Wedding Planning Timeline

It’s always interesting to see how a plan comes together. While wedding planning is basically the a lot about the big things (venue, and food), most of your time is spent on the little things (clothing, hair, makeup, invites, favors, showers, parties, registry).

7-Month Wedding Planning Timeline (Major Milestones)

Month 1 - April
Bought a dress
Researched wedding venues

Month 2 - May
Visited wedding venues
Visited hotels for room blocks

Month 3 - June
Booked wedding venue
Reserved 2nd banquet restaurant
Designed & sent out save-the-date cards
Finalized guestlist
Finished wedding website
Designed invitations

Month 4 - July
Cake tasting
Shopped for bridesmaid dresses
Letterpressed invitations
Bought 3rd dress for wedding day
Set up gift registry

Month 5 - August
Bought cookie cards
Sent out invitations
Bought shoes for wedding dress
Bought a 3rd dress for banquet
Bought favor containers
Researched hair & makeup vendors

Month 6 - September
Bought chinese wedding dress
More cake tasting
Hair & make up trials
Engagement photos
Bought favor contents & assembled favors
Made necklaces for bridesmaids to wear
Received veil
Made menus for banquet
Applied for marriage license

Month 7 - October
Booked hair & makeup vendors
Visited flower mart; Did a practice bouquet & boutonniere; ordered flowers for bridesmaids’ bouquets
Picked up custom made wedding bands
Had Chinese Engagement (”big gift”) party
Finalized seating plan
Finished programs
Ordered cake for banquet
Ordered cake for wedding day
Planning as it happens (Detailed Summary)
4/8/06 - Got engaged! now where do we start…?
4/20/06 - Dress shopping #1 at David’s Bridal. Tried on 10 dresses.
4/22/06 - J visited Legion of Honor. Has possibilities but is expensive.
4/23/06 - Visited my first site: Dogpatch Studios. Too expensive, but with some nice decorations, it would be a great place to party.
4/29/06 - Dress shopping #2 at Gunne Sax, Glamour Closet, Bridal Image. Bought my dress from GC after going to BI while at a cafe through the phone!

5/3/06 - Visited Swedish American Hall. Has possibilities, but parking sucks.
5/10/06 - Visited Marine’s Memorial Club for possible venue. Nice place, but they are booked.
5/12/06 - Visited Orchard Hotel for possible bulk room booking. Spoke to the University Club as recommended by the Orchard Hotel. Seems a bit pricy but has possibilities.
5/13/06 - Visited SAH again but with J this time. Parking sucks. J’s not too enthusiastic with it.
5/16/06 - Called up Myer Bridal as recommended by RL&CC. Called up a bunch of caterers on LOH’s list. Visited Broadway Studios for venue. Pretty neat place.
5/22/06 - Visited Elan Venue as a possible location. Nice clean space though it may be too small. Comes with few ammenities (just about 10 banquet tables).
5/23/06 - Visited Dragon Seed in Chinatown for bridal attire. They have wedding gowns cheap ($200-$400). They sell custom cheongsams/qi paos for around $280+. They rent Chinese wedding dresses around $80 and rent cheongsams for $150+. They also sell pre-made cheongsams with no lining for cheap ($30+).

6/6/06 - Visited “the venue” for the 2nd time to discuss details and ideas.
6/7/06 - Got a sample for favor containers. Tested it out containers with possible contents.
6/8/06 - Received quote for “the venue.” Eeek, slightly more than I expected.
6/10/06 - Meet the Parents… J’s parents and my parents meet. J’s mom also started altering my dress and started making my veil. Put up splash page for wedding website.
6/11/06 - Shopped for shoes w/o any luck. Visited the venue since there was an event going on. Tried out the food and stayed and observed a bit for the event.
6/12/06 - Finalized design of save-the-date cards.
6/14/06 - Put down deposit on the venue. Yay! Went shopping for some wedding jewelry.
6/15/06 - Went bridesmaid dress shopping at David’s Bridal. No luck. Printed out a few save the date cards at work.
6/17/06 - Figured out the guestlist for Saturday’s festivities. whee!
6/18/06 - Cut save the date cards.
6/20/06 - Addressed save the date cards. Created draft of website.
6/21/06 - Mailed out save the date cards. Started production on website.
6/24/06 - Mostly finished website. Yay!
6/25/06 - Started designing invites.
6/26/06 - Finish draft of invites.
6/28/06 - Added Chinese text to invite.
6/30/06 - Went to Flax and found more possible paper for invites: Folio Vellum Antique. Didn’t find any envelopes.

7/1/06 - Went cake tasting at Ambrosia. Tried the princess cake, chocolate coffee cake, and chocolate mousse cake. All very solid choices.
7/3/06 - Bridesmaids dress shopping part 2 at Elegant Lace. SC tried on 12 dresses and 8 “passed.”
7/5/06 - Laid out plates and figured out paper needed. Editted website content.
7/6/06 - Visit Pearl to check out paper types.
7/7/06 - GS received test card and it got terribly wrinkled up in the mail. I’ll use the stiffer less textured paper for invites.
7/9/06 - Finalzed invite designs and forwarded on to GS to get photo negatives created. Yay!
7/10/06 - Bought paper from Flax for invitations. Yay!
7/15/06 - Started wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.
7/20/06 - Invitation letterpressing day!
7/23/06 - Ordered envelopes for invites. Thank-you card envelopes are backordered and invite envelopes should ship normally. Make-up trial with JM.
7/24/06 - Letterpressing part deux. Received one of the bm dresses from the ebay auction.
7/28/06 - Letterpressing part 3. Finally done! Whee!
7/30/06 - Started wedding registry at Macys.

8/5/06 - Invitation assembling “party.” Tested out a potential cake for wedding. Yum.
8/7/06 - Received first reply card back. I only handed them out to 2 people, which were the two friends that came to help. :)
8/10/06 - Invitation sealing begins. Bakery cards being enclosed.
8/12/06 - Hair trial with LR.
8/14/06 - Mailed first batch of invites.
8/23/06 - Bought a dress to change into after the cheongsam for the Chinese banquet.
8/25/06 - Ordered shoes for the wedding. FINALLY found something reasonably priced that I liked.
8/28/06 - Visited hotels to look at rooms for guest accommodations.
8/31/06 - Containers for my wedding favors arrived in a huge box!

9/2/06 - Received sample dress of qipao (to check that the measurements I sent are accurate).
9/5/06 - Ordered circular labels for wedding favors.
9/7/06 - Received our “logo” custom rubber stamp.
9/8/06 - Received shoes for the wedding and labels for the favors.
9/9/06 - Make-up Trial #2 w/ JM. Engagement photo session at Sutro Heights, Baker Beach and Ghirardelli Square (night time).
9/10/06 - Cake tasting at Sweet Passions.
9/11/06 - Visited jewelers again and ordered the wax ring version to see if they can get the designs we like.
9/13/06 - Picked up half of favor contents.
9/14/06 - Filled some favor containers up.
9/15/06 - Made appointment for applying for marriage license. Picked up wax rings. Yay, they’re nice! Picked up the rest of the favor contents.
9/17/06 - Hair trial #2 with LR; SC also tried out at hair style.
9/18/06 - Printed labels for favors; filled more favors. Placed order for wedding bands. Researched/drafted ceremony wording and order.
9/20/06 - Tested out menu album sizes for banquet.
9/21/06 - Got veil in the mail today. Whee! Made 1 necklace for bridesmaid.
9/23/06 - Made 2 more necklaces for my bridesmaids. Preppred more album materials.
9/24/06 - Bought 3 flower girl dresses from Nordstrom Rack in hopes that one fits! Made necklace for coordinator and one for me.
9/25/06 - Finished cutting up cardboard for menu albums.
9/26/06 - Got my qipao in the mail today. Yay.
9/27/06 - Applied for marriage license.
9/28/06 - Unsuccessful hair trial.

10/2/06 - Assembled menu albums.
10/3/06 - Visited Flower Mart to check out flowers. Bought some flowers to do a practice bouquet. Rings are done although they need to smooth out J’s ring a bit more.
10/5/06 - Made practice bouquet and boutonnieres.
10/6/06 - Picked up wedding bands. Yay.
10/7/06 - Had the “big gift” party today. Visited venue and picked menu.
10/8/06 - Started making card box. Prepped bouquet fabric for the handle.
10/9/06 - Worked on menu layout, placecards. Made flower ball with orange/red mini carnations.
10/13/06 - Finished up card box interior section.
10/14/06 - Finished viewmaster reels.
10/16/06 - Tallied up flower list. Worked on programs layout.
10/18/06- Worked on card box exterior. Finished slicing up placecards. Worked out punchouts on placecards.
10/19/06 - Finished up programs layout.
10/20/06 - Visited SF Flower Mart to scope out more flowers and placed an order for the bridesmaid’s bouquet flowers.
10/23/06 - Finalized seating for banquet. Folded placecards.
10/25/06 - Finalized seating for wedding day reception. Tested out decorations. Worked on table numbers and programs. Ordered cake for Chinese banquet. Purchased some more attendant gifts.
10/28/06 - Visited venue to finalize some details. Tasted wine. Worked on schedules and details.
10/29/06 - Finished programs. Put together some venue decorations. Worked on pre-ceremony music selections. Worked on schedules and details. Prepped floral spheres.
10/30/06 - Worked on schedules and details. Purchased more attendant gifts.
11/2/06 - Decorated venue. Went to the Flower Mart to buy flowers for the wedding.
11/3/06 - Made flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces. Wedding venue setup. Threw together a photo slideshow. Wedding rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner.
11/4/06 - Got married. Yay!
11/5/06 - 2nd Wedding banquet.