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Entry 999: Resignation Brownies

So after several years of dedicated love-hate service at my company, I finally put in my two weeks notice. There have been some ups but more downs, and that is part of the reason why I’m quitting.

The hardest thing I’ve noticed about resigning is telling all your co-workers who in a way, have become good friends of yours. Afterall, you see them every day and spend more of your waking hours with them than you do with your family.

When they look at you with those, “omg you’re leaving” eyes, you just kinda frown inside. Of course, you do what is best for yourself first, then worry about others.

In an effort to ease the “pain,” I baked some brownies. When I mentioned this to J, he said, “you’re making resignation brownies!” Nothing puts a smile on people’s faces than a batch of gooey chocolate brownies and a glass of milk.

Overall, it feels as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. This feels like the right move for me. Now I have to keep telling myself that very same thing for 10 more business days.

Scarf Girl, (re)signing off.



Stalling For Words

I recently noticed that I’ve written nearly 1,000 entries to my blog. Wow. I feel as though the 1,000th entry needs to be something good. Something very… Scarfgirl-esque. What will that be? I have some ideas.

The main reason for me not writing so much lately, aside from being lazy, is that I want to come up with something clever. I have this one idea where I would read through the archives and pick my favorite ones from each year that I’ve written (since November 12, 2001). Another idea is to write about more decoy pens or commuting stories.

Scarf Girl, mulling things over after entry #998.



Your Upper Lip

So I finally used the gift certificate for a massage and facial that I received for my birthday. I got one of those hot stone massages. I figured that I’d try it out since I’d never gotten one before. The hot stones were an interesting addition to a regular Swedish massage. Since I like warm and toastiness, I enjoyed the hot stones.

When I got a facial, the skincare specialist was doing her thing and then she said, “Have you ever waxed your upper lip before?” …. “uh… no…”… “Well, let me just throw it in for you.”…. “uuuuh….suuuure…”

How was I supposed to take that? Now, I don’t think I have a mustache or anything, but geez, I suddenly felt a little bit self conscious about it. Well, in the end, I got a hair wax for the first time. Yikes, it stung. I can only imagine how much it hurts when I see a guy’s back being waxed on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. Zowie!

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Quietly Raising Fees

Months ago, I had heard that the transit fees would be increased a bit. People complained but still, the government needs to raise the fees. I hadn’t realized that the fees were going to be raised until about a week ago, when I saw a small sign on the front window of the train.

Talk about keeping things quiet and subtle. I suppose making a big fuss and saying, “HEY WE’RE RAISING TRANSIT FEES!!!” would pretty much piss off the riders who are usually disgruntled from either having to wait a long time for a train that seems to run on an invisible schedule or they get squeezed next to a smelly guy on a train that seems to move at 1 mph.

On the bright side, at least they didn’t raise the fee of the monthly pass. Hmm.. that leads me to believe that the monthly pass was overpriced to begin with! grr…

Scarf Girl, signing off.