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Mosaic Tile Backsplash

So we finally finished tiling, grouting and caulking the backsplash for our 2nd bathroom. It took such a long time because we were pretty lazy.

Here’s the breakdown of the costs:
1) Jeffrey Court 5/8 Vintage Merlot 12 In. x 12 In. Glass Wall Tile (from Home Depot) - $13.99 each. We used 2 sheets and cut each 12×12 sheet into three strips.
2) 1LB Laticrete Tile Repair & Bathroom Fixture Adhesive (Mortar) - $2.94
3) 1LB Laticrete Unsanded Grout - Bright White - $1.88
4) White caulk - We already had this in the toolbox so I’ll count it as $0!
Total after tax: $35.82

Not too shabby if you ask me. I gotta say that grout really makes a difference. I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the color/texture mix when the sheets went up, but after the grout went in, I really liked how it turned out. It seemed to mellow out the colors (if that makes any sense).

Next up is to finally put on those baseboards!
Scarf Girl, signing off.