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So I have always wondered how guys go about hitting on girls in cafes. Well, the other day, I got to witness it in action.

I was just sitting there and reading, when a guy starts striking up a conversation with the two girls sitting at the next table. He was eavesdropping on their conversation for a little while, and when the girls paused for a second, he started talking to them from his table.

The instant he started talking to them, I was just cracking up inside. Holy smokes this guy has guts! They made friendly small talk for a few minutes and eventually they were packing up to leave (because the place was closing). As they got up, he used the CLASSIC line, “So do you girls come here often?” HAHAHA. That was awesome.

I suppose it’s a little mean of me to make fun of the guy, but I have never seen it happen right before my very eyes. Props to the guy for having so much courage.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So I’ve been playing in this recreational vball league for a little while now. I don’t normally play in rec level leagues, but a friend of mine needed to find some female players, and so I figured meeting new people and playing in a relaxed environment would be a nice change of pace.

During the first couple of weeks, I noticed that all the guys were wearing these t-shirts with a drawing of a sumo wrestler. It wasn’t the same shirt either. It’d have funny slogans and I always got a kick of it.

Eventually, I found out that someone on the team designed these shirts and that he has his own little t-shirt business. Way cool! So I am here to spread their name a little bit. Check out their products and ask them about their limited edition t-shirt dedicated to everyone’s favorite reject from this season’s American Idol. I know there are tons of shirts out there on EBay, so I’m throwing another one into the mix BIG SUMO T-SHIRTS

I got such a kick out of the shirt when I saw it yesterday, that I bought one. I already have a gazillion t-shirts from vball, so I decided to buy it for my brother. Yes, it’s mean to make fun of the guy, but he’s got a great attitude and can admit when he’s not good at something; and that’s something a lot of people can’t do! Besides, he’s probably cashing in on his new-found fame.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Whew. Stay dry out there folks. Thank goodness for my massively large umbrella. I recommend everyone go out and buy those huge golf umbrellas. Sure they are a nuisance on the sidewalks, but just think how much more dry you are as opposed to the person in front of you toting a compact one.

What’s up with my car insurance company being so slow? They sent a guy out here on Saturday after, I suppose, they disaggreed with what the body shop quoted. I suppose when body shops know that insurance will pay, they just try to get away with replacing all these parts that don’t need to be replaced. Scammers I say! And the only person that loses out is me, because I haven’t driven my car in almost a month.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



It’s that time again… *grumble grumble* Yep, I’m talking about those darned taxes. Can you tell that I have to pay this year? I suppose it’s not so bad because it means that I got to hold on to the money first. It’s not like I took advantage of it and invested the money. Heehee.

So one of my goals this year is to get my finances all in order. I have savings, I have those retirement funds set up, but you know what? It’s all over the place. I was tired of not knowing how I’m doing financially, and whether or not I’ll be okay in my retirement. I figured that getting my portfolio working for me instead of bumming around would be smart.

Like many people have said, it’s never too early to think about your retirement!

Scarf Girl, signing off.



You know, I always wondered what would happen if someone tried to line up in the “15 Item or Less” line with 30 items. I found out yesterday.

Some lady decided that she didn’t want to wait in the long regular line with her 30 items, so she lined up in the express line. What she did was she only placed about half of her items on the counter and as the cashier was “beeping” her stuff through, she’d add more items onto the belt. Her only explanation to the cashier was that she didn’t feel like waiting in the long line.

Uh…HELLO! That’s what happens when you have that many items, DUH! If she could do that, then we might as well not have any express lines at all! Let it be a free for all.

When it was my turn, I asked the cashier what they do about that sort of thing. Normally, if they catch someone with a lot of stuff, they’d send them to another line, but he didn’t catch her because she was being so…. clever.

So that was a little tip for you all on how to get away with being in the express line at the supermarket.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



You know how in the movies or on tv where somebody is standing near the corner waiting for the light to turn green and they get splashed by a puddle of water as a car drives by? I just thought that only happened on tv or in the movies; usually on Monday morning after they’ve had coffee spilled on them by some random person on the train. It turns out that it can happen to anyone.

And nope, it didn’t happen to me. I bet you thought it did. I was waiting for the light to turn green on my walk to work and saw this lady get totally splashed by a car driving by. Nothing an exciting train story, but it was something eventful I saw on my way to work.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Gosh I love the long weekends. I headed down to LA to enjoy my 3-day weekend by playing in a vball tournament. Good times; although playing against really big folks can be intimidating. Hopefully it makes me a better player. Good volleyball. Good eating. Good fun.

Car Update: I got a repair quote and it’s going to be $3000!! Wowsers. I was looking at the estimate and it seems like there’s all this stuff/parts that I’m not sure if they REALLY need to replace. Only the left side (driver’s) was damaged, but there’s stuff on the right side of the car that’s going to be replaced. Scammers. Thank goodness for insurance.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Wow, today the trains were so empty. I mean, it was practically deserted. Um… was today some sort of holiday that I just didn’t know about? *ponder*

So I have reason to believe that the guy who writes the Dilbert comic secretly works at my company. I don’t know how he does it, but man, that guy makes me laugh. It’s funny because it mimics pretty much every company ever created; large corporations down to tiny companies like the one I work for.

As long as you have the corporate types running the show, every day is like working in a Dilbert comic or Office Space the movie.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



You know how so many people say that French people are rude? Well, THEY ARE! I was standing in line to get into a show earlier this evening. We got in line behind this friendly couple and even had some laughs together. About 5 minutes before the door opened, I noticed this man that seemed like he was trying to stand in front of us. He was RIGHT behind the guy’s back; and I mean RIGHT behind him. The French guy was most certainly invading the other guy’s space. I suppose it fit right in to being in San Francisco…

We try to be polite about it and had a short conversation:
Us: Excuse me, are you with them?
Random Guy [RD]: No, but the lady I am with was standing here at first.
Us: Uh, what lady?
RD: She will be back. We were in front of you.
Us: Um.. you weren’t here when we got in line. [making eye contact with the couple in front of us whose faces told us that he was full of something unpleasant that comes out of a certain place]

All the while, he was totally crowding the man in front of us despite our efforts to get our elbows and feet in front of him. Stupid man. Eventually, the lady he referred to came by and of course, got in front of us. They were talking in French, and probably laughing at us because they cut.

When the doors opened and the line moved forwards, we were a few feet away from the entrance when the man went to Will Call to pick up his tickets. Justice was served as we got in before they did. When it’s open seating, it matters to that you get in first!

Stinkin’ rude French people…

Scarf Girl, signing off.



I suppose it could always be worse. On my drive to the cabin back from Kirkwood, I hit a small patch of ice right after a turn. My car started to weave side by side while I was just trying to steady the wheel and keep the car going straight.

I don’t have much experience with ice, but one thing I heard you should do is just keep the wheel steady and let go of the gas. Eventually, the car should get back under control. Afterall, I’ve got an AWD car and it should figure things out.

Well, after a few seconds of trying to ride through the after-effects of the ice patch, I noticed that I was catching up to the car on my right hand because it was going very slow. The car was not fully under my control and I was probably within about 15 feet away. OMG. I’m gonna hit that guy. I’ve got to do something.

I figure I needed to slow down because I don’t know how much longer it’ll take for the car to get back under control, so I tap on the brake a bit. Yeah, I bet tons of you out there are cringing. That didn’t really help as it made the car weave around a bit more. Doh! I’m still gaining on the other car. Now what?

So I decided to try and steer my car to the left a bit because I would most certainly hit that other car if he didn’t speed up or unless my car got back under control. That’s probably another thing you’re not supposed to do. Well, when I turned the wheel a bit, it totally tripped out on me and really went left. HOLY *#!$*#*!

I was heading toward the left snow bank and tried to steer the car right a bit so I wouldn’t hit it. I didn’t want to jerk the wheel, cuz that would probably make it totally spin out of control, so I turned it a little. The car was beginning to straighten out a bit, but the road wasn’t wide enough for me to fully straighten up, so the driverside headlight-area ended up hitting the bank. The front part of the car climbed the bank a bit, got a bit of air, a ton of snow washed onto the windshield, and the car straightened up and landed.

My eyes grew 2 times its normal size as we sat there for a second and surveyed what just happened. No airbags deployed, nobody’s hurt. *whew* Okay, let’s get this car on the normal side of the road. Thank goodness there were no other cars. So I drive over to the right shoulder area, get out and survey the damage.

Dented fender, broken headlight, broken blinker, glass broken on my foglamps (although they still work), broken bumper, license plate bent back.

I don’t know what I really learned from this except for that… ice happens, so beware. AWD cars are not invincible, and I’m afraid that if I had driven an SUV, it may have ended up on its side. I actually thought the car would roll since we were at an angle as we were coming off the bank.

I don’t know if I would’ve done things differently in the same situation. I do know that if that I wasn’t so afraid of hitting another car, I would’ve coasted straight until the car was under my control again; no braking, no steering. Just keep the wheel straight.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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