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Wow, I haven’t kept up with my climbing updates since we’ve been going for the past few weeks in a row. Anyway, did 5 relatively short climbs tonight since the gym had a bunch of closed routes. 5.8, 10c, 10b, 10d, 5.9. Not too shabby though I had a little trouble on one or two.

Scarf Girl, climbing on.


Banana Card Rewards

So I have a Banana Republic credit card. The cool thing about it is that after every $200 that you spend, you get a $10 reward card. Sometimes there are promotions and you can rack up more points. Well, I recently got a new $10 reward card and noticed that they printed an expiration onto the card.

I thought, “What? These things expire? They’re not like gift cards? My other reward cards didn’t have expiration dates.” So, I decided to check out the $50 worth of cards that I had stashed away and just as I recalled, they didn’t have expiration dates printed on the front. HOWEVER, once I peeled the card off of the folded paper that it came in, I saw that there IS an expiration date. Holy Crap, it expires on June 30th!

It’s a bit suspicious of them to not print an expiration date on the front of the card because if other people are like me and keep things intact, then they wouldn’t know there was an expiration date until it was too late (when they’re at the store and the clerk tells them). I guess enough people complained about this to make them change the way they do things.

Scarf Girl, going shopping!


Casual Weddings

So I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding soon and from what I understand, it’ll be “casual dress.” Hmm… what should I wear? Jeans are probably way too casual. I suppose a flowery-print dress is okay, as long as the material isn’t too nice.

As for guys, I think J will wear khakis and a button down although a polo shirt is one step lower than a button down. Well I’m definitely looking forward to the wedding!

Scarf Girl, scrounging around the closet.


Direct Flights

So my friends and I are planning a Mediterranean cruise for the fall. Everything is pretty much set except we need flights. The weird thing I discovered is that you can’t book certain flights. For example:

I know that you can fly from Atlanta to Venice directly if you’re transferring. However, you can’t buy that ticket straight up. The only thing I can think of is that it is where people fly to in order to transfer to a flight that takes them to Venice.

So now, really the only city from the US that flies directly to Venice is New York JFK. The question now is, should I take a redeye the night before and play in NYC for 12 hours?

Scarf Girl, signing off.