Eating Across New Zealand

So I’ve decided to chronicle the places I visited and things I ate during my honeymoon in NZ. December 6-16, 2006.

We left USA on 12/6 but arrived in NZ on 12/8 local time. Total flying time was roughly 14-15 hours and that does not include stopover time. Additionally, NZ is 21 hours ahead of California.

Day 1: 12/8/06 - Auckland to Waiheke Island
Arrived in Auckland and took the ferry to Waiheke Island. Explored Waiheke Island w/ rental car. Lodging for 2 nights at Onetangi Beachfront Apartments.
Lunch: Te Motu Winery - Fish of the day accompanied by a glass of 2000 Te Motu Cabernet Merlot; Prime Eye Fillet.
Dinner: Cats Tango - Kumara Wedges for appetizer; Lamb Shank; Beef Pot Pie.

Day 2: 12/9/06 - Waiheke Island. Day trip to Auckland
Took the ferry to Auckland and explored the city.
Breakfast: Cafe Nourish (Waiheke Island)
Lunch: Masato (Auckland) - Udon
Snack: Citizen Ice Shop - Original Pearl Milk Tea
Snack: Tank - Feijoa Funk Smoothie (feijoa is a local fruit)
Drink: Minus 5 Degrees - Santa Cocktail; Lemon Drop
Dinner: Umi (Japanse) - Sushi Gozen; Sushi Combo; Salmon Tatake

Day 3: 12/10/06 - Auckland to Queenstown to Te Anau
Flew from Auckland to Queenstown. Drove to Te Anau. Lodging at the Lakeside Inn.
Lunch: Airport food from Queenstown airport.
Dinner: Naturally Fiordland - “The Godfather” pizza.

Day 4: 12/11/06 - Te Anau to Milford Sound to Queenstown
Drove to Milford Sound. Took a boat cruise. Drove back to Queenstown. Lodging 2 nights at Heritage Hotel in Fernhill (5 minutes west of Queenstown).
Pre-Lunch: Milford Sound cafe - Chicken and mashed potatoes.
Lunch: Obento box from the cruise tour. Miso soup, rice, pickled veggies, chicken, salmon, fruit.
Dinner: La Dolce Vita (Te Anau) - Bowl of Mussels; Pasta plate.

Day 5: 12/12/06 - Queenstown
Lunch: Cafe Vudu - Filo dough wrap with chicken.
Snack: Remarkable Sweet Shop - Bennett’s Chocolate: Chocolate Mouse; Feijoa.
Dinner: Gantley’s - Coq au vin with chicken; Sea Fish; Trio of homemade ice cream - lemon meringue, strawberry and cream, white and dark chocolate.

Day 6: 12/13/06 - Queenstown to Fox Glacier
Drove to Fox Glacier.
Lunch: Kai Whakapai (Wanaka) - Steak Sandwich; Bangers & Mash; Milkshake.
Dinner: Cafe Neve (Fox Glacier) - Rack of Lamb (soooo goood….*drool*); Lamb Pizza; Banana-Caramel homemade ice cream.

Day 7: 12/14/06 - Fox Glacier to Wanaka
Went on a Heli-hike on Fox Glacier (AWESOME!). Drove to Wanaka (3.5 hours). Lodging at Mountain Range Lodge in Cardrona (5 minutes from Wanaka).
Lunch: Saddlecook Cafe (Fox Glacier)- Hoki & Fries (aka. fish & chips); Burger.
Dinner: Thai Siam (Wanaka) - Massaman Beef Curry and the Scallop Special.

Day 8: 12/15/06 - Wanaka to Queenstown to Auckland
Drove back to Queenstown from Wanaka (1.5 hours). Shopped a bit then headed off to the airport for our flight to Auckland. Lodging at Hyatt Regency.
Lunch: Old Man Rock (Queenstown) - Bangers & Mash (sausage and mashed potatoes); Lamb Pie.
Dinner: Katsura - Salmon Meal (sashimi, sushi, broiled, grilled) & 10 piece nigiri. The salmon and tuna were paticularly good.

Day 9: 12/16/06 - Farewell New Zealand!
Flight back to the US was in the evening, so we shopped during the day for souvenirs.
Lunch: Vulcan Cafe (Auckland) - Beef Lasagna; Bubble & Squeak (like a stir-fry of potatoes, bacon, green peas and some other things)