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Blank Hours

I was watching the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother (which I think is kind of a funny show), and the main character had so much alcohol that he couldn’t remember what had happened the night before.

I’ve often wondered how and why people would let themselves get passed that point. Don’t people end up getting sick or passing out before they start going about in a drunken and forgettable manner? I suppose it can happen if someone downs many shots all in a row.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Significant Friends

One of my friends is in a relatively new relationship and I recently met her SO. He seemed like a pretty nice guy and genuinely wanted to get to know the rest of us, since she seems to talk about us a lot.

I made the comment to her that he must really like her a whole lot since he seemed to make an extra effort to engage himself into the conversation and asked questions about us all.

Then I was wondering if he’s just trying to gain the approval of the friends or if he’s just a nice guy. Afterall, friends often have opinions about SOs and if the opinions are bad, the relationship most likely seems doomed to fail. Then another question is, how significant are our friends’ opinions of our SOs?

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Breaking the Mold

So how does an actor or actress break the image of what first earned them stardom? When we see Neil Patrick Harris in a role, will our first response always be, “Hey, it’s Doogie Howser!”? Or what about Brent Spiner? Will he always be “Data” to many Sci-Fi folks? Or perhaps somebody can look at Katey Segal and won’t say, “Hey, that’s Peggy Bundy!” Then there’s the cast of “Friends” and the teens who are currently staring the Harry Potter movies. I think Daniel Radcliffe will always be remembered as the boy who played Harry Potter.

As for breaking the mold, I’d say do things that people don’t expect, something different than their impression of you. While people don’t usually forget a first impression, their opinion of you can change over time. Good luck to those who started off on the wrong foot.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



The Stuffings

Why is it that we eat enormously large amounts of food during the holidays? Is it because we are really lemmings and merely eat and eat until all the food on our plate is gone? Perhaps it’s because that’s the time of year when people actually spend hours preparing a meal. Good food = eating till it’s all gone.

Well, however much you decide to eat on Thanksgiving, just be sure to walk off those extra calories! Happy Thanksgiving.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Lost and Found

The Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter is neither created nor destroyed. Okay, when applied to laundry, it means that if I do the laundry at home, and I cannot find a sock when I’m sorting the laundry, it should still be somewhere in my house. It’s not as if it could have just disappeared!

Well, I could not believe it was ever possible to lose a sock and then find it, but surely enough, today, I found it. It was just lying there in another room all innocent and mocking. At any rate, I am proud to say that the lonely sock that was in my drawer for months, found its mate once again. What? You keep single socks for months at a time? Yes. Yes I do, and it’s for just these special moments when two lonely socks can reunite.

And yes, this is what my unemployed life has come to. Ain’t it great? You can also look forward to more of these mundane thoughts of mine until January, when I become a working stiff once again. Two and a half months off? Yes… two and a half glorious months off. Happy Thanksgiving week.

Scarf Girl, signing off.




How strong is the urge to conform with others? I ask this because I’ve been taking a swing dance class and was chatting with one of my classmates. He was saying that the organizers of the class are his friends and since they all could dance, he decided to take the class.

That got me thinking about it. Do I tend to want to play poker because all of my friends play now? Do I want to be a dancing queen if everybody else can boogie all night?

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Orange Smoothies

So as a kid, when my family went to the mall, occasionally, we’d go hit up the Orange Julius shop for drinks. My brothers really loved the drink, but for some reason, I didn’t like it. I like orange juice and I like milk, but combined, yuck!

Anyways, I recently started looking around the internet for some smoothie recipes, and found one that claims to be just like it. Well, I recently tested it out, and gave the drink a try as an adult, and you know what? I still don’t like it. heheh.

Went climbing yesterday and completed only 4 routes: 5.9, 10a, 10c, 10b. My friends tried to get me to do one more, but somehow, the idea of now being able to pick up my toothbrush flashed in my head.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



One Month and Counting

So today is the one month anniversary of my last day of work. I can’t believe that one month has passed by so quickly, and that my pile of paper on my desk at home is nearly the same height as it was a month ago.

What have I been doing with my time off? Hmm… cleaning, watching tv, working on various web projects, finishing up the last season of Sex and the City, and sleeping in. I also squeezed in a short trip to Hawaii and started taking some swing dance classes (though they are in the evening).

While I know that not everybody can have the opportunity to take this much time off in between jobs, but if you can, do it! It’s not often that we get to just take some time and do things for ourselves.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Home Vacation

What is the definition of a “vacation?” According to my trusty dictionary, it is, “A period of time devoted to rest or relaxation, as from work or study.” This reminds me of something a friend said recently. He says that when he normally goes on vacation, he wants to visit the sites and by the time he’s home, he’s thoroughly exhausted from his “vacation.”

So instead of spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on an exotic destination, why don’t we spend a few vacation days at home? Go to the museum, watch a movie, run errands. (Right, you’d think running errands is not relaxing, but the following weekend when your list is 30 items long, you’ll be glad that it’s down to half).

I can see some reluctance for people doing this, because once they’ve returned to work from their vacation, people will ask them where they went. “Nowhere, and it sure was relaxing!” should be the response.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



A Lonely Matinee

Since I’m still not working I decided to catch a weekday matinee, which I don’t believe that I’ve done in a very long time. In addtion, I watched the movie alone, which I’ve never done before. I always thought that it would be weird to watch a movie by myself, but it turns out that it’s not so bad afterall. Besides, you don’t really talk to someone during a movie anyways.

So I ended up catching a 2:30 showing of Wallace & Gromit’s new movie. I must say that if you’re a fan of the 30-minute shows they had years back, then you would enjoy this movie as well.

I looked around the theater and noticed that most of the patrons were middle-aged women or retired folks. I suppose that some soccer moms squeezed in a movie before they would have to go pick up their children from their afterschool activity.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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