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DIY Wedding Bouquets

One reason why I like shopping at Trader Joe’s is for their selection of flowers. They usually have a good variety of flowers that won’t break the bank. Every so often when I shop, I peruse the flower section and buy whatever stands out to me.

I recently picked up some mini purplish calla lilies. The price: $8 for 20 stems. What a deal! This reminded me of when my friends were shopping around for calla lily wedding bouquets and were quoted over $200. It got me thinking. Why not shop at Trader Joe’s (or other common stores like Lucky’s, Safeway, Whole Foods or even Costo)? As long as you don’t have any specific ideas about a bouquet, you could save tons of money.

I just bunched the 20 stems together and tied it with a rubberband before snapping this photo. I’m not a florist so I say pretty much any person could make their own bouquets with a little care. 20 stems makes a pretty small bouquet (suitable for bridesmaids), so I’d suggest 2 bunches for a bride’s bouquet.

Consider the price difference:

3 bunches of callas for your bridesmaids bouquet: $24
2 bunches of callas for the bride’s bouquet: $16
Total: $40
3 bridesmaids bouquets from a florist: $50-$70 each = $150-$210
1 calla lily bouquet for the bride from a florist: $250+
Total: $400+

You could be saving several hundred dollars on flowers. I’d say that’s definitely worth the effort.Scarf Girl, signing off.


High School Musical First Wedding Dance

So back in January, I went to a wedding in Cancun, Mexico. The wedding was held on a beach at Dreams Resort, a nice little spot on hotel row. It was definitely a really fun time. What made it even more fun (or funny) was the HSM first dance routine where some of us friends participated in.

The first dance started off with Richard Marx’s version of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”, followed by “We’re All In This Together” from the first High School Musical movie.

View the wedding dance video:

View the practice video:

Scarf Girl, signing off.


Blind Dating

I was watching the 2nd half of “Dating in the Dark” the other night and was mildly entertained. The premise of the show (from what I gathered) was that they allowed couples to go on “dates” in a pitch black room. They got to know each other and some even made out.

Later on, they would reveal how their chosen person looked and they had to decide whether or not they want to meet them at a specific spot or leave the mansion.

This seemed like some sort of social experiment (which I find highly amusing) where it shows what is more important when people are looking for a mate: personality compatibility or looks/initial physical attraction.

I think the tv execs rig the show so that out of the 3 men and 3 women, 1 in each group is above average, average or below average looking. It worked out that the men and women who were compatible on paper ended up finding each other when they met each other after spending time with the other potential people.

Both the average looking people showed up at the meeting spot. Next the below average guy showed up to the meeting place and watched the above average lady dragging her suitcase out the front door. Lastly, the above average guy and below average woman both showed up at the meeting.

I know this is totally trashy reality tv, but gawd I love it.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Jeans Shopping Outting

I’m sure I’ve complained about how hard it is to find a proper fitting pair of jeans. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just find a seamstress who can sew me a custom pair of jeans. How awesome would that be?

Anyway, I went shopping on Tuesday with my friend C and we searched high and low (at Express and Macys) for some jeans. Here’s the rundown of the jeans I tried on:

Express Eva Jeans (pretty decent fit but just a tad uncomfortable around the crotch)
Express Stella Jeans (low riding jeans that I didn’t even bother to button up)
Lucky Brand
7 For All Mankind
Calvin Klein
Rock & Republic

The price range for the jeans started around $40 and went up to $200. I can’t say for sure that I could really see/feel the difference between the $40 and $200 jeans, but I ended up buying the $40 jeans because those were the only ones that fit reasonably without any unflattering bunching around the zipper or was riding too low. I’ll have to decide whether to keep them or not.
Scarf Girl, signing off.