Chinese Engagement Party

So I attended my friend’s “Chinese” engagement party this afternoon. From what I understand, it is a celebration hosted by the families to make the engagement “official.” I know that every family does things differently, but here’s what my friend did:

Groom’s family brought over the following items:
-Whole roast pig
-6 Jars of Horlicks mix
-8 Bottles of Hennessy
-6 Boxes of ginseng-chrysanthemum tea
-6 Bags of “Crispy Candy”
-6 Boxes of fruity “cakes”
-2 Bags of mushrooms
-8 Boxes of Ferrero Rocher
-6 Cans of lychees
-2 Boxes of dried scallops
-6 Boxes of jellied candies
-Lots of food for lunch (chow mein, fried noodles, chicken, dimsum-y food, ribs, bakery treats, veggies, walnut prawns, lychees, tofu and some other stuff I can’t remember)

Prior to all the eating, a relative introduced all of the family elders to one another. The couple exchanged rings which symoblized their engagement. The bride’s parents gave the groom a suit, a belt, and a wallet.

I’m not really sure what any of these traditions symbolize or how they came to be. I think my family will be doing a similiar party, but without so much of the pomp and circumstance.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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