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Kitchen Countertop Shopping

Yeesh. So countertops are expensive. Well, that is if you’re trying to use quartz. Granite is nice that it’s plentiful enough that stores have slabs of them marked down to pretty low prices. Of course, the biggest $$$ factor that I’ve noticed is labor. You found a $100 slab of granite? Great, now who is going to cut it down to size for you and cut a hole for your sink? I’ve seen prices ranging from $200-$350 to cut out a hole for a sink (sometimes sink mounting is included). That doesn’t even include cutting things down to size and installing the countertops.

So if you’re quartz people like we are (we don’t want to have to seal our countertops…ever), then you will likely not find an abundance of slabs at a store. Most places that we’ve gotten quotes from would quote by the slab. What if you use only 1.25 slabs? Well, you have to pay for 2 slabs. However, we did find that some stores will charge you only for what you’re going to use. They do that because of the high volume of quartz they use for certain colors/patterns.

Finding places that will charge you on a per square foot basis could save you a few hundred dollars, which when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, will certainly come in handy.

Scarf Girl, signing off.