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Your Precious Books

So when is it a good time to get rid of a book? When I say get rid of, I mean donate them of course, cuz burning them would just be so sad. I think the books on my bookshelves consist of the following:

1) Novels I read once and liked so I kept them.
2) Novels that somebody gave me, haven’t read, kinda want to read, and would feel guilty if I got rid of them before I read them.
3) Reference books that I think might be useful.
4) Lots of cookbooks and food related books that I haven’t used but has pretty pictures.

The other day, I started going through my shelves and asked myself (would I read it again?). If the answer is “probably not,” then I took it off the shelf and put it in a donation pile. I only got rid of 2 books that way, but I’ll try again soon. It’s hogging up precious real estate on my shelves!

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Selling My Wedding Clutter

Wedding season is still here and brides are probably scrambling around for last minute ideas. One such bride found some pics I posted from a friend’s wedding. She saw some deocrations that they did for their wedding and she wanted to use the same idea.

It turned out that they were sheer curtains that I used at my wedding that I loaned for theirs. I didn’t need it anymore so I offered to sell them. She bought the lot! Yay.

Now if only I could get off my butt and sell my dress.

Scar Girl, signing off.


Re-usable Cake Topper

My friend K is getting married soon and she mentioned to me that she’s using salt and pepper shakers for the cake topper. I thought, “wow, that’s clever because there are a lot of cute ones out there, including ones where there’s a boy and girl kissing.”

And since she’s getting married in Hawaii, she bought a little Hawaiian boy and girl kissing. It fits the theme and they can make sure their food is appropriately seasoned for years to come.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So one thing that seen a lot of from my friends who have gone to Taiwan are those infamous “glamour shots.” Basically, they dress you up in all their fabulous poofy dresses and glom on 5 layers of makeup. For the guys, they put on just 1 layer of powder and shape their brows. Next they put the most flattering lighting on you that they can whip up, and finally, they photoshop you till you are magazinely glamtastic.

I recently experienced this process as a subject in front of the camera. I’d have to say it’s a much different experience than being behind it (duh!). It’s a hugely LOOOONG process and is very time-consuming on trip to Taiwan, but hey, it’s quite an experience to have at least once in your life.

After getting our processed photos back (and we also were able to get a copy of the pre-processed pics), I was able to compare and contrast their work. Well, they smoothed out all the lines on our faces (to the point that J had nearly a completely flat face as laugh lines and such were removed or smoothed out). Sometimes this smoothing process makes you look a little fake and somewhat hard to recognize.I think they did less post-processing on me since I had 5 layers of makeup on and most of the cracks in my face were filled in already. They just took out a few sunspots here and there.

I hope that I picked up some portrait posing techniques from this experience. Although, I don’t know if the uber-cheesy poses really work here in the States. Hehe.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


No Jetlag?

So what do you consider jetlag? My impression of it is that upon returning from a trip outside your normal timezone, you find yourself feeling really sleepy during the day and having a hard time sleeping at night. Well, what if you’re slightly off your normal routine? You know, waking up a little earlier than normal?

Well, I just came back from my trip the other day and was able to wake up at 7am and go to work the next day. In fact, I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm sounded. I seemed fine yesterday and today too. Does that mean I managed to escape the dreaded jetlag completely?

How did I manage to get so lucky? Well, my return flight from Hong Kong left at 8pm HK time. We had to stop in Taipei and change planes, and that flight left Taipei at 11pm. Our flight was due to land in SFO at 8pm that same day.

Since my flight was basically a really long redeye flight, I knew that I couldn’t stay awake the entire time, so I hoped that I would just sleep a little bit at the beginning of the flight so that when I got home, I could stay up to around my usual bedtime.

Of course, you never know how you’re going to be on a flight, so I ended up taking a few short naps throughout the entire flight and was fortunate enough to still be able to fall asleep around midnight that night.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you want to avoid some jetlag, try to plan your sleeping time for your flight so that you will still be able to sleep at a regular time when you get home. The alternative is to force yourself to stay awake/sleep upon returning home to try and regain your normal sleeping routine.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Hot Hot Hot

So here I am in my hotel room in Hong Kong. I’m just killing some time before meeting up with some friends that I have here. Yay. Should be fun.

It’s been very hot and humid here in Asia, and the air quality is not quite the same as back in California. It pretty much just feels stuffy most of the time when you’re sweating up a storm outside, only to freeze your butt off when you go inside an air-conditioned shop.

Overall, things have been fun on this trip. All we’ve been doing in Taiwan and Hong Kong is eat, shop, and sweat. I’m looking forward to coming back to dry and moderate weather. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy being on this side of the world.

Scarf Girl, signing off.