix the leaking drain in the bathtub.
4) Remove popcorn ceiling and get ceiling textured.
5) Paint bedrooms (probably something beige and warm toned)
6) Carpet the bedrooms (and rip out the carpet in one of the rooms)
7) Hang a lot of curtains
8) Fix some broken screens on the sliding door
9) Sanitize!
10) Change the locks
11) Buy a fridge (the sellers are taking theirs away!)
12) Secure the slightly loose toilet in bathroom 2.
Looks like it’ll be a busy few weeks.

Scarf Girl, looking over paint swatches.


Refrigerator Mania

Since we’re in escrow for a place, we need a fridge. The one that’s in the place now is going to be taken away by the sellers. So, where to begin? There are countless models and brands that one could consider with all sorts of features and prices that you can imagine.

So far I like this one site that seems pretty informative:

I guess the specs we’ll have to consider are:
-Size: how many cubic feet it can hold (we’re thinking 22-25 cu. ft. should work for us)
-Stainless or not stainless? (I think we like the stainless look, though it costs a bit more)
-Price: (err… $100? I wish. I think a non-high-end stainless steel one that’s 22-25 cu ft will run about $1000-$2000)
-Style: top freezer or bottom freezer. side by side doors, french doors. (I like top freezer because I’m used to it but bottom freezer seems more ergonomic since you grab stuff mostly from the fridge.)
-Extras: ice-maker? (Aren’t ice cube trays enough for people?) water dispenser? (that would mean getting rid of the Brita)

Time to go shopping!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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