First Home Improvement Visit

We decided to visit the house yesterday to take some measurements and check things out. We ended up doing a few things:

1) Removed the ceiling fan in bedroom 3.
2) Removed the color coordinated mounted bookshelves from the master bedroom and bedroom 2.
3) Took some measurements around the house.
4) Trimmed the lemon tree so it isn’t growing as crazily and over the neighbor’s fence.
5) Trimmed some oranges from the tree beacuse there’s just so many (and the tree is only growing in one direction).
6) Picked up some “presents” left over from the seller’s dogs.
7) Aired out the house as much as we could in 3 hours.

Next up:
12/29/09 (Tuesday) - spraying the subterranean termites.
12/30/09-1/2/10 (Wednesday) - tenting/fumigation for those typical termites.

Scarf Girl, signing off.

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