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iPhone Calendars Can Be Tricky

So I’ve only had my iPhone for a little bit over a year. Yeah, I’m not an early adopter. In fact, I’m a pretty late adopter. But nevertheless, I “joined the dark side.” As somewhat of a newbie, I never really tried to figure out how to use every last feature. Also, I’m a PC and I don’t use Outlook.

How is this a problem? Well, I got this recurring calendar invite for work in an email so I clicked on the little attachment that conveniently adds it to the phone’s calendar. The bad thing? The meeting invite was sent out by someone who is on Central time, and for whatever reason, when I clicked on the icon, it added it in Central time! The darn phone wasn’t clever enough to change it to Pacific time. That was my first problem.

My second problem was that I couldn’t make any adjustments to it. Sheesh, maybe I’m just dumb.

Eventually the recurring meeting was canceled, so when I tried to delete the meeting off my phone, I couldn’t! Aiyah, what’s a girl to do? I figured that if I had some sort of calendar program, I could sync things up and delete the meeting.

Well, eventually I decided to start using iCloud’s calendar feature through the website, and FINALLY I got rid of that stinkin invite. Yeah yeah, I’m sure all you people out there must think I’m some kind of idiot. But really, I was just without calendar software and too lazy to start using iCloud until recently.

I wonder if I’m turning in to one of those folks who doesn’t know how to learn about technology. Eek, I better brush up on gadgets and things.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Being Handy Comes In Handy

So our 2nd bathroom is pretty much complete except for the vanity, medicine cabinet and some finishwork. I gotta say, the tilework that our tilers did was excellent. You can tell that they didn’t take shortcuts. One example is that they found the center point of the tub walls and started tiling from there. I think many tilers start from the left and go to the right. That way, they only have to measure and cut tile for one side, versus cutting it for both sides. It’s more work, but you get better symmetry. I didn’t notice this right away when I saw the finished work, but realized that I had liked it more because of the symmetry.

As a result of putting up new tiles, the tilers put up some greenboard (some sort of drywall I think). In order to do this, they had to attach it to the nearest stud, which stuck out past where the files would be. What does that mean? Well, it means I’ve got some drywall that needs to be prepped, primed and painted. It also means there’s a seam between the existing drywall and the new drywall.

So what did we do? We called up the guys who painted our house to see how much they’d charge to do this. $300! Err… what about the hole where the medicine cabinet will be? $300! Aiyah! That means they would charge us $600 for these items. Err…I didn’t like the idea of paying $600 for stuff that we could probably do if we learned.

What are we going to do? Well, I figure that we can buy about $30 worth of supplies and try to tackle things ourselves. Why not? It’s worth a shot, and if we screw up, at least we know there’s the fallback plan of hiring the dudes.

Wish us luck.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Jeans Shopping Outting

I’m sure I’ve complained about how hard it is to find a proper fitting pair of jeans. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just find a seamstress who can sew me a custom pair of jeans. How awesome would that be?

Anyway, I went shopping on Tuesday with my friend C and we searched high and low (at Express and Macys) for some jeans. Here’s the rundown of the jeans I tried on:

Express Eva Jeans (pretty decent fit but just a tad uncomfortable around the crotch)
Express Stella Jeans (low riding jeans that I didn’t even bother to button up)
Lucky Brand
7 For All Mankind
Calvin Klein
Rock & Republic

The price range for the jeans started around $40 and went up to $200. I can’t say for sure that I could really see/feel the difference between the $40 and $200 jeans, but I ended up buying the $40 jeans because those were the only ones that fit reasonably without any unflattering bunching around the zipper or was riding too low. I’ll have to decide whether to keep them or not.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Yay… it works again… and other things

So my blog was down for a little while due to some technical difficulties. Anyway, it’s back up! Hooray!

Anyway, what’s new with Scarf Girl? Well, Scarf Girl and, uh, Scarf (Boy?) are looking to sell our place. Yeah, yeah, it’s “not the best time” but hey, it’s better than 6 months from now. So, I’ve been brushing up on this “staging your home” phenomenon (well, it’s not that new, it just seems uber trendy now), and watching my newest favorite HGTV show “Get It Sold.” That lady sure knows how to transform a place with minimal cost. Just a bit of elbow grease and some creativity.

I’ll be posting some before and afters soon enough. We just have to get through this packing up enough items to make our place look clutter free, but not so empty that it looks like nobody lives there.
Scarf Girl, signing off.



Why do I get so much spam? I don’t get it. I always opt out for emails whenever I have to sign up for an account somewhere. Yet still, I get the junkmail from Amazon,, Bluefly, and everywhere else. Well, I’m finally taking the time to unsubscribe from their lists and hopefully my junk mail box will only be full of amazing too-good-to-be-true offers of riches from random dudes in Africa.

Anyway, I also get random junk mail, and so I’m trying to get rid of that by changing my email address to something totally random that’s not mine. Hopefully that will rid them of that. It’s better that they have a fake email for me than a real one.

Here’s to hoping for a spamless 2009!
Scarf Girl, signing off.


The Vain Bridezilla

There’s one thing to pick pretty dresses for your bridesmaids because you want them to look pretty. There’s one thing to pay for a stylist to create the perfect hair-dos and make up styles. But…it’s a WHOLE different thing when you ask your bridesmaids to alter their bodies for the sake of your wedding.

There’s this article in the NY Times about how some brides are treating (or requesting) their bridesmaids (and/or moms) to undergo treatments such as spray tans, botox, liposuction, and boob jobs.

I mean…  c’mon! Are you serious? I know you want photos to look great, but isn’t having your dearest friends and family at your wedding celebration enough? I’d say some brides are taking things a little bit too far when it comes to having a “perfect” wedding.

If you REALLY want to have a great looking wedding party, then hire some models. That’ll probably give you perfect photos and be cheaper than paying for all those procedures.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Racist Remarks

I was at a Giants/Dodgers game recently and was enjoying the game for the most part (except for the Giants losing), and was totally shocked at a fan’s racist remarks. There was this Dodgers fan sitting nearby who was very enthusiastic (read: loud and obnoxious) who cheered and booed.

Well, their pitcher (I forget who it was, but he was Asian), was having a bit of a struggle, throwing balls and whatnot. Anyway, the guy, to my surprise, yelled out something to the effect of, “C’mon! Long Duk Dong!” [wtf!!]

If you don’t get the reference, it’s to a character from the movie Sixteen Candles. That movie did not portray the Asian man in a particularly favorable light, and I suppose whenever people want to throw out a “generic Asian name” they use his.

“Aiyah!” Is all I gotta say about that.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Commuting Sucks: SHHHH!

I don’t know what it is, but when people talk on cell phones in public, a lot of them end up talking in a loud volume. Is it because they don’t know their own loudness? Is it that they can’t hear themselves talking above ambient noise? Or, is it just that they’re oblivious and inconsiderate?

This morning on my train ride up, I was blissfully napping when I jolted awake. What I was hearing was pretty much “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Some lady was talking so loudly that I woke up. Half the people who talk on the train talk somewhat quietly, but the other half, OMG, are so annoying. Don’t they realize that it’s the morning and people want it quiet?

Anyway, I figured if it was a short conversation, sure, but it kept going on. So I got fed up to the point where I anonymously “SHHHHH!”d her, which worked as she quieted down, and then shortly after, hung up. Sheesh.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Bandwagon Baggage

I read recently that now United Airlines has jumped on the nickel-and-diming bandwagon that American has started. What am I referring to? Well, they’re going to start charging you for the first bag that you check in.

Also, I was reading that some airlines are considering (or will put into action… I forget exactly the details), charging you to book a specific seat in advanced (window, middle or aisle). Oh, I was reading they might even charge for any beverages they give out. Are they SERIOUS?
I’m waiting for the coin-operated lavatories or the barf bag vending machine. Oh, I know, they should totally charge you for carrying on any luggage. Afterall, it does add extra weight to the plane, which means that the plane will use more gas.

At the rate they’re going, people would be better off shipping their clothes to their hotel if they start charging you for carry-on luggage. Then you can have your liquid containers in excess of 3 ounces. You also get to skip baggage claim, which could take up to 40-60 minutes.
Someone needs to build a high-speed rail train line in the US. Look at Japan and their bullet trains. They’re freakin awesome, efficient, and gets you from point A to point B in a timely manner.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Overpriced Wedding Cake Video

So I’ve stood on my soap box many times and talked about how the wedding industry overprices everything because they can sometimes. Anyway, here’s a video snippet about how true that fact is. I found it hilarious, but I’m sure some cake vendors don’t.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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