What the world needs…Door Stop Hook

So we recently put the door back on to our hallway bathroom. Well, we realized that we didn’t buy a door stop, which could lead to our doorknob making a hole in the wall. While I like the function of the door stop, I don’t really like how they stick out and become something you can accidentally kick/trip/stub your toe.

Then it dawned one me. We also need a hook or two behind the door. So…. why not a door stop that’s also a hook? Does such a thing even exist? The answer, I discovered, is yes, after a quick search online. The only thing is that I don’t really like the look. The ones that exist are pretty much a modified version of the doorstops you normally can find at a hardware store.

I did, however, come across a cool looking ninja star clothing hook. http://www.clickshop.com/product/3308/ninja-coat-hook/ninjachook/?sort=&user_length=6&cat_id=109 However, that could cause a very different issue than just stubbing your toe (like stabbing your eye).

Scarf Girl, stopping doors and hanging clothes.

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