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Bathroom Demolished

So J and I decided to tackle the bathroom demolition for our hallway bathroom partly for education purposes, partly to save money. And, we thought it might be fun to destroy something.

After many 2-hour evening sessions (around 14 hours total I think), we finally wrapped things up yesterday. Here’s what we did:

1) Removed baseboards.
2) Removed vanity/sink, medicine cabinet and toilet.
3) Shower/Tub: Removed the tiles, greenboard, tar paper and drywall, to expose the studs along the walls all the way up to the ceiling. We also removed the shower fixture and discovered that there’s a galvanized steel pipe going from the valve to the shower head (it should be copper like the rest of the house).
4) Floor: removed tiles, Wonderboard (cement board I think), vapor barrier (this plastic sheeting). We exposed the subfloor, which is made up of planks of plywood (I think).

Here’s what I learned:
-It’s kinda fun to take a hammer and break up tiles, but that gets a little tedious after a while.
-Demo-ing is not rocket science and while I’m sure an expert could do things much more quickly and efficiently, if you’re a newbie, it is possible to do as long as you’ve got some tools and some time.
-If you can find a guy who will do it cheap enough, let him do it and save yourselves many evenings and garbage fulls of debris.
-We used the following tools: hammer, mini sledgehammer, chisels (not the wood kind), pry bar, utility knife, shop vac (it is awesome!)
-Don’t forget ear plugs, dust/particle mask and a face shield (my friends call it riot gear) or goggles. If you don’t want your hair to get all dusty, a cap or bandanna will help.

Onwards to the next phase… find a window dude to replace the bathroom window. Our new Milgard window (we get a tax credit… woohoo!) is very lonely and wants to be installed.
Scarf Girl, signing off.


Carpets Be Gone!

In an effort to cleanse the house, we tore out the carpet in the one bedroom. It was pretty simple even though this was our first time doing this. Took the two of us 1 hour. Not too shabby! (note: the room is slightly smaller than 10×10)

First J would gently lift the carpet off the tackboards and cut 1.5-2ft strips. We found cutting on the back side was easier. After he cut the strips, I cut them up into smaller pieces (so that they’d fit into the garbage can). I don’t know if people ever donate carpet pieces, but this one smelled smokey I’m sure, so I wouldn’t want to donate that.

After all the carpet was gone, we removed the padding. This time we just rolled up the similarly cut strips because they weren’t as bulky as carpet would’ve been rolled up. Lastly, we pried off the tackboards and pulled up staples (which held the padding in place).

Some things I learned:
-Bring the masks that you bought at the store instead of leaving them at home.
-Cut the carpet into pieces or rolls so it’s easier to move them out.
-Be gentle when you remove stuff so dust doesn’t fly everywhere.
-A pry bar is preferred over using a flat head screwdriver when removing the tackboards.
-Removing staples with pliers is kind of a pain, but necessary to do.
-Wear protective eye gear so that dust doesn’t get into you eyes.
-Carpet and padding should fit in your garbage bin if you make the pieces reasonably sized (no paying for extra dumping).

More adventures to come!

Scarf Girl, getting handy.