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We’ve had some cold weather lately, so I decided that I would finally knit myself that scarf I’ve always wanted. Well, first I have to learn how to do it and buy all the stuff. Anyway, I went to a yarn store in my area and boy, does yarn cost a lot! I’ve hit up JoAnns and Michaels and their yarn for the most part is pretty cheap priced, especially with the aid of the occasional coupon.

Well, this yarn that I bought was hand dyed, supersoft, wool and totally machine washable. I think typically, you get yarns that are machine dyed and hand-wash only for wool. So for comparison, the fancy yarn I bought cost $19 for 225 yards, while a mostly wool blend from Michael’s might go for about $5 for 225 yards (not including coupon). So.. yeah, I splurged.

Scarf Girl, signing off.