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Wedding Guest List Spreadsheet

So recently, I was helping my friend print out a few placecards for her wedding and also organizing the list to make it prettier for the wedding day. Basically, the list will be printed out and given to some folks to tell people their assigned tables.

Well, I openned the list and noticed that they were all written as, “Mr. Joe Schmoe.” I looked at it and realized that there’s no way to use the sort in Excel to put these in alpabetical order. Originally, I thought it would just be, “Joe Schmoe” so that it could be alphabetized by first name at the very least. Of course, worse case is that you just retype, but I wasn’t about to do that.

Anyways, the moral of the story is, when you do your spreadsheet for your guestlist, keep separate columns for first name and last name. If you need a title, put that in a separate column. When you print out placecards or make lists, you can just do a simple mail merge and you’ll be fine.

Ironically, I gave them the spreadsheet that I used for my wedding and they conciously decided combine the names part even though they more or less used the rest of the document. Funny. I think it’s the part of them that wanted to sorta create their “own” thing, rather than just using someone else’s template. I understand that totally when it comes to wedding planning mentality.
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After hemming and hawing for so so long, I’ve finally ordered myself a new camera. Whee! Can’t wait to get it. I think it should arrive in a week or two.

I’ve been using the same Canon Digital Rebel for 4 years now and I figured it was time to graduate to a newer, faster and less clunky camera. Unfortunately, this one will be slightly heavier. Time to start lifting weights soon!

Scarf Girl, Signing off.


Poor Man’s Film Track

So I was waiting to meet up with a friend for breakfast recently and was sitting around outside the restaurant. I was looking around and saw these 4 guys standing around discussing something. A moment later I saw this one guy running around a corner and down a lane. Alongside him, a guy in a wheelchair and a guy pushing the wheelchair followed. It looked to me as though they were racing.

Upon further observation, I noticed that the guy in the wheelchair had a video camera with him. A few moments after the first guy ran, a different guy ran down the same lane with the wheelchair in pursuit. Then it clicked.

These guys are filming the guys running, but instead of running with a camera, they decided to use a wheelchair to make it a more smooth filming. How clever! Hollywood usually uses those carts with a track (kinda like a train track sorta thing) to do that sort of thing.

How do I know that was their objective? Well, the guy in the wheelchair stood up later and was talking with the other 3 guys. How funny. Heheh.
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Your Homemade Wedding

I was chatting with a friendly recently who expects to get married next year. I say expect because they’re not engaged yet, but I suppose she suspects it will happen very soon. (Yay!). Anyways, she was wondering if doing some things yourself actually saves you a lot of money.

That is a difficult question to answer because it depends on what you define as “a lot” and also, do you factor in the time that you have to put in making things. If you take your salary and calculate how much YOUR hourly pay is, chances are, do-it-yourself wedding items will likely end up costing you more that if you just paid someone else to do the task.

However, if you’re purely looking to spend as little “actual” money as possible, then yes, do-it-yourself wedding things will save you a lot of money. Depending on how skilled you or your family and friends are, you can save on every single aspect of the wedding. I’ll probably go into the details and list things out an a future entry. But for now, that is my answer to her question.

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Article about Engagement Rings

So posted an article recently titled: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Worst Friend. It kinda talks about the origins of the engagement ring and how the big giant De Beers cartel began the longest-lasting marketing campaign ever…since the 1930s, they have been pumping out the imgage of expressing one’s love through the gift of diamonds.

I think I’ve posted articles in the past written by other online publications discussing the origins of the diamond’s popularity and how generations of persistent in-your-face advertising worked. You know how some of you say that you don’t fall for commercials and advertisements because you’re too smart for them? Well, if you believe that diamond engagement rings are mandatory, then you’ve just fallen for it.

I remember discussing diamonds with my now husband (woah, weird to say still), and I told him that I felt diamonds, while they are pretty, are a product of years of advertising campaigns and that mainstream people just go along with it. I told him he could buy something else (sapphires cuz I like the color blue), or even a laboratory-made diamond (but this would still be supporting the diamond imagery).

He decided he wouldn’t want to buy a fake diamond because he felt uncomfortable with the idea of it, thinking what would happen if anybody found out. Uh, who cares? You would save yourself a boat load of money and not fall for those campaign ads.

Now, I don’t think diamonds are evil, in fact, I do like their clean pristine quality. It’s just that I don’t like the association that it goes along with… if you don’t get a diamond engagement ring then your man is cheap. Or if you don’t get diamonds for a significant annivesary, then your man doesn’t love you.

If a lady want a diamond, I think she should buy it for herself. Then it’s about her buying something she wants to wear, instead of a man “showing his love.”  He can show his love by doing sweet things for her (cooking, rubbing her feet, cleaning the house) or taking her on a romantic weekend getaway. For the price of a $3,200 (avg price of enagement ring in America), you know how many weekend trips to Napa you could take?

So ladies, before demanding that 1.5 carat diamond engagement ring from your man, consider what kind of honeymoon you could have for $15,000. The kind of honeymoon where the memories of a great life experience would last forever.
I’m sure someone will get offended by this entry, but hey, the diamond-pushing advertisting campaigns by De Beers are true.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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80’s Mormon Commercials

If you grew up on the western half of the US, it’s likely that you remember those commercials that they aired during weekday afternoons and possibly during Saturday morning cartoons. Yes, I’m talking about the ones where there was a message from the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”

The most memorable one of all was, “Who Broke My Window?” It’s got Alfonso Ribera from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire show! haha. Here are the lyrics just for fun.

Old Guy: Who broke my window?
Kid: Telling the truth isn’t gonna be easy…
OG: Glass everywhere i look …who broke my window?
Kid: Why is my stomach all nervous and queasy?
OG: Ah it’s some kid’s ball! Who could the little culprit be? Who threw this ball did someone see?
Kid: He’s so mad I’m really scared!
OG: All kids these days, they don’t care!
Kid: Mr. Robinson, Mr. Robinson!
OG: What a horrible mess!
Kid: I broke your window with my ball, [OG: You?] and i come to confess.
OG: You knew I’d be angry, [Kid: Yes!] Aren’t you afraid? [Kid: Yes!] You’ll have to pay for this mess that you made. But i’m proud of you
child because you have displayed honor …the stuff from which heroes are made!
Kid: I told the truth!
OG: He told the truuuuuuth!

Scarf Girl, signing off.



Recently while playing some vball, I was resting in between matches and noticed in one of my teammate’s bags a bottle of “Traderade” which was written in a font very similiar to Trader Joe’s. I picked up and and my teammate said after drinking Traderade, he has a hard time drinking Gatorade and the like.

I picked up my bottle of Gatorade and the Traderade to compare ingredients. Wow, the Traderade seemed made with natural ingredients whereas the Gatorade had some of those long chemically words you’d see on junk foods.

I have yet to try it out, but judging by my teammate’s endorsement, I’ll probably like it.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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