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A Dress By Chance

So we had a super successful dress shopping trip today. Here’s the story.

C and S met up at my house and we headed off to Gunne Sax. 5 minutes later, we left. I suppose all the prom dress goers kinda killed the mood. Not to mention the selection was kinda sad for bridal gowns. So, we had some time to kill before lunch, so S suggested that we head to Glamour Closet (which is the store C saw on the news a while back).

We got to GC and picked out 5 dresses that seemed nice. When I tried the 4th one, it zipped up just right, and everyone was thinking the same thing I was when I walked out of the changing area, “wooow.” S suggested I buy it right away, but I thought that would be too impulsive, so we left knowing that we found a great dress. The downer was the $50 parking ticket we got for staying 10 minutes longer than the meter time!

Afterwards, we had lunch and headed to Bridal Image. I tried on 5 dresses: 4 of them we picked out and 1 we saw the girl next to me wearing and asked to try it on. It turned out to be the 2nd favorite among all the dresses I’ve tried on.

Then we headed back to my house to download some pictures. I showed my mom our favorite and she approved. I tried to find it online, but after 5 minutes without any luck, I figured I’d probably have to buy it from GC.

Next we headed to a cafe for some coffee/tea/milk and a snack. A few minutes after we sat down, I called up GC and gave them my credit card number to buy the dress! I did not want to risk the chance of someone walking in and buying it. Since it’s a sample dress, they only had one, and they do not put dresses on hold. I know how long it normally takes me to find a regular dress that I like… finding the right wedding dress would almost require luck and all the stars to align.

Well, today, the stars were aligned and I was lucky that C had remembered the name of the store that she saw on the news months ago, and that S suggested we go there since we had time. Thanks gals for helping me find “the dress” after 2 trips and 20 try-ons later.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Good ‘Ol Guanxi

When I first heard the term “guanxi” (in putonghua, aka. mandarin) I didn’t really understand it’s true meaning. If I think back to that one year of Putonghua class I took in college, it translates to “relationship.”

Okay, so the guanxi that I would have with my friend Waffle (nickname of course) is that we are friends who met during study abroad. Well, I learned later on during the year that “guanxi” also sorta has something to do with “connections” and by those connections, gaining some sort of benefit.

So we have this other friend, M, who received a job listing from an old professor about a great job opportunity in the Bay Area. M, always keeping his friends in mind, forwarded the listing on to Waffle suggesting that he submit his resume asap. This was last Thursday.

The next day, Waffle turns in his resume to the professor, who then forwards it onto the firm. On Sunday, the guy from the firm called Waffle up. They chatted for 30 minutes and the guy then said, “When can you come up for an interview?” Mind you that Waffle lives in LA and that the guy called him on a Sunday afternoon.So, Waffle flew up yesterday evening, went for the interview this morning and pretty much got a job offer.

Now that is a perfect example of guanxi in action. The guy at the firm needed to find someone. He sends out a job listing to people he knows, like the professor, who then forwards the listing on the M, who finally sends it to Waffle. While Waffle’s resume was very strong and very suitable with the requirements of the job, since it came through the professor, that probably helped get Waffle’s foot in the door.

Congratulations! Can’t wait till you move up! It’s Inniskillin time!
Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Site Visits

So I have been doing a lot of research lately on venues. I figured after gathering quotes and inspecting websites/photos, that I’d make a short list and visit some. Well, I realized that some places aren’t available on weekends to do visits or tasting. Um… I work during the daytime like most people, so how am I supposed to fit in a site visit? Sheesh.

If you’re going to take tons of my money, the least you could do is make visiting your place easier!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Budget Increasing?

I have been wondering if my wedding budget is too low. The thing is, why do we really need to spend soooooo much money for a wedding? I suppose there is a minimum amount of money that needs to be spent just to feed all of the guests. I’m contemplating adding to the budget in order to make things easier. I remember one of my friends telling me about a friend of hers who said for her wedding that if money could solve the problem, then she’d spend the money. I find that this could lead to a dangerous spiral of crazy spending.

Went climbing today for the third week in a row. It felt pretty good to go and I am feeling like I’m getting in better shape again. Climbed 5 routes though I only planned to do 4 of them…5.7, 10b, 10c, 11a, 10a. I had to struggle up the 11a, so I’m not quite a solid 11a yet.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Hiding Costs

On my hunt for a good venue to have my wedding, I came across one site that seemed like it would have good potential. We inquired about the rates, and the guy said he’d send them, but didn’t do so right away. So today, I headed over to the site for a visit and thought it would be really great. Then I asked the guy for the pricing schedule and he said he’d send it.

I thought about it and wondered why he didn’t send the rates to us prior to the site visit. Would it be so that we’d fall in love with the space and pay whatever their fees were. Too bad for him that I reserve half of my judgement for how I feel about the space and the other half for the value of it. Don’t get suckered into things!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Sorta Looks Same

I finally went wedding dress shopping for the first time today and tried on 10 dresses in 1 hour. Yep, my band of merry women and I were able to do the fast track dress trying. I’d put on the dress, step up onto the platform, and they’d say yay or nay and snap a photo.

The way people were describing David’s Bridal, I imagined something much more ghetto, but it was pretty decent, though it does have florescent lights. Maybe that’s because the one I went to was a newer store. I’m sure it’s not as fabulous as the $2,000-$5,000 bridal gown salons, but DB works for me.

So I can definitely see some differences among the different shapes of the dress, but in the photos, different dresses of the same shape look very similiar.

My friends liked the A-line dresses best, but I kinda liked the more flowy-less-poofy ones. My mental rule about buying a wedding dress is, if someone has to help me use the bathroom, then that’s too much dress.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Hacking Pens

Recently there was a web article about how someone took a Mont Blanc rollerball refill, and worked it so that it would fit in a Pilot G2 pen. So, my friend decided to try it out and $7 later, voila!, faux mont blanc pen I received. Sweet! Beats paying $200.

Went climbing yesterday though I didn’t do many climbs. 5.7, 10c, 10d. At least the climbs were more challenging, which makes it better than my usual easy flat ones.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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During lunch recently, I decided to go around the shops and browse. When I lined up at store #1, I noticed the lady in front of me in line because she wore a colorful shirt. At store #2, I was walking up some stairs and saw the same lady walking down the stairs.

Then I went to the shopping center and while stepping onto the escalator, she was also riding the escalator in front of me! After getting off the escalator, she was heading towards the same store that I was gonna go into also!

Weird coincidence. I’m not a stalker. Really.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Returned Food

I was getting some food to-go today and while I was waiting, I noticed that one of the waitpersons had given a small condiment container of cranberries to a customer. It turns out that the customer had wanted “cranberry sauce” and not just plain “cranberries.”

So, the waitperson took the cup of cranberries and put it back on the counter for the food preppers. Well, then I saw something that was kinda disturbing. One of the food preppers grabbed the cup and poured the contents back into the cranberry container. Um… isn’t there some sort of rule where once a food goes out of the kitchen that it can’t go back in?

What if the cusomter had contaminated the food? I know that’s being a bit paranoid, but it could happen.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Information Overload

Recently, I sent out an email to some girlfriends of mine to see if any of them have some bridal magazines leftover from their wedding. I figured most of them would have tossed them out after the wedding. Nope, apparently, almost all the brides kept their magazines.

I thought they’d only have about 5 or 6 of them. Afterall, how many magazines does one bride need? Well, one friend responded and handed me her entire collection of magazines from her planning days… all 22 of them. Now, if you haven’t seen a bridal magazine, they are mostly full of ads and are about 3-4 times the size of a typical issue of Time magazine. Yeah…. and now I have 22 of them. I think another friend is going to give me a box of hers. Eek. I think there’s going to be a large fire hazard in my room soon.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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