Eating Across HK & Japan

So I visited that I haven’t been to in 10 and 8 years respectively. It was a lot of fun and a lot of eating.

We left on Sunday, November 4 at Noon, stopped and changed planes in Tokyo, before finally arriving in Hong Kong on Monday night. We returned on Saturday, November 17, 2007.

Day 1: 11/5/07 Mon - Hong Kong
Arrive in HK at 10:20pm.

Day 2: 11/6/07 Tue - Guangzhou, China
We took a direct train from Hung Hom KCR Station to Guangzhou. Stayed at the Landmark International Hotel ($45/night).
Breakfast: Maxim’s Cafe Express (at the Hung Hom KCR station in HK)
Lunch: Lisboa Cafe (Inside Landmark Hotel in Guangzhou)
Dinner: HongXing Seafood Restaurant

Day 3: 11/7/07 Wed - Jiang Men, China
We did a day trip Jiang Men via a 12-passenger van that my cousin borrowed.
Breakfast: Zhen Kung Fu - Pork rice noodle w/ a hot soybean milk drink ($8rmb).
Lunch: (in Jiang Men)
Dinner: (in Guangzhou)

Day 4: 11/8/07 Thu - Hong Kong
We took the same direct train from Guangzhou back to Hong Kong. Stayed at the Prudential Hotel in Jordan.
Breakfast: Zhen Kung Fu (Guangzhou) - Pork rice noodle w/ a hot soybean milk drink ($8rmb).
Lunch: Dimsum (near our hotel in Jordan HK)
Dinner: Florinda Cafe (At the Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan) - Happy Potatoes, pork sandwich, fried noodles, fried pigeon, Portuguese egg tarts.

Day 5: 11/9/07 Fri - Macau
Took the hydrojet boat to Macau from Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal. Rode in Superclass (as opposed to economy) and got a 6-person VIP cabin. ($240hkd per person). Return trip road in economy for $176hkd.
Breakfast: Pleasant Palace (Sheung Wan MTR Station) - Dimsum
Lunch: Random Place inside Casino Lisboa

Day 6: 11/10/07 Sat - Hong Kong
Lunch: Random hole in the wall in Tsim Sha Tsui area
Dinner: Hei Sheung Ka (Yuen Long area) - Chinese Banquet

Day 7:11/11/07 Sun - Hong Kong
The day was mostly eating and shopping. I got a small Burberry Black across the shoulder bag.
Lunch: Dimsum (TST area)
Snack: Honeymoon Dessert - Durian, sweet glutinous balls w/ peanuts, mango with sago
Dinner: Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant (Causeway Bay area)

Day 8: 11/12/07 Mon - Kyoto, Japan
Flew from Hong Kong to Osaka, then took the Haruka Express train to Kyoto. Stayed at the Aranvert Hotel.
Lunch: Full Moon (Elements Shopping Center, HK) - Crab w/ Congee
Dinner: Random Restaurant a block from our hotel in Japan - A sampler platter of sorts.

Day 9: 11/13/07 Tue - Kyoto, Japan
Siteseeing (Gion Tour, Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Kiyomizudera)

Day 10: 11/14/07 Wed - Kyoto, Japan
Siteseeing (Fushimi Inari, Nijo-jo)
Lunch: Ramen at Kyoto Station (10th Floor)
Dinner: Sushi Masa (Gion District) - set menu

Day 11: 11/15/07 Thu - Tokyo, Japan
To Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train 3hrs); siteseeing; Stay in Tokyo (Ebisu @ nite)

Day 12: 11/16/07 Fri - Tokyo, Japan
Siteseeing (Tsujiki, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza)

Day 13: 11/17/07 Sat - Siteseeing in morning/early afternoon; 6pm Fly home :(

Hong Kong
Prudential Hotel: Superior Room $126 (before tax) (above jordan mtr station);

Landmark International: $45/day

Aranvert Hotel Kyoto (

Takanawa Prince hotel (

HK Airport (
$160hkd for r/t on Airport Express (to Kowloon Station)

Airport Shuttle Service from Kowloon Station to Jordan MTR (K1) (

Octopus Card
$150hkd to buy ($50 deposit / $100 start value)
Nozomi Train (Kyoto to Tokyo) - 13,520y ($115.20 as of 10/8/07)

Japan Train Schedules

Mobile Phone Rental in Japan

Plugs & Outlets
HK 220-50hz:
Japan 100-50/60hz: