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Moving Along

Selling your place is kinda weird. Especially the escrow period (the time between when you accept someone’s offer and when you turn over the keys and move out). I mean, it’s not done till it’s done as things can happen partway through the process that can kill the deal.

Often you have a 30-day period where you start packing up and crossing your fingers that things work out. The thing is, you don’t really know if things will go thru until partway into the escrow period. You assume everything will work out, so you start packing and reminiscing all the fond memories of your home. Then, after 30 days (or whatever period of time), you hand over the keys and *poof* you’re gone.

Since we went for a shorter escrow period, we had to wait part of the time to make sure everything was going to happen, and then rush through with all the packing. Being organized is key I’d say. You know, versus haphazardly throwing things into a box. For us, we have to split up where we are putting our stuff, so it’s more important to plan ahead. We’re not going unpack everything, so we had to pack stuff that we won’t need for 3-6 months.


Amongst other things, we’ll be headed to Vancouver for some fun. I made myself a Google Map too. Can’t wait!


In Escrow!

So after a week of being on the market, we received 2 offers. We accepted one of the offers and are still crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly. Now for the packing. We’re going to move into a rental until we find a house to buy. So, that means some things will go into the unit and some will be stored in boxes.

So what do we really NEED to live for 3-6 months? Will this give us any good habits?

Scarf Girl, signing off.


On The Market

I’d say it’s pretty nerve wracking to put your home on the market. You don’t know if and when you’ll get an offer. It’s even harder when you live in the space because you have to keep it hyper clean and tidy.

Of course maybe getting into the habit of putting things away and clearing the clutter isn’t a bad thing. Living so minimally helps you see just how little you really use some of the stuff lying in the deepest corner of your storage closets.

Hmm… maybe we don’t need as big of a place as we think as long as we don’t keep crap we don’t need.

Anyway…this just in, we got a nibble this afternoon. 7% below asking price…hmm… I figured our place is priced accurrately so this must be somewhat of a lowball offer. Can’t fault them though, cuz I’d probably do the same.

I must say… 1 offer on day 7 ain’t half bad. I heard another is on the way too. Woohoo! All that hard work preparing our place is paying off.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


And We’re Off…

Looks like our agent put our property on the market starting today. Whew. It’s flattering to know that my photos were good enough for them to use. Then again, I notice that most photos for properties are done by an agent (or their assistant), who properly does not do photography as a hobby.

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Wrapping Things Up

So looks like we get to start winding down our preparation for selling our place. Friday, we cleaned up a bit more and put things away. Saturday, the stager came and hung up art and put out some accessories. I don’t think she did anything really major and dramatic (like the ones they do on HGTV), but since she came previously and pointed things out that we should do, our place was already fairly ready.

Yesterday (Sunday), we cleaned the patio a bit. I had already started trimming the trees and such during the week, so we didn’t have to spend too much time on it. The weather was really nice, so it was fairly pleasant. We moved our potted plants away from the sliding doors per our stager’s suggestion (so it doesn’t visually clutter the patio when you’re standing in the dining room looking out. We also poured out some new bark nuggets to make our beds of “dirt” look fresher.

Today, the carpet cleaner is going to wash our carpets on the ground floor. Although our carpet does look in fairly good condition, it’s lighter colored and has just gotten a bit dull looking over the years. I’m sure it’ll look good as new when the cleaner is done with it.

We also have to clean all the mirrors in our place (bathroom mirrors and closet doors), followed by a good vacuuming. Otherwise, we’re ready to get the party started. MLS, here we come!
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Clean Clean Clean

So I was pretty tired and lazy last night, so I ended up just cleaning the kitchen grout (oh how it just discolors over time…). Did I mention that I *heart* Mr. Clean and his magic eraser? Also cleaned a few mirrors in the bathrooms and put a few more things away.

The painter guy also came buy to inspect our walls with our agent and tagged the walls that need painting. Yikes. Turns out that all those scuff marks add up and we’ll need to have half the walls in our place painted, along with the window sills. We also have to have the anchors pulled from the walls and patched up. Guess that’s the downside of liking to put up framed photos. Darn that photography habit of mine!

Today our floor guys came to touch up a bit of their work. Hopefully things look good when I get home.

The goal tonight is to give both our upstairs bathrooms a good cleaning and pull stuff away from the walls that will be painted.
Scarf Girl, signing off.