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Oh yeah… A big YEEEHAAAAW! I got my first paycheck. It’s only for 1 week though because the company pays twice a month. Into the bank it goes. Cha-ching! (the sound effect is not meant to insult any Chinese people. It is merely for the audience to imagine the sound of making money via a cash register ringing up a sale).

Scarf Girl, gainfully employed.



Oh, it’s a mere couple of hours before my friend, A’s, birthday. Happy 26th. Heh, and don’t get down, because 26 isn’t old at all. So party hard over the weekend. Woohoo!

Wow, I stayed an extra hour and a half at work today. Gee, my 2nd week has barely begun and I’m already busting my chops. Heh, you do what you’ve gotta do right? Perhaps I’ll take it easy tomorrow.

Topics in the Q:
1) can of worms
2) past meets the present
3) straddling the line of friendship

Scarf Girl, [this space intentially left blank because dardy commented that I was say ’signing off’]



Recently, I was talking with some folks in a car, and one person made a comment which led to a discussion that was about how pretty people would probably be helped more than not-as-pretty folks.

For instance, if a pretty woman was stranded on the highway, he believed that people (guys) would more likely stop and help her out than if she was ugly. I thought it was a totally messed up statement, but when I thought about it, I somehow believed it was true. Very often, pretty people get the benefit of the doubt. It seems like they get away with stuff more often than someone who was just average in looks.

I guess one can say our society is superficial and that we judge good-looking people to be higher than those who are not as good-looking. When it all comes down to it though, we’re all people, and very similar to each other. Often times though, pretty people who have had things done for them or always received help in doing things would be less independent. Like, they wouldn’t be able to do as many things on their own because they’ve never learned or needed to.

Pretty, ugly, skinny, fat, if I can help people, I’d try my best. What’s the use of looks when in the end, we’re all going to be old and wrinkly? Heh.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Hooray! Friday is here. Although it’s dreary-ugly outside, I’m feeling pretty good. Still coughing and sniffling, but definitely less than before.

Tick tock tick tock. The day will soon be over.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



I certainly am glad to have moved on from my old company. Former executives at online real estate firm to plead guilty.

Woohoo, my first week on the job is half over. I got myself a new keyboard and flat-panel monitor today. Unfortunately, they went with the 15″ model. That’s okay I guess. Also, they ordered me the quiet click keyboard. I suppose there’s nothing worse than hearing your neighbor bang away on the keyboard. Heh, I would be one of those people, especially when typing away on IM.

Still got a bit of the sniffles and my cough is starting to develop. *sigh* Popping vitamin C like it’s the sweetest candy there ever was.

Scarf Girl, *cough cough*



Well, I’ve survived my first day back in the workforce. I’d say everything went fairly smoothly, except for the sniffling and sneezing. Yuck. I also have a cough. It was a good thing that on my way to the office, I stopped by the Walgreens and picked up a box of fluffy Kleenex with the lotion. I think throughout the course of the day, I used 1/4 of the box. Pretty crazy, ain’t it?

What a way to make a first impression. “Hello. Accchoo! It’s nice to meet you.” *shake shake*

My workstation is a little cramped, but they’ve taken the liberty of ordering me a flat panel monitor because my work area is very shallow. I hope it turns out to be bigger than the 15″ monitor they had there already. Do you know how hard it is to do any sort of graphics editing with such a small monitor? What stinks is that I can’t see the entire file without the toolboxes getting in the way.

But all is well. I met probably majority of my new co-workers but too bad I can’t remember their names. When all the men are wearing the same colored outfits (dressy pants with blue shirts) it’s hard to tell them apart. Just like how all Asians look alike to non-Asians, so do everybody else to Asians.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Would you believe that I spent a weekend in Vegas and did not even drop a single penny into a slot machine or any bills on the tables? To some, that is blasphemous. Heheh.

I was actually in Vegas to play in a volleyball tournament organized by Westside Volleyball. This weekend was a 2-day tournament and I played in the coed part with a bunch of friends and made some new friends. Although we stumbled in the first day and qualified for the C pool (A & B pool were higher pools), we still faced some really tough-banging teams.

When I watch other teams warm up and they’ve got 6-feet-plus guys who jump really high and hit really hard, I get slightly intimidated, simply because I don’t want the humiliation of being packed in the face. When I see one on a team, it doesn’t seem so bad, but when I see 3, it’s basically non-stop ball pounding.

Nevertheless, when it came down to playing the big team, we split games with them, but overall, if you count the head-to-head points from both games, we came out the winner by 1 point. Although overall in the pool play, we came in 2nd and they came in first, we were still happy that we beat the annoyingly over-confident team. It’s pretty poor sportsmanship when you see guys trying to distract their opponents who obviously, they were better than. Then they’d also yell annoyingly loud when they’d get a point or side-out.

When it was time to play us, they were a bit too confident, because they watched us play very poorly in the earlier matches. I guess when we started pounding the ball like mad and also digging up balls they pounded, that caught them off guard as we jumped out into the lead and they did not utter any annoying yells or stomped their feet to try and distract us.

Muahahaha. We put up a great fight and even had the rest of our pool rooting for us. Personally, I think it’s because everybody likes to see the little guy win. Although our women were taller than theirs, their guys were taller than ours. Heh. David slays Goliath. Hooray!



I have three topics in my queue to talk about:
1) Opening a can of worms with friends when it comes to what you think of each other.
2) When the past meets the present.
3) Helping the pretty, abandoning the not-so-pretty.

I think I’ll save them for when I come back from the weekend. Woohoo, almost time to take off to the city that never sleeps. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep though.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



I remember telling M one time that I didn’t have a lemonade stand when I was a kid. He was shocked because he thought pretty much every kid in America had one at some point in their life.

I guess that’s the difference when you grow up in the city versus growing up in a suburb. Growing up in the city, things were pretty close together and public transportation got you to point B. My elementary, middle, and high school were all about a 5 minute drive from my house. I was driven to school and picked up afterwards. I never had to take bus which had the wheels that would go round and round. I think the only reason I actually knew that song was from TV.

I would say a lot of what I know/believe about suburban life was from TV. Shows like, The Wonder Years and Growing Pains were my reference. Kids had lemonade stands and waited for the school bus while holding their brown-bag lunches. After school, the kids would cause some mischief and ride away on their bicycles. Hard working kids had a paper route, which provided them some spending money on their frequent visits to the candy shop.

Then on those hot summer days, the ice cream man would come rolling down the street with “Turkey in the Straw” blasting from its one speaker. All the neighborhood kids playing baseball in the street would drop whatever they were holding and run to get an icy cold treat.

I suppose there are pros and cons to the city or suburban life. I liked the way I grew up and wouldn’t trade it in for all the lemonade stands in the world.

Scarf Girl, being a city girl.



I was having some discussions recently and not-so-recently about the kind of people someone dates. I wondered if people often date the same type of person, or if they date somebody completely different with every new SO.

My theory is that someone who, over time, doesn’t change too much. For instance, they have a pretty steady life and nothing major has forced them to really veer from their normal state. Perhaps, they change superficially, but deep down, they are still the same person. This type of person probably ends up dating the “same” type of person. Afterall, they know what they want, and are attracted to a certain type of character.

As for people who have experienced things which have totally turned their world upside-down, they would tend to date people that reflects their character at that point in time. The people who change a lot have not quite settled in a “routine” in life, may not quite know themselves or are not comfortable with their life. As a result, their different states of mind seek out different types of people.

Hmm… this was just something I’ve been thinking about.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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