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Google Visitor Topic

So here I go again, looking at my stats and seeing once again, how people land on my page. Today, I’ve decided to take on another wedding topic: “planning a wedding for under $1,500.” That is certainly quite a challenge, but not impossible though if you want to have a reception for 200, then I think you’re crazy on that budget. If you just want a “wedding” (as in just a ceremony) then I would say it’s not impossible.

1) The Dress: Borrow one from someone you know; buy one from an outlet store; buy it used on ebay or Craigslist. Keep it to $150 or less.
The Suit: Have the groom wear the nicest suit he’s got and buy/borrow a tie to go with your theme. $0-30

2) The Venue: The beach. Forgo the chairs since it will probably be a short ceremony. Have a friend get ordained online for $35 OR, if you have a friend who’s already ordained, they can marry you off. However, if you wanted someone else, perhaps a relative to perform the ceremony, you can have the ordained person do a “quickie ceremony” after everything is over and then you can sign the papers.

3) The Invites: Evite, telephone call, or buy a ream of white cardstock from and office supply store (not the preformatted ones because you can use the cardstock for other things). Find a design you like online and just mimick the important parts and print them at home. Don’t forget postage. Ideally, 39 cents is all you should pay for postage, so make sure your invite isn’t a square as those cost more.
If you feel the need to embellish the invite, buy some cheap ribbon online or at a fabric store. There are many places online where you can buy cheap envelopes such as (that’s where I bought my envelopes). Have them rsvp on your website (they are available for free) or to call (hey, it’s nice to get a phone call from people you haven’t talked to you a while).

4) The Food: After the ceremony on the beach, move the party to a nice grassy area and have a picnic! Find a place with some picnic tables, or have friends bring their foldups. For a bit of ambiance, splurge on some nice fabric to use as table cloths. Don’t forget some table flowers and some some nice bottles of wine. Don’t drink? Martinelli’s Sparkling cider looks sorta like champagne. Buy to-go food from a good nearby restaurant and have a blast!

5) The Flowers: Since you’re trying to save, you probably don’t have any attendants. That means you just need 1 bouquet and a few boutonnieres. You can make them yourself! Go find your local farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, or Costco. Even the grocery store will do in a pinch.

Buy 2 dozen roses, and bunch them together for the bouquet and tie it off (don’t forget to strip the thorns), and get some floral tape and wrap something for the groom’s boutonniere. If the prospect of making a boutonniere seems daunting, then splurge at a florist. If you keep it simple, it can cost about $6-15 at a florist.

6) The Music: Bring your boombox, batteries, and a burned cd of your favorite tunes. Alternatively, you can bring your ipod and the speaker attachment.

7) The Cake: No need for a “presentation cake.” You can buy plain cakes from anywhere and dress them up with some flowers. If you trust yourself, you can stack them on your own. Heck, buy a large sheet cake. Those are the most efficient ways to go.

Well, I think those are all the elements you really need at a wedding. So I would say it IS possible to have a $1,500 wedding.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Dang Slackers

When you’ve sent out your invites, I think you want to get your reply cards back, like, tomorrow. I know that’s physically impossible, but that’s just how you feel about it. You’re eager to know who can or cannot make it, so you can proceed with more details such as seating and final head count.

I decided to send my invitations extra early to give people more notice. I figured that once they received the invite, they would simply check their schedule, and return the card. I was sorely mistaken. I think most people put it on their desk and forgot about it. Doh!

Anyways, with 1 week left until the deadline, the percentage of replies is as follows:

Event 1: 83%
Event 2: 76%

I have a sneaking suspicion that neither of my events will reach 100% replied.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Stuffed Bag

While riding on the train today, I noticed the guy next to me was studying Japanese. Of course it caught my attention more that he was a Caucasian man learning Japanese. I always find it interesting when a Caucasian person tries to learn an Asian language. Anyways…

So he started to get ready for his stop by putting his book away. The thing is, I only noticed him doing that because it took him a LONG time. His bag was one of those triangle sling bags, and his book was about the dimensions of a sheet of letter paper, and maybe 3/4″ thick. He had a few other items in the bag already, so he was having a lot of trouble shoving the book into the bag such that the bag could still zip up.

Also in his bag was this sort of Asian-looking cloth bag that probably contained his bento lunch. I think the bulkiness of the lunch sack prevented him from easily putting the book away. Well, after about 3 minutes of fidgeting, he finally got the book into the bag and zipped up. Hooray for him.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


License to Marry

So this morning, I headed off to City Hall to “apply for a marriage license.” What does that mean you ask? Well, basically, you fill out a form, pay money, and they give you a printed piece of paper with some basic information on it that says you can have a ceremony and make your marriage legal. It kinda looks like a birth certificate.

On the document, it says “License and Certificate of Marriage.” It has information on the bride and groom, followed by some lines for some signatures.After a wedding ceremony is performed, 2 witnesses and the person who will solemnize the marriage are supposed to sign the document.

In addition to giving us our marriage license, the clerk also gave us a pamphlet (Your Future Together…), which talks about a healthy lifestyle, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, planning a family, and pregnancy. The pamphlet was accompanied by a sheet of paper which listed family planning and pregnancy testing places. Um… interesting.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Registy Woahs

So I was reviewing my registry items just to check things out and it seems that some stores are more popular than others. I’ve registered at Macy’s, BB&B and C&B. Here are the stats for completed items on the registry with a bit over 1 month left to go:

Macy’s: 82%
BB&B: 22%
C&B: 0%

Now, it’s true that there are fewer items on the Macy’s registry than the BB&B, but it seems that Macy’s is the most popular place for people to shop for my registry items. Why?

Hmm.. I know that there are often lots of sales at Macy’s plus those extra coupons for those card account holders. Or perhaps the most obvious choice of all is that there are way more Macy’s out there than the other two stores.

So I actually doubled up some items between BB&B and Macy’s. Why? Do I want twice the amount of gifts? No, it’s just that I noticed early on that people were buying up Macy’s items, so I figured I’d match it out since people seemd to prefer Macy’s.

I figured that I would just visit the registries here and there and remove items once they were fulfilled, but because I got lazy and sorta forgot, people ended up buying items from both places before I updated. Crazy fast shoppers!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Climb Climb

Went climbing with some friends on Friday at MC. Pretty fun though I was pretty burnt out by the end. Climbed a total of 5 routes: 5.9, 10b, 10d, 10b, 5.9. Not bad for a day’s work. :-p

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Jewelry Making

So in ALL my free time, I decided to take it upon myself to make necklaces for my bridesmaids and for my coordinator-friend. That personal touch right? Sounds like a nice idea, as I was able to learn from my coordinator-friend who learned from her mom, who learned from a friend. It’s like a virus I say!

Anyways, the gist of it is that you take one of these eyepin things (, stick it through a stone/bead of sorts ( and then maniuplate the eyepin wire into a loop so it matches the other end. But before you close the loop, you should attach it to a chain ( and then you do that a couple more times.

At first I couldn’t really maniuplate the wire the way I wanted to, breaking a couple of eyepins because I was bending them back and forth to many times. *doh!* Eventually, like 2 hours later, I nearly finished my first necklace. I must say though, all this arts and crafts stuff is pretty girlie, but kinda fun how you have something to show for a few hours of work. Hopefully the next few will be faster.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Early Wedding Gifts

So we received our first wedding gifts in the mail today. I suppose I count this as an official present because it’s, well, an actual item, as opposed to the money presents we’ve already received.

That leads me to the question, when are you supposed to thank the early gift givers? I read somewhere that you should send a thank you gift right away, as opposed to waiting till after the wedding. I figured I would just do the thanking afterwards, but I suppose the gift-givers probably would want to know we’ve received the gift.

Hmm.. I think I’ll send them an email acknowledging the arrival of our gift and send them a proper thank you note after the wedding.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Help Few / Help Many

If there were 10 needy people standing all in a line on the street, and you had ten $1 bills to give away, would you give more money to fewer people or everybody $1?

I had this discussion with a friend recently about the universal health care that will be implemented in San Francisco. Basically, they’re going to require small businesses to provide healthcare of sorts. Sounds like a nice idea right? Well, every “nice” idea has another side to it.

If employers have to provide health, they probably will end up taking their many part-time employees and turn them into fewer full-time employees. While this benefits the some people very much, it kinda eliminates many of the part-time employees.

I suppose I’m generalizing A LOT, but that’s just my basic understanding of the system right now. Maybe I need to read up on it. Again with the government policy that has the right intentions but poor execution.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Newbie Barista

So I work near a Starbucks and last week when I went in for a tea, I made my order and the guy seemed kinda confused. One of his co-workers helped him out. He seemed very hesitant and tentative about pushing the buttons on the screen. Ah… a newbie barista. At least he’s not working at an high foot trafficked area. Then he’d be way screwed.

This morning, I decided to get myself a tea and the guy before me ordered some latte drink and a low-fat bakery item. While saying the name of the item, he was pointing at it on the glass and tapping with his credit card.

I found it odd when the newbie was reaching for the regular-fat version of the bakery item.

Guy:  “Um, I wanted the low-fat one.”
Newbie: “Sorry… that’s cuz there’s a regular version of it.”
Guy: “Well, I thought the tapping would make it pretty obvious.”

Eek. After that exchange, I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for the newbie or think he was just not paying attention. Was the guy being a jackass or was he right in having a bit of ‘tude?

Scarf Girl, signing off.


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