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Plastic Bag = 3 cents

So I went to grocery shopping at a major grocery chain recently and brought my reusable tote bag with me. I handed it to the cashier to use and then at the end of the transaction, the lady pointed out the 3 cents that were coming out of their change machine. Apparently, if you bring your own bag in, you get some money for it. I suppose this will really add up in terms of fewer plastic bags in landfills and more change in your change jar. Hmm… after 100 trips to the grocery store, I can have enough for a Jamba Juice.
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The Vain Bridezilla

There’s one thing to pick pretty dresses for your bridesmaids because you want them to look pretty. There’s one thing to pay for a stylist to create the perfect hair-dos and make up styles. But…it’s a WHOLE different thing when you ask your bridesmaids to alter their bodies for the sake of your wedding.

There’s this article in the NY Times about how some brides are treating (or requesting) their bridesmaids (and/or moms) to undergo treatments such as spray tans, botox, liposuction, and boob jobs.

I mean…  c’mon! Are you serious? I know you want photos to look great, but isn’t having your dearest friends and family at your wedding celebration enough? I’d say some brides are taking things a little bit too far when it comes to having a “perfect” wedding.

If you REALLY want to have a great looking wedding party, then hire some models. That’ll probably give you perfect photos and be cheaper than paying for all those procedures.

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Slow Vacation

So I’m just kinda chilling out in my small room at the guesthouse of our inn. It’s a small seaside town that is very quiet and quaint. This afternoon, a bunch of us headed to a local winery that uses apples and berries to make wine. We got a free tasting and ended up buying 2 bottles of it. I hope I can transport them safely back home!

While some others went on a short walk along a trail through the trees, J and I hung out under a tree and stayed cool in the shade. It was extremely quiet and peaceful. I wondered if I could do the “quiet life” like this. Every time I go on a vacation, it’s go go go from one tourist site to another.

I think it’s just in me to always be on the go, so slowing down and not having an itinerary was new and somewhat refreshing. My only concern with not having any solid plans is being bored and “wasting” my vacation.

I must say that so far, this “doing whatever” thing has been nice. Maybe it’s a sign that I should slow down and not necessarily have to plan so many things. A vacation is meant to be relaxing, and I suppose scheduling things can be not so relaxing at times. Tomorrow is our friend’s wedding, so it’s scheduled, but since it’s not until 6, we have all day to hang out and do nothing. Oh wait, I think we’re going to do some tea tasting with some fellow guests.
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Hooray! I’m off for a long weekend starting tomorrow. Looking forward to 5 days without work, my computer, or commuting.

Well, we have significant distances to travel, but I’m just a passenger this time. I don’t even know exactly what city we’ll be in nor do I remember what hotel we booked. It’s nice for a change to just be along for the ride vs obsessively planning every detail.

The funny thing is that I have some friends in town and they’re going to stay at our place when we’re not there. I think it’s funny because we won’t really see them except for tonight. They’re having a long weekend too!

Well at least somebody will keep our plants alive. hehe.

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Racist Remarks

I was at a Giants/Dodgers game recently and was enjoying the game for the most part (except for the Giants losing), and was totally shocked at a fan’s racist remarks. There was this Dodgers fan sitting nearby who was very enthusiastic (read: loud and obnoxious) who cheered and booed.

Well, their pitcher (I forget who it was, but he was Asian), was having a bit of a struggle, throwing balls and whatnot. Anyway, the guy, to my surprise, yelled out something to the effect of, “C’mon! Long Duk Dong!” [wtf!!]

If you don’t get the reference, it’s to a character from the movie Sixteen Candles. That movie did not portray the Asian man in a particularly favorable light, and I suppose whenever people want to throw out a “generic Asian name” they use his.

“Aiyah!” Is all I gotta say about that.

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