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Nothing lasts forever…So apparently, there is this guy who has been kicking some major butt on Jeopardy. He’s earned over $2.4 million and from what I hear, he’s been dethroned and they will be airing that episode any day now. Perhaps tonight after Monday Night Football.

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One type of television show that I enjoy watching is the crime-solving kind like CSI. Back in the day, I enjoyed Murder, She Wrote, though that nosy lady was always getting herself into trouble, and oddly, through all the years, she didn’t seem to age much. I guess when you’re a certain age, you tend to look the same until you reach the next plateau.

Back to the topic at hand though… I thought I heard that CSI consults with detectives, so that they can at least be somewhat authentic. Though I’m sure that that cases take much longer to solve in real life.

One method that the detectives use in many movies and on tv surprises me. When an unidentified body comes in, sometimes they use dental records to ID the body. Well, how do they match the dental records? Is there some large scanned in database of dental x-rays?

I know that for fingerprints, it’s easy to access them since every person with a driver’s license is required to have their thumbprint taken.

So does anybody know how the dental records ID-ing works or is it just on tv?

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Happy day after Thanksgiving! I love long weekends. It feels like Sunday but it’s only Friday!

I was wondering recently about age in a relationship. Most of the time, the guy is older than the girl. why is that? I’d say it goes way back when the man of the house took care of everybody. He provided the bread on the table. When somebody takes care of others, they always seem older.

In addition, women got married a lot younger back then, which meant that if a guy were to provide for her, he would have to have gone to college and be working already. Maybe I’m taking big leaps here…

Now that we’ve got all this equal rights stuff, what’s the big deal with a woman being older than a man? I know that when one of my female friends dates a younger guy, she gets teased much more often than if it were the other way around.

Practically speaking though, it would be better for a woman to marry a younger man. Why? Because women live longer than men. You figure that if a woman lives a few extra years, then maybe she’d go first or they would both go around the same time.

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Since I had my afternoon off and a letter in the mail saying that I need to renew my driver’s license, I headed down to my local DMV office. By the way, I used up my 2 renew by mails already, I need to take a new picture and take a vision test.

A few months back, I overheard a co-worker mentioning how she had to go to the DMV and that you can make a reservation. So, I checked out the website and it turns out that you can make a reservation online. Not only that, but one cool feature is that they have an estimated wait time for people with or without appointments. I figured that 30 minutes wasn’t too long, so I went.

When I got there, I got in line to get a number. I sat around for about 10-15 minutes and then it was my turn to process my renewal and pay the $24 fee. That took about 5 minutes. After that, I had about a 10-minute wait to have my photo taken.

My overall experience? I’d say less painful than in years past.

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Yay, half day tomorrow!!

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Should professional athletes adhere to some sort of standard with regards to their behavior in public? I mean, people all over the country look up to these stars. They give hope to folks who may not see a future for themselves.

I’m referring to overall bad behavior on the parts of athletes which may give the impression that certain actions are “okay.” Recently, at a basketball game, a fan threw a drink at a player of the opposing team. Now, it is completely inappropriate to throw things at people in a sporting event, even if it is at your opponent.
Sure there’s all that jinxing and booing, which I suppose is acceptable, but throwing an object could actually inflict real harm.

So what happens when a fan decides to start some trouble? Is it okay for the “victim” to run out into the bleachers and pound the crap out of someone? Absolutely not. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, that sort of thing is never okay.

This may send the message to kids all across the country that, “Hey, if someone is being a jerk, it’s okay to go kick his ass.” I know this is going to sound REALLY cheezy, but it takes a bigger person to walk away from something like that.
There’s a time and place for everything, even violence at times, but when you are a role model, you have to watch your every move when you’re in the public eye.

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Seems like a certain all American clothing company was sued for discriminating minorities. According to this one article I read, they settled for $40 million payable to several thousand minority folks and females.

Here’s what I wonder though, if this company discrimates against minorities by not including them in ads or using them for back-end store jobs, then why would the minorities buy their clothes or want to work there?

We are minorities. That’s the way we were born. We can’t get any “whiter” by wearing their clothes. If they don’t want us to wear their clothes, then we shouldn’t.

Doing the math… according to census data, there are roughly 290 million folks in America. 35.2 million are considered Black; 10.8 million are considered Asian, and 38.5 million are considered Hispanic. While census data is confusing sometimes, as they have a special Hispanic category, adding the Black and Asian population alone gets you around 15.8% of the US population.

That’s 15.8% of the potential customers out there. Add that to the fact that about 13.8% of the US population considers themselves Hispanic and you’ve got a lot of people out there whose money can be spent elsewhere.

As one of my friends once asked regarding that company’s clothing, “Why do people pay so much money to look like they’re poor?”

Let the company sink from their ignorance that America is getting more and more diverse everyday.

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Stupid dirty birds!

So in life, I’d say that timing, good or bad, plays an important role. This morning I missed a train so I knew it would be a few minutes before the next one. I decided to go drop off a bill into the mailbox before heading over to the stop. Eventually, I got to the stop and just as I was walking to the part where I like to wait, I felt a drop hit my shoulder with a *putt* sound.

“ooooh… no way!” I look at my shoulder and see the spot where I was marked, as well as some pooh shrapnel that hit the palm pilot that I was holding in my hand. Timing is everything. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Yowsers, making a contribution to my retirement fund. I’m a conservative spender, so whenever I have to write a check with more than 3 numbers on it, it’s weird. I try to minimize my credit card spending, though I have 3 cards, which only masks the true higher number.

Well, at least my checkbook is happily balanced. You have know idea how annoying it is to be off be one stinkin’ dollar! For those who actually are in the habit of balancing their checkbooks, you know what I mean.

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The other day, I was thinking about the phrase, “You scared the crap out of me.” Of course, more colorful words for “crap” can be substituted. How did this interesting phrase come about? I have one theory, but it’s a bit lame. Here goes.

So let’s say your lunch didn’t agree with you and that you had to go to the bathroom very badly. You’re frantically searching for a bathroom and your friend decides it would be funny to jump out at you and say, “BOO!” while shaking you furiously.

Now, since the only think on your mind is holding back your lunch while finding that bathroom, you’re not paying attention to much else. Somebody all of a sudden grabs your shoulders and shakes you. You’re completely surprised and the next thing you know, you’ve got some dirty pants. Hahah. Gross, I know, but doesn’t this make sense with that expression?

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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