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Destination Weddings

So I recently received two invitations for destination weddings in Hawaii for next year. The funny thing is, both couples are having their events at the very same hotel. What are the odds of that? The two events are just 6 weeks apart. Normally, I would be excited about going to Hawaii, but since the trips are so close together and to the same place, not as much.

However, both couples are very fun people and I’ll probably have a great time at both. The question is, how can I minimize the hit my wallet is going to take from going to Hawaii twice? Time to cash in some of those frequent flier miles. Too bad I don’t have any hotel points.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Cell Phone Multi-Tasking

So I was driving to the train station today and noticed a guy riding his bike. He was riding kinda crookedly and I noticed it’s because he was riding while chatting on his cell phone.

Funny. I wonder if it affects bikers as much as it affects drivers. Heehee.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Back From My Trip

I’ve finally returned from my 2-week adventure to Asia. I hit up Hong Kong and Japan, but made side trips to China and Macau.

Pretty much from the get go, I was on my feet walking from day to night. boy my feet have never felt so tired before. Also, it seemed that we were constantly eating something. I haven’t been back to HK in 10 years, since my study abroad during college, and things felt very different.

Some things don’t change, like the quick pace of people’s footsteps and the faster moving escalators. The skyline view seems to be cramped with a few more skyscrapers and there are now more lines of transportation. It actually seems a bit cleaner than I remember, but it’s not quite the same as it is here.

I’m glad to be back home and sleeping in my own bed, and I’m sure my feet are thanking me too. Ah… now to sift through all those gigabytes of photos.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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