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Changing Your Name With Social Security

If you get married and you want to change your name, you start with Social Security.

Marriage, divorce or annulment: In addition to showing us a legal document proving your marriage, divorce or annulment, you must provide an identity document. That document must show your old name, as well as other identifying information or a recent photograph. (We can accept an expired document as evidence of your old name.) ”


1) Marriage Document (original)
2) ID with your current name w/ a photo (a Passport probably works)

They say you can mail in the application along with your proof, but showing up is probably the safest way to ensure nothing gets lost. Seems pretty straight forward, but I wonder if visiting the SS office is as annoying as visiting the DMV.
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What’s In A Name?

So I recently went to a wedding and I think the bride is planning to hyphenate her name. That just reminded me that I should decide/act about changing my name. So, do I drop my maiden name completely or just tack on a new one?

I think I’m leaning towards tacking it on to the end (not in the hyphenating way), but just adding a “middle name.” This way, I still keep my name and I take his. Guess everybody wins.

Now comes the long boring process of name changing. I believe for “Stage 1″ I start with Social Security, then Driver’s License and Passport. Stage 2 is banks, credit cards, services and investment accounts. Stage 3 is everything else that isn’t included in Stage 1 or 2 (online stores, etc).

I wonder if I can just keep using my maiden name for most things in life since it isn’t completely disappearing.
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Jeans That Fit

Finally! I found some jeans that actually fit. Hooray for Banana Republic’s Urban Boot Cut Jeans. Their Short sized ones are just the right length.

2 years ago when I was in need of jeans, I bought 5 pairs from Old Navy because they were on sale and fit in all the right places. Well, now they’re starting to have holes in them (boo) so I was in need of new jeans. After trying on over 10 pairs at different stores, I found one that fit. Now I just gotta stalk the online store and wait for a sale since I don’t really want to pay regular price. Heehee.

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No Paper Towels

I recently dined at Gary Danko in San Francisco and when I was using their restroom, I noticed that they didn’t have any paper towels. Instead, they had a tray of folded towels with a bin for the used towels. I was surprised but also thought that it made complete sense for being a greener solution. Of course, I don’t know which one requires more resources: washing the towels with all their detergents or throwing paper towels away.

I suppose this concept only works when you know you have a limited number of patrons per day. Also, you factor in that not all of your customers will use the restroom. Otherwise, it would suck if you ran out of towels for them to dry their hands. If that happens, people will start drying their hands with the tissues that they have on the counter.

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The HSM Dance

So I really am not sure why this all started, but I know one thing, we look so goofy doing the High School Musical dance! Here’s our behind the scenes practicing for W&K’s big day! I’m sure it will be a very unique first wedding dance!

The video!

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Boxed Up Holidays

So now that it’s 2009, the holidays are over and the ornaments should be put away. I always wondered what the best way to organize all of the tree decorations. Afterall, when you buy them, some come without boxes, some with, but usually, they’re all different size. Also, you’ve got ornaments of all shapes, sizes and materials (glass vs. plastic).

Well, since we have been buying relatively short trees (5 feet tall), we don’t need as many lights or ornaments. After organizing things last year, we ended up with 4 file boxes for all of our holiday decorations.

Box 1: Lights (I love xmas lights, so I have way more boxes than I can use, but they all fit in the box)
Box 2: Ornaments (I bought 2 sets of glass ornaments, and some other random items that I keep in ziplock bags or in an old shoe box)
Box 3: Garland for stairs + ornaments; Tree skirt
Box 4: Poinsettias (Fake poinsettias plus a vase that they are displayed in)

The tree holder is put in a large garbage bag and stowed above the boxes in the garage until next year.

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