Wedding Hit Count

I’ve been to loads of weddings in the recent years, with 2006 being the banner year so far topping off at 8. I thought for my own entertainment, I’d list out the ones I can remember where I was personally invited (and attended) and actually knew the couple. Otherwise, counting all the ones my family got invited to would be too hard to count.

2003 (1 wedding)
June - L&G (SoCal)

2004 (1 wedding)
May - Z&J (Portola Valley, CA)

2005 (5 weddings)
April - J&J (Belmont, CA)
May - K&W (Berkeley, CA & Boston, MA)
June - S&A (Los Altos, CA)
July - M&P (Half Moon Bay, CA)
October - R&C (San Francisco, CA)

2006 (8 weddings)
May - A&S (Chicago, IL)
June - E&E (Woodside, CA)
July - C&F (San Francisco, CA); G&W (Los Gatos, CA)
August - C&C (Los Altos, CA); D&H (Mountain View, CA)
September - C&T (Yosemite, CA)
December - R&S (San Francisco, CA)

2007 (8 weddings)
March - C&T Banquet (Millbrae, CA)
April - M&S (San Jose, CA)
July - R&L (Redwood City, CA); T&B (Cupertino, CA)
August - V&E (Bay Area); T&R (Alameda, CA)
September - S&R (San Francisco, CA)
November - C&P (San Francisco, CA

2008 (5 weddings)
March - M&B (Berkeley, CA)
May - S&W (Oahu, HI)
July - R&A (Bayfield, WI); [E&B (Oahu, HI) - didn’t attend]
August - C&D (Woodside, CA)
December - P&A (LA, CA)

2009 (5 Weddings)
January - K&W (Cancun, Mexico)
May - V&V (Vancouver, Canada); K&K (Burbank, CA)
July - J&J (Santa Cruz, CA)
October - C&F Banquet (Foster City, CA)

2010 (3 Weddings)
April - J&T (Fresno, CA)
June - A&K (Campbell, CA)
September - M&R (Berkeley, CA)

2011 (3 Weddings)
January - J&R (Cancun) - didn’t attend
July - J&J (Carmel, CA); J&M (Bay Area)
October - B&G (Dominican Republic)

2012 (3 Weddings)
April - R&S (San Mateo, CA)
May - C&J (San Jose, CA)
July - L&T (Berkeley, CA)

June - J&B (Burlingame, CA)

February - S&C (San Francisco, CA)
June - R&N (Nashville, TN)
August - T&A (San Francisco, CA)
December - B&A (Livermore, CA)

February - D&W (Chennai, India); A&J (Srinagar, India)