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Falling-Bear-Soft Toilet Paper

You know that you are in a city that has a lot of money when you go use a public park restroom, and not only do they have toilet paper, but also that it’s good QUALITY toilet paper. You may think I’m crazy, but how often do you use a public restroom and find that the tp is so thin that you have to roll the paper around your hand 10 times before you would even think of using it? Also, the paper tends to be so harsh that when you desperately grab some for your runny nose, you sudden want to join in on some reindeer games.

Tp is most likely one of those misc expenses that cities’ park & rec groups have on their budget. Chances are that the priority is to fix a broken swingset versus worrying about chafing someone’s hide.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Stupid Blogger killed my entry… I just wrote an entry about how after 3 years of owning my Motorola v60, I discovered how to delete a phone entry. I was pretty ecstatic about it too because there were a few entries I wanted to delete. No, I didn’t have any fallouts with friends.

Hooray! No more extra entries nagging me. Maybe I should’ve read the instruction manual all the way through. Nah! If the phone was designed well enough, I would be able to find what I need.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Learning to Lose

Lately, New Balance has had an advertising campaign where they have ads on buses that ask questions. One of questions asked, “What teaches an athlete more, winning or losing?”

I’d say losing, because when you lose, you tend to reflect on it and figure out what went wrong, as opposed to when you win, you just celebrate and don’t think about how you could’ve done better. After all, you won.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Dead Umbrella

It’s sad day for my obnoxiously huge umbrella. Stupid wind. It served me well since college. Time for a new one.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So it’s definitely flattering when somebody asks you for a favor. It says, “Hey, I know you can do this.” So this weekend, I was asked by two different parties if I wouldn’t mind taking pictures at their wedding. Holy moly! I know how precious wedding photos are, but at least I don’t have all the pressure as one wedding is a second banquet being held back in the bride’s hometown, and for the other wedding, I would just be taking supplementary photos. I suppose you can never have too many photos of your wedding day!Scarf Girl, signing off.



Journey of a camera flash via DHL.

Thursday @ 3:10pm: Carrolton, TX
Saturday @ 7:59am: Wilmington, OH
Monday @ 8:05pm: Fresno, CA
Tuesday @ 7:31am: South San Franicsco, CA

Woohoo, any day now…

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Running into people

Sometimes I wonder how I unexpectedly running into people on the street that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s like, we both woke up and decided to walk down the same particular street at the same time.

Example 1: I ran into a friend, who moved to Canada, on a random street in the City. I had made spontaneous plans to have dinner with a co-worker that day, and when we were walking to the train station, I heard someone calling my name.

The thing is, the timing had to be perfect and if we had skipped any of our activities (art gallery, Borders books, wandering around looking for a place to eat) prior to heading home, I would have missed running into my friend.

Example 2: I was in New Orleans a while back and my friends and I had been walking around all afternoon. We decide to head into a mall for a snack and to check out some shops. I just got into the mall and I heard someone calling my name. (Apparently, I don’t pay much attention when walking around)

It turned out that a friend of mine was attending a Pharmacy convention of sorts. Now that was pretty random as both of us were traveling.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Mmm… Girl Scout Cookies. It’s that time of the year again. What type will you buy? I got the Trefoils, which are the shortbread cookies. Super-fattening, but tasty.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Upping the Gas

Uh oh, looks like gas prices are going to spike up soon. We better all fill up our tanks with the cheaper prices and carpool! Maybe public transportation? I wonder how much cab drivers will raise their prices, not that I take cabs very often.


Ah, nothing like spending the weekend up in Napa with a handful of really fun people. You know, for a wine dummy like me, I realized that if you drink different wines one after another, you can kinda distinguish them from each other. Of course, I still wouldn’t be able to identify whether or not it’s a merlot, cab, pinot, or otherwise. To me, it’s red or white wine. Though one thing I did take away is that cabernets are pretty freakin strong.

Scarf Girl, raising a glass.



I’ve always wondered whether or not people thought it’s okay to have a cell phone conversation while riding on public transportation. Are they aware that pretty much everybody else on a silent train can hear them? Maybe it doesn’t matter since the topic isn’t extremely personal.

I overheard this one conversation recently about a guy who’s trying to buy a used car and telling his friend about it. His options in cars seems to land on different parts of the map though.

Scarfgirl, signing off.