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They’re Just Envelopes

So now that I’ve basically got my wedding invite design done, I need th finishing touch…the envelope. I decided to check out an art store today and they didn’t have too many in the style that I am looking for (open-ended policy envelope… I don’t know why it’s called that). They had only one brand with that style but in a fancy and semi-shimmery paper, which means expensive… turns out they were $0.63 each. EACH! OMG, they’re just envelopes! They’re not even that big!

I suppose this is where people can get carried away when it comes to weddings or any other type of social event. Let’s see, I need to send out around 250 of these suckers, so that would make my cost around $170. Um. No thanks.

I’m looking for those 15 cent envelopes, if not the ones where you can buy 500 of them for $20. I suppose people won’t take to very positively of me sending out the business #10 envelopes. The search continues.

How do you find the balance between socially acceptable, and practical? Afterall, people often throw away envelopes/invites after the wedding, so why would I spend so much on them?

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Wording Weirdness

So pretty much I can say that I can’t read Chinese. A 1st grader in hk could read better than I can. It’s sad considering I worked so hard that one year of Chinese class in college and learned about 700 characters. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not. If you want to read the newspaper, you should know at least 2,000 characters.

Anyways, when designing my wedding invites, I figured I’d allow some space to include the Chinese text along with the English. Seems cool right? I thought it would be better this way instead of putting it on different sides/flaps.

Then my dad finally gave me the text and when I told him my idea, he said it’s not right to do that. The reason? The wording is different. The order in which you write Chinese invite text is not the same as you would in English. But of course. Different language, different culture, different grammar and presentation.

So, I just figured out a way to put it on the bottom half of the invites. Hope it doesn’t look too squishy.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Succotash the Food

Growing up, I really enjoyed watching Bugs Bunny and all of his pals. The famous line that Sylvester the cat would always use was, “Sufferin’ succotash!” Of course, that’s the first time I ever heard that word [succotash], and I will pretty much for the rest of my life, associate that word with Sylvester the cat.

Yesterday, I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and their special dish came with two sides that I could choose from. I looked at the side dishes and one of them was “corn succotash.” The first thing I thought of was, “That’s a food?”

I ended up picking that side dish because I was curious about what it was. It turned out being cooked corn, carrots, zuchinni and some beans. Although real succotash is supposed to be mainly made of lima beans and corn. Heh, learn something new every day right?

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Hidden Treasure

I don’t know what it is, but I really enjoy watching tv shows that have the whole “solve-the-clue” elements. Last week, I was channel surfing and noticed on the tivo guide that there was a show called “Treasure Hunters.”

Somehow, I thought it would be a Discovery-Channel-type-documentary where they were searching for some tomb and talk about some history. Normally, I’m not a big mystery nut, but I do findi it interesting when the archeologists talk about their discoveries. They know sooooo much about one particular thing.

Well, it was not a documentary, but instead a contest. 10 of teams of 3 are competing to find “treasure” worth “millions” by going from place to place and figuring out brain teasers. Of course, there’s the physical element where you have to hike many miles, swim, and carry stuff.

I think this is nbc’s answer to the Amazing Race. This show has waaaay better puzzles and a bit less drama (so far). It’s more focused on the hunt aspect as opposed to relationships between teams.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Funny Business

It’s always weird to know that I have had the pleasure to work for 2 companies in the past that were run by crooks. One company has executive types that have actually been caught and convicted. I’d say as an employee, I was treated pretty reasonably.

Company #2 has managed to push the envelope on everything possible and not get into legal trouble. They were not really good about treating people as they would treat their family. In fact, they treated their employees pretty poorly and acted extremely unprofessional, yelling to intimidate their employees at times or threatening to call future companies and bad-mouth them. I suppose nobody has ever filed a lawsuit against that company, most likely because once they’ve quit, they just want to forget about ever having been there.

I know the grass always seems greener elsewhere, and that other companies appear more ideal to work for, but I’d have to say in that case, it f$@#!$# sucked. I probably can start writing about all those messed up moments that either happened to me or someone else.

And just like how I’ve been writing about wedding planning and how the industry is full of rip-off artists and that people should not buy into advertising and overpaying, I can, perhaps make you feel better about your job.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Chinese Wedding Cakes

So I was just browsing around and saw a site that sells “Chinese wedding cakes” also known as “Happiness Cakes” or “Dragon & Phoenix Cakes.” Here’s the info copied and pasted:

These are baked cake with dragon and phoenix imprint on the surface.  Some styles have fillings made of lotus seed paste, red bean paste or green bean paste.  

The wedding cakes are usually presented to the bride’s family by the groom’s family as part of the proposal gift. Bride’s family will then present some of the cakes to worship their ancestors and send the rest of cakes to friends and relatives along with wedding invitations. Quantity of cakes to be sent depends on seniority of guest or relationship with the family.  Nowadays, the wedding cakes are usually served to the guests at the wedding instead of the western style wedding cakes.

Hmm…I’ve never attended a wedding where they served these cakes instead of the western-style cake. Only recently, did I actually attend a wedding where the cakes were handed out to relatives. Nowadays, people just send gift certificates to a local Chinese bakery. Heh, that’s what I’m going to be doing. The cooler part is that we’re trying to get gift certificates from out-of-towners’ local bakeries. I thought they might find that cool.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Happy Summer

So today is the first day of summer. Oddly enough, I don’t remember a year when the first day of summer actually FELT like summer. San Francisco is typically cool, in the 60s on average during the summer.

However, today, it was hot. I mean, 80s hot. I wasn’t there a thermometer, but when I stepped out of my building for lunch, I felt a hot gust of air hit me like a brick wall. It was a refreshing feeling, but eventually, I had to walk in the shade to stay cool.

And with hot weather, means bad quality air. Tomorrow is a Spare the Air day, where I believe transit is free, so take it. Please. Besides, you may see funny things happen on your public transportation ride and thus, have something to laugh about.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


2nd-Best Tasting Ice Cream

I was wrong about yesterday’s entry regarding the best tasting ice cream ever. Actually, the best tasting ice cream out there is the one you make yourself. 2nd-best is free ice cream.

The thing is, people have this whole pride thing, and also, they tend to be more lenient when it comes to their own stuff. For instance, if you baked a batch of cookies, if they don’t taste as good as Mrs. Field’s ones, you might feel like they do. Perhaps it’s the whole slaving over the oven and therefore, you are tired and hungry, hence it tasting better.

Another example, but non food-related, is when a kid draws something with crayons. Unless they are artistic geniuses, chances are, it looks like crap. I’m not trying to be mean, but let’s be real, kids don’t draw well. It might be the cutest thing ever only because it was drawn by a kid.

It’s true. Kids are cute and most things they do are cute. But if you framed their “art” and stuck it in a museum, the average person would say something to the effect of, “You call that art? My 5-year old can draw that!”

So, the conclusion is that there is a large amount of bias when it comes to things people make themselves, whether it’s cooking, art, or writing.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Best Tasting Ice Cream

You know what the best tasting ice cream is? Yep, you guessed it, a free one. hahah. Today, I was walking to lunch, when some Ben & Jerry’s representatives were handing out free cones of ice cream. I supose B&Js are promoting a new line of ice cream delights, so I got to try a cookies n’ cream one. Yum.

Needless to say, I didn’t really eat much of my lunch, but hey, it’s ice cream, you gotta eat it right away!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Chinese Engagement Party

So I attended my friend’s “Chinese” engagement party this afternoon. From what I understand, it is a celebration hosted by the families to make the engagement “official.” I know that every family does things differently, but here’s what my friend did:

Groom’s family brought over the following items:
-Whole roast pig
-6 Jars of Horlicks mix
-8 Bottles of Hennessy
-6 Boxes of ginseng-chrysanthemum tea
-6 Bags of “Crispy Candy”
-6 Boxes of fruity “cakes”
-2 Bags of mushrooms
-8 Boxes of Ferrero Rocher
-6 Cans of lychees
-2 Boxes of dried scallops
-6 Boxes of jellied candies
-Lots of food for lunch (chow mein, fried noodles, chicken, dimsum-y food, ribs, bakery treats, veggies, walnut prawns, lychees, tofu and some other stuff I can’t remember)

Prior to all the eating, a relative introduced all of the family elders to one another. The couple exchanged rings which symoblized their engagement. The bride’s parents gave the groom a suit, a belt, and a wallet.

I’m not really sure what any of these traditions symbolize or how they came to be. I think my family will be doing a similiar party, but without so much of the pomp and circumstance.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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