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Suburbia Chronicles

You know what I like about living in the South Bay? Abundance of pearl drink shops and those Vietnamese sandwiches for under $3. Yeah, food makes me pretty happy but cheap food makes me even more happy. :-p

Usually you can find parking in the shopping plazas that have these shops, but during lunchtime, you better watch out.

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Making/Printing Your Own Invites

So I’m heading to HK in the fall to do a mini celebration with J’s side of the family. While it is not going to be a full blown huge banquet, we still wanted to make it somewhat special, so we’re doing invitations. Nothing fancy.

First I adopted the design of my previous invite, but instead of leaves, decided to go with a bamboo theme. Then, instead of letterpress, I decided print them on my inkjet at home. Originally, I was planning to spend $0 as I was able to leech some cardstock leftover from my friend’s wedding and I had leftover envelopes from my wedding. Perfect.

After doing a bit of tinkering on Illustrator, I realized that one sheet of cardstock with some Chinese works printed on it would be TOO plain. So, I decided that I’d print on both sides of the cardstock so that the backside has something interesting.

When I finished the design, I printed it on the front and back and realized just how cheap the Office Depot cardstock looked. I could see the design that was on the other side of the paper. Yuck. I think the relatives would feel like this event doesn’t matter at all so I decided to actually spend some money on nicer cardstock.

I headed to Flax in SF, because I was reasonably nearby one day, and decided to buy some Stardream paper. 20 invites… 2 invites per sheet x 10 sheets x $0.56 each + tax= $6.08.

Because the paper is fairly thick, it absorbed the ink reasonably well and the text came out very clean. The problem with paper that is too thin is that it makes all the letters a bit smudgy and not-so-crisp.

The only downside to using Stardream paper is that it’s got a shimmery and slippery surface, which does not like large blocks of color. Also, takes a bit longer to dry so I would lay them all out overnight if you plan to print on both sides of the paper.

Otherwise, I’m going to cut, throw in some eyelets and ribbon, and voila, homemade invites for cheap. Of course, this doesn’t include any rsvp or directions, etc. Ink is fairly negligible since I am printing so few. Maybe I’ll post a photo of the finished product later.
Envelope: 21 cents (#10 “policy” open-ended envelopes)
Invite: 30 cents
2 Eyelets: 5 cents
Ribbon: 8 cents
Total: 65 cents

Of course, I bet if I shopped around more I could’ve saved money on the paper, but everything else is on-par. The envelopes are a bit pricier because that style seems to cost more for some reason.

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Flashes of Light

So I was in Vegas over the weekend and witnessed my first lightning storm. I suppose growing up in the city, we didn’t get much lighting. MAYBE, we’d get 1 flash once in a blue moon, but in Vegas, it just kept going and going.

It was really cool to see the long bolts shooting down from the sky. I think it actually hit a guy’s business and set it on fire though, so that part wasn’t as cool. I managed to get some video on my little digital camera. I’ll have to download it and see how it turned out.

Came in 3rd in C pool for the vball tournament. Not bad, but not as well as we could’ve done. Oh well, at least it was fun!
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My Potential Photography Client

So I got a referral through a friend for potentially shooting a wedding next year. That’s pretty cool as I’ll get to partner up with a friend, which will be fun. The thing is, I’m not sure how much to charge. I’ll probably need to start shooting from 8:30am till around 9:30pm. That’s 13 hours!
According to the bride, there’s a 3 hour break in between. I know that nearly all wedding photographers charge for continuous time, but I am debating whether or not I should. After all, I’m just going to be sitting around on my butt during those 3 hours. I’d likely go get myself some lunch and/or a pearl drink, then do some photo backing up.

I suppose I’ll do some more thinking. This is where I can set myself apart from other photographers out there and be pro-couple. Of course, this isn’t my livelihood, so I don’t have make as much off of each gig like other photographers do.

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Wedding Day Timeline

I realized that I got a fair number of hits onto my blog with the phrase, “Wedding Timeline” which I think means people are looking for a day-off schedule. Since all weddings are different, there are some things that are similar enough to allow others to adopt an existing schedule.

I’ll post the excel sheet one of these days when I get around to it…

Day 1 (Western Style Wedding w/ Chinese wedding activities included)
9:00a - Wake up
10:00a - Tea Ceremony at Bride’s Parents’ House (bride parents, groom parents, bride grandma); 1 photographer present
11:00a - Transit to hotel
11:30a - Wedding party & both photographers meet at hotel for lunch.
Noon - Bride heads off to salons for hair & makeup while others finish lunch.
12:30p - Groom & wedding party head upstairs to hotel suite to get ready. Hair & makeup artists arrive at hotel.
1:15p - Groom & groomsmen take photos around hotel while bridesmaids continue getting ready.
2:30p - Start getting ready to head for venue (within walking distance)
3:00p - All arrive at venue.
4:00p - Ceremony begins.
4:30p - Group photos with guests (cocktail hour begins)
5:00p - Mini tea ceremony for other relatives.
6:00p - Guests are seated.
6:15p - Entrance and first dance. Welcome & Family introductions.
6:30p - Buffet begins.
7:00p - Best Man & MoH speeches. Slideshow.
7:15p - Bouquet & Garter toss. Change into qipao following toss.
7:30p - Go around toasting tables.
8:00p - Bride & Groom thank you for coming speech. Play a game w/ the audience to give away centerpieces.
8:30p - Cut cake. Pop champagne and toast. Change into evening dress after cake & champagne.
9:00p - Dance floor is open.
11:30p - Start cleaning up and get out.

Wow, so it looks like my event was about 7 hours long, which is why I didn’t feel particularly rushed about anything.

Day 2 (Chinese banquet only)
10:00a - Wake up
10:30a - Breakfast room service
11:30a - Transit to bride’s parents’ house.
Noon - Hair & Makeup
2:00p - Photo session with wedding party.
4:30p - Transit to restaurant.
5:00p - Tea ceremony with other relatives. General set up. (This was the planned time but none of the relatives who were supposed to be served tea arrived on time. Also, big family group shots were supposed to be taken at this time.)
6:00p - Greeting guests as they arrive and taking a photo with each family.
7:00p - Entrance and family introductions.
7:05p - Dinner is served!
7:30p - Change into qipao after soup course and toast tables.
8:00p - Slideshow.
8:30p - Cut cake.
9:30p - Family portraits. Clean up and leave.

And there you have it. Two days that ended up meshing into one really, really long day.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Climbing Again

After several months of not climbing, I hit the gym again with a few friends. I surprisingly ended up doing 5 routes: 5.8, 5.9, 10a, 10d, 10a. Yay. I definitely felt as though I lost a lot of grip strength. Oh well, at least I bought a 10-pass and hopefully that’ll get me to go to the gym more often.

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Snobby Florists

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and mentioned that a good balance between saving money and convenience would be to make some flowers yourself and buy others for your wedding. She told me that when she spoke with florists for her wedding, some of them did not want to work with her because she was only ordering bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

The florists thought that she was going to make her own centerpieces and didn’t want guests to think that the homemade flower centerpieces were made by them and basically “bring them down.” It turns out that she was having a Chinese banquet, which normally means there wouldn’t be any centerpieces. After she mentioned this fact, the florists were more than happy to have their business.

I just wonder how successful some florists must be in order to cherry pick which weddings they work on. I suppose that it’s better to get the entire set which yields more money.
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Downsizing Wallet

After using my old wallet since 1995, I decided that I wanted a new one. It was still working just find as the leather was just a little bit worn, although some of the inner credit card pockets were getting some holes in them.

I figured that I didn’t want to carry coins anymore, so a wallet with a coin purse built in wasn’t necessary. This would definitely thin and lighten up the wallet. Also, I wanted a thin wallet because I felt as though my purse was getting a bit heavy.

After searching for a long time, I finally bought a wallet. However, it doesn’t have very many slots for cards, and it forced me to decide just what is essential. The gist of it is:

3 credit cards
Driver’s license
AAA card
ATM Card
Health Insurance Card

Then there’s a zip area for some bills. That’s it! My bag is a lot more roomy and light!

Scarf Girl, signing off.