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US Airways Dividend Miles Grand Slam

So back in the fall, I decided to try and collect some bonus miles through US Airways’ Grand Slam promotion. After gratuitously spending money on various random items, I collected 13 “hits.” The breakdown is as follows:

US Airways Shopping Mall - Kohl’s (bought some things I was planning to buy) (Exchanged my useless Hawaiian Airlines miles for US Airways miles at a dismal 6:1 ratio) - bought some peanut butter
Dividend Miles Dining - We dined at an overpriced Vietnamese restaurant for our anniversary!
FTD - bought some Mrs. Fields cookies (definitely got ripped off on the shipping)
Magazines for Miles - Subscribed to Sunset Magazine for 400 miles - bought a coupon (and used a coupon code)
NetFlix - paid for 1 month of NetFlix (these miles didn’t post yet. Grr…) - bought some supplies for the office and got reimbursed!
Skymall - Bought something cheap for the house (but it’s actually kinda useful) - bought a digital id tag. Not sure if I will use it.
USA Today - signed up for a 4 week subscription. - bought some wine

So I ended up spending about $183 (although I bought some wine at another website where I didn’t get any points, so I’m adding that into the $183). Including all the bonus miles from the program, along with the miles you get for using the partners, I should end up with around 15,400. That makes the cost 1.2 cents per mile.

If you redeem 25,000 miles for an across the country round trip ticket valued at $350 (although these days it might be more or less), that comes out to 1.2 cents per mile. Not too bad I’d say.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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