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Being Handy Comes In Handy

So our 2nd bathroom is pretty much complete except for the vanity, medicine cabinet and some finishwork. I gotta say, the tilework that our tilers did was excellent. You can tell that they didn’t take shortcuts. One example is that they found the center point of the tub walls and started tiling from there. I think many tilers start from the left and go to the right. That way, they only have to measure and cut tile for one side, versus cutting it for both sides. It’s more work, but you get better symmetry. I didn’t notice this right away when I saw the finished work, but realized that I had liked it more because of the symmetry.

As a result of putting up new tiles, the tilers put up some greenboard (some sort of drywall I think). In order to do this, they had to attach it to the nearest stud, which stuck out past where the files would be. What does that mean? Well, it means I’ve got some drywall that needs to be prepped, primed and painted. It also means there’s a seam between the existing drywall and the new drywall.

So what did we do? We called up the guys who painted our house to see how much they’d charge to do this. $300! Err… what about the hole where the medicine cabinet will be? $300! Aiyah! That means they would charge us $600 for these items. Err…I didn’t like the idea of paying $600 for stuff that we could probably do if we learned.

What are we going to do? Well, I figure that we can buy about $30 worth of supplies and try to tackle things ourselves. Why not? It’s worth a shot, and if we screw up, at least we know there’s the fallback plan of hiring the dudes.

Wish us luck.

Scarf Girl, signing off.