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Chicago Pizza

So I’m in hot and humid Chicago at the moment chilling out in front of the tv which is airing the movie Clueless. Cute movie. I haven’t seen it in years. Random thought… I hope I get to eat some deepdish pizza before I leave tomorrow! I tried out Gino’s East, a popular and highly recommended place by most people I know that’ve visited Chicago.

Last time I came to Chicago, I tried out Gino’s East but only had enough time to order a personal-sized pizza. Let me say that I was not very impressed by this place being the “best place ever” for pizza. I suppose I have to give it another try and order a proper Gino’s pizza which takes the normal 40 minutes to make.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Elevator Silence

You ever notice that when you are in an elevator people don’t talk? I’m not sure if it’s the lesson we were told as a child to not talk to strangers, or perhaps the proximity makes it easy for others to listen. If you’re alone with someone you know, then people talk. Hmm.. it must be the eavesdropping thing.

At any rate, so my office building is very small. It’s got 5 floors only and the elevator is about nine square feet in floor space. Yep. That’s about 3′x3′. Needless to say, it’s quite cozy in there when there’s more than one person.

The thing is, should we talk to people in such a small confined space? Afterall, they are standing inside your 2′-3′ comfort zone. Well, recently, I was riding up and there were THREE people in the elevator. Nobody said anything, but after the first guy stepped off, and then I stepped off on the next floor, the guy remaining in the elevator said, “have a nice day.” Of course, I did have a brief conversation with him once, so maybe he was being nice.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Plug for JW

So my friend Jason Wong is running for the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC) in the 12th Assembly District. Yes, quite a long name for a committee. The election will be on June 6, so vote for him! (Creepy… 6/6/06).

Scarf Girl, signing off.


To Shark or Not To Shark’s Fin Soup

For nearly all of the Chinese wedding banquets that I’ve attended throughout my lifetime, there has always been one staple: shark’s fin soup. I suppose it was one of those “fancy” dishes that people served to their guest to show off their generosity or wealth, as shark’s fin soup tends to be quite expensive.

Over the years, as sharks became more hunted and more endangered, I suppose they became more expensive for restaurants to buy, thus, more expensive for people to eat. It seems that the way restaurants offset the cost is by adding in imitation fin with the real fin.

So now that I’m planning a wedding, Chinese banquet and all, I’ve decided not to serve the soup for several reasons.

1) Those poor sharkies floating to their deaths because they can’t swim anymore.
2) For a reasonably priced set menu, the shark’s fin soup is made up of mostly fake fins anyways; people will think I skimped on them!
3) Real shark’s fin soup would raise the price for each table at least $100.

Just say no. I’d rather serve another tasty soup that’s kinder to the environment. 25 tables, 25 bowls of shark’s fin soup, 25 really unhappy sharks.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Event Coat Check Charge

The othe day when I visited a possible venue, the manger gave me the grand tour. Describing things as we walked by, though sometimes they were obvious. She walked by the coat check and said, “And here we have a coat check, which costs $3 a person.”

Now, I don’t know if that means they collect $3 from my guest each time someone checks a coat, or they multiply $3 times the number of guests and charge me. OR maybe they usually charge money for public events. There’s always that chance I heard her wrong.
Either way, it doesn’t seem right to charge for coat check at a private event! Knowing my relatives, they’d just rather hang their coats on the back of their chairs!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Fruitful Advertising

So a month or two ago while I was walking around Union Square, I noticed some oranges placed on the large seating steps facing Macys. It wasn’t as though somebody went shopping and dropped them, since they were well spaced as if someone had put them there.

As I approached, I looked closely and noticed there was a sticker on it. When I got to a computer, I typed in the url and realized it was an  “advertisement” of sorts for the Godfather video game. Clever, since there is this one scene where the Don was carrying some fruit and got shot by gangsters, hence, him dropping the oranges.

Then today, on my way to work, I saw some Starbucks barristas handing out bananas with a sticker on it. They were promoting their new banana-coconut concoction. I suppose people don’t take flyers, but they’ll take free fruit! What’s next? I hope somebody comes up with something peachy.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Bow & Ribbon Bouquet

So I attended a bridal shower over the weekend and I believe that it would be my 3rd one. Surprisingly with all of the weddings that I’ve attended in the recent years, I haven’t been to very many showers. What does that tell me? That I don’t have nearly as many male friends as female friends. heh.

Anyways, I remember reading about how at a bridal shower, somebody would make a bouquet out of the giftwrap from shower presents. The thing is, I never knew what the bouquet was for! Well, I found out. Apparently, it’s a sort of tradition for the bridal shower bouquet to be used at the rehearsal. I suppose the bride can’t very well walk down the aisle without something in her hand. Learn something new everyday.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Bulk Room Discount?

So I decided to start searching for a hotel where I would recommend that my out of town guests stay when they come out for the wedding. I went to this one cute boutique hotel that I liked, and I asked them about their pricing: $149 for a king/european twins room and $249 for a king suite with sofa pullout. They told me the rack rate for a king room is $280, so it seems like it’s half off.

Well, being the avid bargain shopper that I am, I looked up the prices on the internet. Hooray for the internet! I went on that hotel’s website and for that weekend, I found that Joe Schmoe could get at rate of $169, or $159 if they prepay, or $153 if they have a AAA card. Um, so yeah… $4/$10/$20 discount only? They tried to sell it to me like it was half off. Not nice.

If I end up having my venue near them, I plan to go back to them and ask for a better than a $4 discount, otherwise, my Chinese bargain-hunter relatives will go elsewhere!

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Yesterday when I went for lunch at my usual Wednesday sushi place, the sushi chef asked me a question:

“I wanted to know… are you this hyper at home? I mean to say that you are always so energetic, and I was curious if you are like this all day long.”

Now, I don’t know if he used the word hyper, but that’s the word I heard. Perhaps I’m always just very happy when I’m eating sushi. Heheh. I told him that at home, I usually just relax and veg out in front of the tv.
Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Overhead Compartment Hogs

When it comes to flying, I feel as though it’s somewhat like the lottery. You check-in hoping that you didn’t get bumped somehow from an overbooked flight. Then you hope that you get a good group number for boarding (for non-Southwest flights that is).

I always thought that the further back you sit, the sooner you get to board. So, for my outgoing flight this weekend, I chose seat in the middle of the plane. Normally, I like to sit in the front so I can dash off the plane and get some fresh air.

To my surprise, when I finally boarded in group 6 out of 7, I noticed that tons of people in front of me were already boarded. WTF? To kick me while I’m down, there was no more overhead compartment space so they made me check in my luggage at the gate. I’d say it happened because the flight was fully booked, and many of the folks with rolly luggage had a suitcase that was too long to fit perpendicular into the compartment. That means it’s too big!

Airlines should crack down more on that sort of thing. Stupid large rolly luggage.

To make matters worse, the same situation happened on my return flight. This time though, I got on the plane with my rolly luggage and searched for overhead space and found the compartment above my seat occupied with just two suitcases. Raar! Stupid people.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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