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Piling Up

When I had dinner at a friend’s place recently, here dining room was somewhat taken over by big bins of wedding things. From programs, to gift bags, to bolts of tulle and countless things I didn’t see, it was just one gigantic pile!

Now that I’m starting to buy more things for my wedding, I’m wondering where it should all go! I just got my wedding favor containers in the mail today. It is a HUGE box. I opened up the box and took out the individual boxes, which didn’t seem to take up as much room.

I better clear out space because it’s only going to pile up from here on out. Maybe I can make a fort out of it. :-p
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It totally sucks that spammers are now leaving comments on blogs! Thank goodness I get to moderate all comments before they appear. Sheesh. Watch out fellow bloggers! Usually it’s stuff that has a bunch of links and telling you to go there. Pretty annoying if you ask me.

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Tired Feet

So I went to wedding #6 of 2006. It was pretty fun and I was asked to be 1 of 3 photographers. Kinda scary if you ask me. I was a team shooter as well for another wedding, but that time, somebody else was leading the poses and group photos, which I say, is the hardest thing to do.

Herding a large crowd of people is very difficult as people get restless and it can get very chaotic, especially since everybody wants their photo with the bride and groom, and there’s only so much time.

Luckily, everyone was very cooperative and patient. I’ve already made out a schedule for portraits for which people follow which others and hopefully things can go smoothly for me.

I ended up shooting 810 photos and I would say a large % of those are keepers. Whee! Time to sort some pics!

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Pricing Matters

After having been told that my Macy’s registry wasn’t quite hefty enough (I had 3 items), and that it had already been bought up so far in advanced, I decided to double up a bit on the registry items. I guess I somehow thought it would be better to register at the place with the best price, but some people prefer to shop at one store over the next.

I put majority of my gift items at BB&B because they have that 20% off coupon they send to people in the mail. Hey, why not save my friends and family 20% on presents? Either that or I get 20% more in value of gifts since people tend to have a price in mind that they usually want to spend.

Anyways, I decided to duplicate items and noticed some subtle price differences on some items, and not-so-subtle differences. For a Calphalong tri-ply 8qt stockpot, BB&B has it for $60 whereas Macys has it for $150. Uh, price check on aisle 2? Somebody is way off on their pricing.

Then there’s the large discrepancy in pricing for anything wedding related. Wowsers! That’s another topic for another entry.

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Parallel Weddings

So I suppose I’m at that ripe marrying age where everyone around me is getting married or engaged. This is that first big wave that some friends of mine that are a few years older talked about.

I find it kinda weird in a way to discuss wedding plans with someone else who is getting married because then you feel a bit self-conscious. Are they getting better deals than me? What if we do the same thing, then will people think my wedding is lame? Hah. Really, it shouldn’t matter because you do what you like. Perhaps you have similiar taste your friend right?

Well, I have a friend whose wedding date is in the ballpark as mine. We have large numbers of guests courtesy of our parents although our spending and budget are vastly different. I find it interesting how people prioritize different areas of their budget or how much more trouble some people would go through to save more money. Then there’s always the, “if it saves me trouble then I”ll spend the extra money.”

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Class Matters

So one of my lawyer friends was recently working on a pre-nup and it just made me wonder whether or not people should get them. While I will probably never know what it’s like to be filthy rich, with more money than I know what to do with, I can understand protecting your assets and your hard work.

In California, as far as I know, if you divorce, you split everything 50/50. So if you’re poor and you marry a multi-millionaire, sweet, you get to be half of a multi-millionaire in the event that you divorce. But if you’re the multi-millionaire, suddenly you only have half of what you started with. Kinda sucks, but gee, if I had $10 million dollars and then *ONLY* had $5 million after, that isn’t really that bad as you still have tons of money.

The thing is, if you are in love and you vow to be with them “till death” or “for all the days” of your life, why do you need to plan for divorce? If nothing else, it seems that pre-nups are to protect yourself from the scammers who marry and then divorce and leave with a huge settlement. I suppose it only matters if your net worth is different by over $1 million dollars. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth the trouble to get papers drawn up.

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Climbing Again

I decided to go climbing again at PG in Belmont because a friend of mine who will be moving away soon was showing up. I figured that it’d be nice to hang out one last time. Anyways, I maded 5 climbs: 5.8, 5.9, 10c, 10c, 10d. After my 5th climb, I still had energy and was thinking of doing a 10a, but ran out of time. I suppose my muscles have gotten stronger since I was able to climb more. Yay.

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Cheap Bridesmaids Dress

One of my friends recently got me to examine my site stats a bit more. It’s interesting to know where my blog visitors come from. It is most interesting to read the search engine phrases that people used.

One recent hit onto my page came from the phrase, “britney overflowing her jeans.” Note: I never wrote about Britney Spears on my blog, (to my recollection), although  I did gripe once about lowrider jeans that women wear sometimes that are so tight that their fat bulges out.

Anyways, a recent phrase I noticed was, “under $50 bridesmaids dresses.” Ahh.. someone after my own heart. Well, if that person is still looking for $50 bridemaids dresses or less, here’s my realistic and practical tips on finding them.

1) Search the Gunne Sax Outlet (if you’re in the SF Bay Area). You can get dresses for as low as $15. I was a bm in a wedding once and bought my dress for exactly that price, plus tax of course.

2) Search Craigslist or eBay. Be warned about eBay though as some lady sent me a dress that I won an auction for that isn’t the right color as the picture that was displayed. She took the picture off the Nordstrom website and used it in the auction. The thing is, I also bought a dress from Nordstrom and lo and behold, the colors are not even close to being the same shade of red. Stupid eBay lady…

If there is only 1 bridesmaid, then you have a high chance of finding a bm dress for under $50. If you are one of several bms, good luck as it is rare people sell all the bm dresses from a wedding together. They should though. It’s easier to sell a set since bms are usually looking to find matching ones as their counterparts!

3) Check the Goodwill Store or a 2nd hand shop. This again, is most relevant for the 1 bridesmaid wedding. Although MoH doesn’t always have to match the bm, so MAYBE you can get away with this.

4) My favorite of all… department store (macy’s). Nice dresses go on sale quite often and then there are those precious coupons in the newspaper. Macy’s has 10% or 15% off coupons every so often, so you can hopefully find a dress on sale, open a new macy’s account (cuz you’ll get 10% off that day), and use the coupon. If you can find a dress around $65, after the discount, it’s about $50, but that doesn’t include tax… so it’s not exactly under $50.

A plus about shopping in a department store is that they will have a size that actually fits most parts of your body. And if you’re short, they often have petite sizes, which means no alterations necessary… which ALSO means, you won’t be spending more money.

A second plus, is that many “regular” dresses tend to be more re-wearable than your standard David’s Bridal dress. Your bridesmaids will love you for it, and so will their wallets.

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Bulk Invite Mailing

So in the process of sealing and stamping the invites, I wondered if it is better to mail 2 invites separately or together to one address. Yes, sometimes you need to send more than one invite to different people to one address… Ettiquette… so impractical sometimes.

The question is, how many invites do you need to mail together, in order to make the bulk mailer cheaper than using individual stamps? I’m not exactly sure because I didn’t personally go to the post office.

I could only figure out so many things based on the receipt, although I’m going to tentatively conclude that it’s better to mail 2 invites separately than together because you have to use a bigger envelope, which is assessed with a higher fee because of the size.

I would say 3 invites together is okay, though the pricing would be very close, in which case, 3 invites together is less trouble since you don’t have to address 3 envelopes.

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Platform Clogs

So I pressed the button to open the doors for the train this morning and what were my eyes greeted by? Tall grey platform shoes. As I boarded the train, I saw that they belonged to a young woman with long hair. I tried not to stare, but geez, those were some really high shoes.

As other people boarded the train, they also snuck a glance at her shoes while trying to be subtle. Now, I’m just wondering what possible use those shoes would have for someone? I mean, it’s not as though you can really walk on any terrain other than a flat surface. Also, SF is quite the hilly town. I can just see it now…Platform girl leaning back about 30 degrees in order to walk down a hill and not fall flat on her face.

That also reminded me of stories that I heard regarding women in Japan getting into car accidents because they couldn’t slam on the breaks because the big platforms would get caught or something. Good thing this lady was taking the train.
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