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Just when I was starting to feel disillusioned at work, I was surprised by the openness of the boys upstairs. There was actually communication which involved me, a mere peon, in terms of planning for the future of the company. They wanted to hear my input on how I thought things might be improved and whatnot.

How do you tell them what you think without really saying that they’ve not exactly done the best job? Hmm… I’ll have to think about that one.

ACHOO! I had the WORST bouts of sneezing and runny nosing today at work. I’m going to be okay because of my little white friend named Actifed. I think everyone around me not only felt sorry for me, but thought I probably was dying or something. Figuratively of course. Then, not to pat myself on the back, they possibly thought in the back of their minds about the possibility of me calling in sick tomorrow. WHATEVER WOULD THEY DO?? You see, right now, with people leaving and whatnot, it puts me in the position of being the only knowledgable person on many things. I’m actually a SENIOR person with only being there 4 months. Isn’t that strange?

There are many changes going on and there will be many more. I’m hoping that there will be a positive change involving a certain blogger-pal-o-mine. *wink* You know who you are.

Scarf Girl, remembering her towel.



Whew, what a busy week it’s been. I’ve been so incredibly swamped at work that it’s almost ridiculous. The thing is, one of my co-workers quit on Monday, so I had to pretty much pick up all the slack, which includes this big project that was due this morning.

When I received the assignment, it was in poor condition. But then I whipped up my magic, and the pieces started falling into place. After pulling out all the tricks, I delivered out the project on-time for the presentation.

After letting out a big sigh of relief and catching up on a few tasks, I had lunch at Tommy Toy’s, this French-Chinese restaurant. I ordered the SF Dine About Town set meal, which had potstickers for the appetizer, beef, chicken, and big huge shrimp for the entree, and a peach mouse/pudding thing for dessert.

By the time I got my entree, I was wondering what was so “French” about this place. Heh, I found myself whispering to E, “The only thing French about this place is the price.” Heehee. Well, the dessert was pretty French, but the rest of the food screamed Chinese.

After getting back to the office, one of my co-workers, who was constantly at my desk to coordinate this project and make sure that the seemingly impossible was made possible, called me into his office to say thanks and to thank me with a bouquet of pretty flowers. That was so nice! They were a bunch of humongo peach and cream roses. They smelled nice too.

Heh, I think this was “Scarf Girl Appreciation Week” because people are trying to make sure that I’m happy and appreciated. Yesterday, right before I stayed late to crank out this project, I spoke with our partners who wanted to let me know that I was doing a good job and to give me that bonus they talked about last month. SWEET! I know what I’m doing with this money… paying my Mastercard bill. heehee. I think I’m also going to buy a tripod.

I was talking to one of my other co-workers yesterday saying that it’s been so long already since they said I would get a bonus that I figured it was just talk. I said, “If I ACTUALLY get this bonus, the first thing I’m going to buy is a tripod.” So now that I have that bonus, I guess I’m going to go tripod shopping.

Whew, that was a lot of writing. I still wanted to talk about topic my friend submitted: Relationships with a known geographical time limit.

Scarf Girl, trying to find the answers of Life, the Universe, and Everything.



So I was walking by this shop the other day and noticed that there were bars on the door. I suppose that seems smart because it isn’t in the best of neighborhoods. Then again, it wasn’t in the worst either. It happened to be one of the net-gaming establishments. I bet they’ve got tons of computers which cost quite a bit of money. Naturally, someone would want to prevent people from breaking in.

The thing is, all they had were the bars on the door. What about the windows? I mean, their storefront had a whole lot of windows too. If I were a thief and wanted to break in, I’d break the glass. Heehee. It’s true that breaking the glass would draw attention, but I always imagined breaking and entering a quick thing, as opposed to breaking in and then sitting down to have a cup of tea.

Scarf Girl, signing off.




SG, signing off.



It’s always scary when you hear about natural disasters where people end up dead. So there was an earthquake in Mexico recently. 7.8 earthquake! Holy smokes!! It makes me wonder if I’m prepared if anything like that happened here.

Do I have an emergency kit? Food? Water? And how much would this kit actually help if all the water and power were cut off for a few days? Would I be able to survive? I guess that’s what the kit is for. The thing is, what would I do if it was unsafe to stay in the house? Where would I go? Pitch a tent out in the street? I guess these are all things to consider for post natural disasters.

I took this course in college once called “Emergency Preparedness.” Somehow, I think it made me more paranoid about these things, but at the same time, made me want to be prepared and such. In the end though, I think people improvise and make do with what they have. I guess it’s just that people adapt to their surrounding and environment, so as long as you live through the earthquake (like don’t get crushed in your home), you’ll be just fine.

SG, signing off.



It’s amazing that I can still type. Heehee. I had a really great time at the triple bday party. I want to thank everyone who came, and also thank all the well-wishers out there. Let’s see… I drank a total of 5 drinks, although a few people out there who shall remain nameless say I had about 4.5 drinks. Amazingly, I didn’t get sick or anything. Woohoo! Blue Hawaiian, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels, Buttery Nip***, and a Jagermeister.

I got to catch up with some folks I hadn’t seen in quite some time as well as shoot some pool and play foosball. One thing for sure is that it’s quite an interesting exprience to play foosball & pool while a bit buzzed. I mean, you’re kind of just doing things automatically, and in a way, I think it’s better. There’s less chance of second-guessing yourself. It’s pretty much that whatever, you’re thinking of doing, you’ll do. However you’re reacting to something is pretty true. I guess alcohol in some way, is like a truth serum.

All I know is that I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my trash-talking pretty-non-filtered-sorta-potty-mouth. Heehee. There was trash talking. There were curse words, but not quite the f-word; and there was the bird present a few times. Heehee.

Thanks for the laughs, and thanks to everyone for a memorable night.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Good morning world!!

Scarf Girl, signing off.



I was just catching up on some blogging reading. Yeah, what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon right? Well, in my defense though, I’ve been so busy at work and out and about this past week that I haven’t had time to kick back, watch my shows, and do nothing. So what have I done so far today? I got up, had some Cap’n Crunch, and watched some tivo and baked oatmeal raisin cookies. I also went to a noodle place for some yummy wonton, followed by more tivo, all the while, I did my laundry. Pretty productive with about half the day over.

So the point of me writing another entry is what wilco said about being able to be friends with someone who you met through someone else. I would say that if you meet someone through a mutual friend, and you get along better with this new friend, then it’s fine to hang out with them.

Back in college, I had these 2 friends whom didn’t know each other. I had a friendship with both of them, and one time, they both wanted to go hang out and shoot pool. Since I had arranged a pool outing with one of them, I figured I would invite the other one out too since he wanted to shoot pool. The thing is, I was a bit worried that they might not get along and it would be awkward. My reasoning was that they seemed sorta different from each other.

At any rate, the 3 of us went to shoot pool, and it turned out that they became really good friends. After that night, they hung out here and there without me. After graduation, they still hung out a lot. I used to be peeved that they’d hang out without me, but part of that reason is they live a lot closer to each other than they do to me. I still see them once in a while, and it’s still fun, but mostly, I’m amused at what happened because it’s almost like I was a matchmaker for friends. Now if only I had that kind of luck to match a couple together. Heehee.

SG, signing off.


Climbing Climbing

In my efforts to become a bit better at climbing, I decided to buy myself a 10-visit pass to the gym. I figure since I go at most once a week, this pass should last me a while, especially since I get to leech some people’s guest passes every so often. Heehee.

Let’s see, I went climbing yesterday, but for some reason, my arms were extra tired. I think maybe I didn’t rest enough in between climbs. I guess sometimes, I’m a bit ambitious. I ended up making 5 attempts while only finishing 4: 5.9, 5.10a, attempted a 5.10b, 5.6, 5.10b.

It’s amazing. I actually got out of bed before 9am today. That hardly ever happens on a weekend. I usually get up around 10ish becuase I’m lazy. Heehee.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Nope, I’m not dead, just very busy at work and lazy at home. Happy Friday to all! I’m looking forward to the 3-day weekend and having tons of fun.

SG, signing off.


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