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Talking to Strangers

Growing up, we constantly heard the anti-kidnapping campaign that went something like “Don’t talk to strangers.” After you hear it enough, I suppose it’s ingrained into your brain. I suppose that’s one reason why it’s hard to meet random people on the street.

I’ve noticed that some people can get defensive when a stranger walks up to them and starts chatting. Namely, in a bar or club situation. Of course, there are those who just treat a stranger as a friend they just haven’t gotten to know yet.

Anyways, recently, I sat down on the train and the lady next to me was very friendly and we chatted about the weather and how we’re both bundled with our scarves and hats. She was even so kind as to offer me a tissue because she heard me sniffle.

I suppose strangers aren’t so bad right? Afterall, aren’t we all strangers to other people?

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Marriage Certificate

So after waiting for at least the mandatory 4-6 weeks before sending in the little slip of paper for my marriage certificate, I mailed it a the beginning of last week and recieved it a few days ago. Now that’s some quick service.

I suppose now I can start changing my name, but I’ll probably wait till I’m done with my international traveling as everything needs to match on the ID, the tickets and passport. I wouldn’t want any trouble at the border!

The first step would be to go to Social Security and fill out whatever forms I’d need to. Then Driver’s License and Passport. Then the rest is the rest… banking, credit cards, dmv, and the list goes on.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Gunne Sax

Once again I was crawling through my webstats analyizer and noticed that I received various hits on Gunne Sax, the Jessica McClintock outlet store in San Francisco. It’s a great store for finding super cheap dress and gowns.

The catch is that the dresses are usually a season or two older, but hey, buy a classic looking one and you’re good to go. Usually brides and bridesmaids come here for wedding attire.

Their selection is hit or miss and sometimes it can be very crowded. Also, there’s one big open dressing room, which not everybody likes, and also is overrun by teenie boppers shopping for their prom or other formal dances.

Anyways, it’s really hard to find its location on the internet, so I’m going to post the Gunne Sax address here. They are open daily from 10am-5pm.
1400 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Happy hunting!

SG, signing off.


Commuting Sucks: No Parking!!

Since I have been playing in a volleyball league for several years now, I played this season despite knowing halfway through, I’d be moving out of the area. While majority of my team lives outside of the city, none of them live close enough to me to bum a ride back to my car.

So, I came up with the idea of driving halfway up and then taking the train from there. That way, I can carpool back to my car with my teammate. It makes half of my traveling home more fun and makes her drive more fun.

Last week, I went to the train station and mistakenly parked in a space that wasn’t designated for commuters. Luckily, I didn’t get a ticket. However, this week, they decided to put barriers in the areas where it’s reserved for other uses. I drove around to all the parking areas and couldn’t find a spot, so I missed the train. Blah.

I can’t believe that there wasn’t a single space. I suppose all the residents there take earlier trains, but this is ridiculous. Public transportation is cool and all, but often the problem lies in it being inconvenient and far enough away that people have to drive to it. That means, you need parking!

Scarf Girl, missing the train.


Birthday Weekend

Don’t you just love birthday weekend? In a way, it’s as though your special day lasted for 3 days. Usually it starts on Friday with a fun activity, followed by more fun on Saturday and then some follow up on Sunday.

Happy birthday to me. Hoping that this year is a great one!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Grumpy Bus Driver / Racism Followup

This morning on my way to work, I was lining up to board a bus. Normally, I let people get off the bus first before boarding, as it can be rude to do otherwise. Well, some of the people around me were about to board when the bus driver just barks at them to WAIT UNTIL EVERYBODY GETS OFF FIRST! Yowsers, somebody has certainly had a bad morning.

—NOTE: I’m not here to offend anyone. So please, do not be offended as when it comes to touchy subjects such as religion, politics, racism, and sexism, everybody has their own point of view that they believe is correct. This is merely my point of view although I do enjoy a healthy amount of conversation.—
In response to my post of a VERY generalized view of racism or sexism in America, a few folks made some comments. All very well put. I completely agree that the best person should win a campaign race, the best person should get the job offer, and that nice guys shouldn’t “finish last.”

Unfortunately, that is hardly the case in so many situations. In campaign races, I’ve seen that the person with the most money, influence, and networking web seems to win big imporant races. The person who has a friend in the company tends to beat out the very qualified yet unknown candidate. And the guy who was nice and let someone by first, often gets screwed.

And no matter how hard we try, just as the song goes in Avenue Q, “Everybody is a little bit racist.” It’s not like we hate others that aren’t “our people.” We just notice it. Most people would just leave it at that. Others may take it in and let it affect the way they see the world and act towards people.

Scenario… if you were walking home late at night on the street alone, and on one side of the street, you see 5 black males dressed in jeans and t-shirts. On the other side of the street, you see 5 Asian males dressed in slacks and leather jackets. One group is a gang and the other is just out for a night of fun. Which one is which and why?

If upon reading the word “gang” and you immediately reacted with the black guys are the gangsters and the Asians are going out clubbing, then you have an inherent bias in you. That doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s just what you think. Afterall, how many times on the news when you hear the word “gang” that it’s accompanied by a photo of black men? Maybe we’re all a bit brainwashed from the media from growing up here in America.

So the picture I had in my head when writing the scenario was, the black guys going to hang out at a pal’s place and the other is an Asian gang out to stir up some trouble.
Scarf Girl, signing off.

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More Racist or Sexist?

Now I’m not really one for writing about politics and the like since I don’t consider myself a well-informed American. I’m semi-informed… just a small step above the uninformed.

Anyways, I saw on a headline that Barack Obama is exploring the possibility of running for president in 2008. He would be the first African American to be president. Then there’s all this talk about Hillary Clinton.

Well, it got me thinking. Is America ready for a president of color? Is it ready for a woman presidient? That being said… Is America more Racist or Sexist? If it’s more racist, they would pick Hillary… and if it’s more sexist, then they’d pick Obama.

If they were both racist AND sexist, then they’d pick the nameless white guy who’s probably not as qualified, but it doesn’t matter since he’s white and male. Frankly, I think America is close, but not quite ready, although they took a step in that direction with having Nancy Pelosi and Condoleeza Rice in two very high positions in the government.

With to women being 3rd and 4th in line to be president should anything happen, maybe we’ll see a female or any African American president sooner than we think. I would’ve thought that by the time I was 60, we’d see a non-white or female president.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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Semi-Holiday Commuting

So today is MLK, Jr. day and my company does not have the day off. I don’t really mind it so much as we just recently came off of Holiday Week. I decided that I would drive to a closer to SF Caltrain station to learn where it is exactly and to figure out how long it takes to drive there.

It’s so that on vball nights, I can ride back to my car with a teammate, and also avoid driving all the way to SF and paying the downtown parking fees. Anyways, of course I missed the train today from that station because there was a car off to the side of the road along the exit ramp, and OF COURSE, people slowed down to look, which backed up traffic along the exit. Grr… rubberneckers suck!

Anyways, after I figured out where to station was, I continued my trek to the city. I found the drive to be quite smooth as it’s likely that half of the usual commuters are driving today. At least it makes driving bearable for a day. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow as I drive to the station closer to SF tomorrow.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


2006 Miles Driven

So I started this habit of tracking how many miles per gallon my car got when I first bought my car back in 2001. I figured that I’d want to know for knowing’s sake. It’s not impressive mileage, I’ll tell you, but I figured it’d get better as the car was broken in. Five years later and I’m still waiting. Heheh.

I also sum up how many miles I drive in a year’s time. If the data’s already there, why not?

2001: 4,165 (half year)
2002: 9,435
2003: 7,618
2004: 4,424
2005: 7,492
2006: 6,478

So after five and a half years of driving, I’ve gotten to around 41k miles. Not too bad I’d say. What’s my secret? Public transportation. Beats driving during commuting hours, and paying for downtown parking. At this rate, my car will last 15 years!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Thumb Scrape

Went climbing again yesterday since my friend wanted to try out his new shoes and harness. I ended up making 4 climbs (5.8, 5.9, 10a, 10d) and did 3 laps of a 5.5. On the 10d climb, while making a move to grab a hold, I scraped my thumb on another hold. Eek, it drew blood too!

Now I’m wearing a Target clothy bandaid on my thumb. At first when I put it on, I thought it was good quality, but it’s adhesiveness is somewhat weak. It’s better than a lot of other ones I’ve tried, but it’s not as good as the brand name ones.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


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