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It’s Just Stuff

So after selling our townhouse in May and moving into a rental, we’ve been pretty much living with half of our stuff packed in boxes. It’s been nearly 4 months that we’ve been living bare bones and I must say, it isn’t so bad. It kinda makes me wonder whether or not we need all that other stuff.

For starters, I think half of my clothes are packed in the garage. If I can get along without them for 4 months (though the seasons haven’t really changed that much during that time), do I really need them?

In searching for the perfect home, we’ve been imagining that we want a house with X square footage. The thing is, are we just choosing something that sounds ideal or is that the size we actually need?

Housing prices in the bay area are pretty insane, so perhaps paring down the amount of things we have would allow us to fit comfortably into a smaller house, which would have a smaller price tag. Hmm.. something to consider.

Scarf Girl, signing off.



So over the years, I’ve read about BART workers threatening to go on strike. I’ve also heard about hotel workers doing the same. The thing I find strange is that they announce what day they’re going to strike. Why do that? Why not just do a sneak attack?

I ask because when you go on strike, you’re trying to show “the man” what you are worth. If you weren’t there to work, many people’s lives would be disrupted. In the instance of a BART strike, hundreds of thousands of people in the Bay Area would certainly not be able to get to work and productivity for the day would come to a screeching halt.

But if you TELL them you’re going to go on strike, they’ll make other plans and while traffic would completely suck, people would still be able to get to work and go about their lives. HOWEVER, if you didn’t tell them, and they arrive at the BART station, coffee in hand and running for the train only to find out that no trains are running, then there would be complete mayhem. These hardworking taxpayers would certain complain in large crowds to the BART board to “hurry the F up and make a deal or all hell would break loose.”

That’s my two cents on the topic of strikes. The best attack is the sneak attack.

Scarf Girl, signing off.