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Pen Thieves

This just in… I looked in my pen cup and THERE’S A PEN MISSING! Grr… dang thieves are at it again. This time, they took my black Uni-ball pen.

SG, signing off.


Discriminating Buyer

I’m beginning to think that those porn spam people are catching on to filters. Today I received some junkmail with the subject title, “Adule Live Video!!” Heheh.. I guess they knew that some people would filter out the word “adult.”

Hmm… I dropped by at my local Safeway today to pick up some walnuts for some brownies, and as I was looking for a register to pay out on, I saw this Chinese woman and her daughter. There weren’t many customers around, so we pretty much got our pick of several empty checkouts. Well, the daughter was carrying some of the items and asked if this one cashier was open (since she was counting up money). Since the cashier said yes, the daughter signalled her mom to where she was. Since she was ahead of me, I decided I’d find some other open cashier.

The mother was walking towards the daughter and noticed that the cashier was a black woman. Then she says to her daughter in Chinese, “Let’s go to THAT [while pointing to the cashier that I was at] person over there. She’s Chinese.”

I was a bit surprised by that. I mean, that woman would rather wait for me to finish just so that she could have a Chinese cashier over a black one.

SG, signing off.



A friend of mine recently asked me this question: What are you passionate about? *ponder… scratching head*

My first thought was nothing really. I mean, I’ve always been kind of a middle of the road type of person. I have a whole lot of interests and want to try out all sorts of things. The thing is, because I want to dip my toes into so many things, I can only be moderately enthusiastic about them. There’s this saying, “Jack of all trades, master of nothing.” Well, I if that’s the case, then you can call me Jill.

So after having said all that, I suppose I’m passionate about learning new things. I really love doing cool stuff or getting out there and having a new experience. But I suppose if that answer isn’t quite good enough, and you want some sort of activity attached to it, I’d say that most passionate that I feel about something is volleyball and photography. So does that mean I should get out there and be a volleyball photographer? Hehh heh..

I’ve always thought pictures were fun to take, and I’ve been playing volleyball for more than half of my life. Heh.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Ever shop at that Asian supermarket that goes by the number 99? Well, I recall having several conversations about whether the name is “Ranch 99″ or “99 Ranch.” I never knew which one it was, so when I’d bring it up, most of the time, I’d say, “99 Ranch, Ranch 99, or whatever you call it.” Anyways, I’ve had this conversation with M, and he told me that in the phone book, it’s “99 Ranch.” So there you have it.

Hmm.. I suppose I could’ve figured it out if I looked up their webpage

SG, signing off.



Remember that old tv-show The Six Million Dollar Man? Well, I think it’s slowly starting to become a little more real. Well, the part where you can stick in something into your head to have bionic eyes and ears. Of course, we’re probably waaaaayyy off from being able to see and hear stuff that’s really far away. I came across this article: Patients praise bionic eyes and ears.

They’re still testing things out though, but so far, the results are promising. Hooray for technology, helping the blind and deaf to see and hear again.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



This weekend has been pretty cool. I spent most of it in the east bay though… at least the mornings. So my girls’ team ended up in a 4-way tie for 5th place. That’s pretty good considering there were about 56 teams in all. Yay! They played great this weekend although there were stressful times where I was just wondering what the heck was going on in their heads. I wish I could read their minds sometimes.

There is a pattern that I’ve noticed in their play. First, they dig themselves a big hole, and then climb their way back up. It’s like, they’re only motivated when they’re in trouble. Why is that?

Why is it that people don’t really bust it out until they have to? It’s like, we only do stuff when we have to. Remember those essays we had to write in school? Remember how we would have 1 month to do the paper and didn’t start writing it till a few days before the deadline? Hmm.. maybe that wasn’t the best example, but I guess my point is, people don’t really dig deep down until they absolutely have to. Maybe it’s because people don’t want to work hard, or maybe, they don’t want to face a tough situation… Hmm… sounds kinda like procrastination if you ask me.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



*ponder*. So what is the “right” age to get married? Is there a right age? I’m wondering about that because Amabelley mentioned this on her blog today. She attended her friend’s (the groom) wedding today and she mentioned how when they had met up earlier this week, he started talking about how she’s about that age.

After reading her entry, I thought about it and recalled numerous conversations about this topic. I mean, when are you supposed to get married? Yeah, I know the typical answer is, “when you’re ready,” but what is the age when people attend a wedding and they’re commenting on how lovely everything looks instead of how old/young the bride & groom are?

I recall this conversation I had with my mom some time last year. Well, it wasn’t much of a conversation. It was more of a psuedo-lecture.
You know… you’re not a kid anymore. You’re about that age…
I was totally shocked when she said that. I mean, she had never brought up this topic before really. Yeah, lucky me to not be constantly harassed about getting married and having lots of babies.

Then as I am looking around me, I am hearing about people getting engaged and people getting married. I was talking to a friend of mine and he was telling me how one of my old high school softball teammates is getting married in a few months. She and her fiancee just graduated from college. The thing is, she wasn’t my year. She was a freshman when I was a junior. Yeah. That makes her pretty young. When I heard that, I was totally shocked. She’s 22, and she’s getting married? Holy cow! I mean, I was totally happy for her, but I couldn’t help but think that 22 is way young to get married these days.

Oh, but I can’t forget the people I know who are already married. Let’s see, I think 2 years ago, one of my high school friends got married. She had been engaged since maybe junior year in college. Then there was a college classmate of mine who was a year older than me, but I attended her wedding a year and a half ago. It was great to see her get married, but I remember back in the day, we’d be chatting and she told me how she felt this sort of pressure from her family and friends to get married since everybody else was. Well, now she’s happily married and already has a baby girl. Quick eh?

Okay, so after having rambled on, I’ve sorta come to a conclusion as to what I think the “right” age to get married. This is merely my opinion, but I realize that when I attend a wedding where the bride is younger than 25, I find that young. Then, anything over 30 seems kinda old. So, to conclude… the “okay” range for getting married is 25-30. Heheh. Why, you ask? *whew*…long entry so far.

Well, most people graduate college say around 22. [then maybe there’s that grad/professional school thing…] If you were to get married, you’d hope that you have a job and have some dough saved up becuase ideally you would buy a place together, or are on your way. Then of course, there’s the wedding to pay for. So either you have a job that rakes in the dough, or you’d have to work a little while. Then for the 30 year old part, well, if you plan on having any kids, I heard that having your first one before/around age 30 is most healthy for the mother and the child, and any other future children. So I guess I’m practical that way, but these are a few reasons that I just kinda thought up.

Have a great Monday, barbecuing or whatevers.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So this morning, I woke up at 6:35 so that I could get ready and head off for the tournament. Yep, my girls’ team has a 3-day tournament. Today’s was held in Walnut Creek. Not too far, but when I heard we had to go there, I was thinking… “gosh that’s far.” I mean, I’ve driven an hour south before to Santa Clara where we had a tournament once, but it didn’t seem as far away. I think it automatically feels further away when you have to cross a bridge.

Anyways, I put on my shoe and the part around my left ankle felt kinda tight. Oh great… my ankle is still a bit swollen from the mosquito bite and now every time I take step, it rubs against my shoe. Wonderful… Well, it wasn’t SOOO bad since I guess at times I didn’t notice it, but I did feel the urge to scratch at the bite. Doh.

I put something on it so that I wouldn’t scratch it as much, so now I smell like Chinese mosquito cream. Heheh.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So I woke up this morning and my left ankle was feeling kinda funny. It felt kinda itchy. I thought about it and wondered if the skin got all sensitive because maybe I was tossing and turning in my sleep. Then as I was lying there, I felt a spot right above my left knee itch too. Geez, so after I scratched it a bit, I wanted to scratch some more. “Uh oh..” I thought.

I decided to inspect my leg and realized that above my knee was a mosquito bite of sorts. Then I merely assumed that my ankle was bitten too. Did I mention that my ankle is just a tad swollen? Geez…Oh great… I haven’t been bitten in the longest time… since I was in Asia. I also remember when I was in Asia, my legs were feasted on by those blood-sucking mosquitos. Yuck. I had all these little red splotches all over my legs. I think when I got back to the States, it took about a year for all dark spots to disappear. Yuck, right?

Then I was thinking about how I could’ve gotten a bite. I was playing catch yesterday with my friend and it must’ve been at the park. That totally sucks because I was wearing thick sweatpants too. Oh well, I guess when the mosquitos want something, they work hard to get it.

Scarf Girl, scratching away.



Here’s today’s Friday Five:

1. What’s the last vivid dream that you remember having? Hmm… *ponder*… can’t really think up one right now.

2. Do you have any recurring dreams? No, not really.

3. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?Possibly where I was being chased by monsters of sorts.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not? Yes, I’ve written my dreams down because I thought it’d be interesting to study their meaning to see what my brain is thinking about way the heck back there.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it? Yes. I remember once that I knew I was dreaming, and when things started to go the way I didn’t like, I just told myself to wake up.

Happy Friday. Get out there and enjoy the weather. Also, happy Memorial Day weekend. Go shopping, go BBQ, go picnicing. Heheh.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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