Remodeling Fun

Here I wanted to log the progress of our home remodel.

December 2009
12/23/09 - Closing day!
12/29/09 - Subterranean termite spraying
12/30/09 - 1/2/10 - Tenting and fumigation for other termites

January 2010
1/2/10 - Tile shopping. Found tiles we liked for the bathroom at Bullnose Tile and Bedrosians.
1/3/10 - Bought a fridge at Western Appliance. Kitchenaid 24.8cu ft stainless steel French door. Bought some Yolo paint swatch posters at Kelly Moore Paints. Grabbed some paint swatches too.
1/4/10 - Shopped for bath vanities and sinks. Got tile samples from store. Ripped out carpet, padding and tackboards from bedroom 3 (1hr). Discovered when garbage day is (Tuesday).
1/6/10 - Ripped out closet bars and shelving in bedrooms, hallway and coat closets. Removed face and switchplates.
1/7/10 - Met with tiling dude and got a quote. Finalized bathroom tiles. finalized paint colors for entire house interior.
1/8/10 - Ordered a window (to replace our 2nd bath’s single pane) from A Wholesale Window Company in Santa Clara. Millgard 32″x18″ Tuscany style. Did some minor things around the house: knocked out decorative beam in kitchen; removed doors; removed bathroom baseboards, mirror & medicine cabinet, vanity doors; removed random screws and wall attachments; moved out leftover closet fixture crap into garage; removed some of the decorative flowers and letters (they were stickers).
1/9/10 - Removed bathroom 2 vanity/sink. Started demo-ing a few bathroom tiles.
1/10/10 - Removed the remaining decorative flowers and letters; removed a few more bathroom tiles. Removed ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fan.
1/11/10 - New fridge was delivered. Painting crew came in today to prep. More demo on the bathroom 2 (finished removing floor tiles and started on tub tiles).
1/12/10 - Removed crown moulding from bathroom 2.
1/13/10 - The painters began the real work today. They patched up some holes and (I think) washed the walls. They also primed many of the walls and removed the popcorn ceiling in the den and the 3 bedrooms. Removed the drywall around the window in bathroom 2. Took out some more tub wall tiles and got to the drywall.
1/14/10 - The painters painted colors today! Found a 48″ vanity set that I like from this place in Hayward. Ordered/bought our tiles from Bullnose Tile for bathroom 2. We also demoed bathroom 2 some more. Exposed more studs and removed more tiles.
1/15/10 - More painting.
1/17/10 - Demoed the rest of the tiles in bathroom 2.
1/18/10 - Painters cut in the edges and finished up some rooms (removed the plastic from the floors in all areas except the kitchen). They also painted the laundry room door and the linen closet/shelf. The trim seems to pretty much be all painted. Demoed the last main bits of the drywall in bathroom 2.
1/19/10 - Picked up the window for bathroom 2 from the store. Painters finished (1 day prep + 5 days to wash, prime & paint). We removed the rest of the drywall along the tub/shower. We also removed the Wonderboard and plastic sheeting (vapor barrier?) from the floors; vacuumed up the bathroom. Bathroom 2 demo done!
1/21/10 - Booked the window installer for bathroom 2.
1/22/10 - Booked tile installer for bathroom 2.
1/25/10 - Day 1 of window installation for bathroom 2. The new window is in and the window guys worked on part 1 of the stucco. Bought toilet for bathroom 2 and dropped it off at house. Garage door remote arrived in mail.
1/26/10 - Received vent & sink faucet (ordered 1/21/10 from, and shower/tub faucet (ordered 1/20/10 via and for bathroom 2 via UPS. Window guy called in sick today so the stucco was untouched today.
1/27/10 - Window guys came back to finish up the stucco work outside the bathroom window. Window in bathroom 2 is done. Tilers came to put up green board on the tub walls and cement board on the floor. They also created the shower niche (for shampoo and stuff). They also put up some black tar papery stuff around the shower niche and window. Our rug (ordered on 1/22/10 from arrived via UPS.
1/28/10 - Plumber came to change the pipe between the valve and the shower head to copper. He also put in the valve for our shower faucet. The tilers came to put up the remaining green board on the walls. Bought some curtain tension rods and temporary shades from Lowes. Cleaned the kitchen window and put up one of the shades.
1/29/10 - Plumber came and added some tar paper and chicken wire to the walls. Bought a Closetmaid closet organizer system.
1/30/10 - Installed organization elements into the coat closet.
1/31/10 - Cleaned around the house a bit. Partially installed closet fixtures into bedroom 2. Finished scraping off the frosted glass off the window in bedroom 2. Put up temporary shades in bedroom 2. Swapped outlets in bedroom 3 with newer modern ones.

February 2010
2/1/10 - Tilers added the hot mop tar (I think) and then mortar over the chicken wire. We cleaned and lined a few of the kitchen drawers with non-slip mats. We also finished the closet system in bedroom 2.
2/2/10 - Tilers started tiling the tub walls. We moved some random items to the house. The shower curtain rod arrived in the mail (ordered on 1/27/10).
2/3/10 - Tilers made more progress on the tub walls. We moved a few small items to the house.
2/4/10 - Tilers started the accent trim, and finished tiling the remainder of the tub walls. Cleaned one of the rooms a bit. Cleaned and lined some kitchen cabinets. Bought door hinges.
2/5/10 - Tiler filled out the window area with tile, along with the back part of the shampoo niche.
2/7/10 - Moving day! The movers moved pretty much all of our stuff in 4.5 hours! Pretty fast if you ask me.
2/8/10 - Tilers added the rest of the accent trim and edge trim.
2/9/10 - Tilers finished off the shampoo niche and arranged the floor tiles.
2/10/10 - Tilers laid/set the floor tiles and finished up the rest of the tiling details.
2/11/10 - Tiler grouted the bathroom.
2/15/10 - Tiler came to add an acrylic/silicone sealant over the grout to protect it.
2/18/10 - Started mud & tape process of the seam between tub area greenboard and existing drywall (layer #1).
2/19/10 - Started mud & tape process (layer #1) of old medicine cabinet hole. Mud layer #2 on tub drywall seam.
2/21/10 - Layer #2 on cabinet hole; Layer #3 on tub seam. Cut out holes in vanity and moved it into the bathroom.
2/22/10 - Layer #3 on cabinet hole; Layer #4 on tub seam.
2/27/10 - Adding a bit more texture on the cabinet hole and tub seam.
2/28/10 - Painted primer on cabinet hole and tub seam.

March 2010
3/1/10 - Stained some wood for the vanity in bathroom 2.
3/2/10 - Sink and faucet was installed into bathroom 2.
3/6/10 - Patched bathroom 2 baseboard hole. Changed air return grill with one that accommodates filters. Weeded the front yard. Swapped out the outlet and lightswitch in bathroom 2.
3/27/10 - Bought 3 sheets of mosaic tiles (Jeffrey Court 5/8″ mosaics; color: Vintage Merlot) from Home Depot for the bathroom 2 backsplash.
3/30/10 - Bought mortar and grout for the bathroom 2 backsplash.

April 2010
4/2/10 - Tiled part of the bathroom 2 backsplash.
4/3/10 - Finished tiling the bathroom 2 backsplash.
4/22/10 - Ordered mirror medicine cabinet for bathroom 2.
4/28/10 - Bought toilet (Toto Aquia II) for master bath.
4/29/10 - Received mirror medicine cabinet for bathroom 2 (broken mirror.. :( boo.)

May 2010
5/1/10 - Grouted backsplash for bathroom 2.
5/2/10 - Received structural drawings of master bath. Caulked backsplash for bathroom 2.
5/5/10 - Sanded and primed old door for bathroom 2; Primed patched hole near baseboard in bathroom 2; Cut and primed one baseboard piece (re-used from master closet) for bathroom 2.
5/8/10 - Painted baseboards for bathroom 2.
5/15/10 - Installed baseboards into bathroom 2.
5/17/10 - Wood puttied baseboards in bathroom 2.
5/29/10 - Caulk and painted baseboards in bathroom 2.
5/30/10 - Put door and new door lever on for bathroom 2.

June 2010
6/2/10 - Ordered medicine cabinet for bathroom 2 (again); ordered bath tub for master bath (Amazon); ordered decorative light for master bath (Overstock).
6/14/10 (Day 1) - Master bathroom remodel begins!! The contractors demoed the entire bathroom/closet area. It’s just studs, a toilet, and hanging wires (non-exposed).
6/15/10 (Day 2)- More demo-ing. This time they took out the toilet and tore out more things.
6/16/10 (Day 3) - Finished gutting; removed some of the ceiling and removed old insulation in the attic space. Started framework for closet. Master bath tub and bathroom 2 medicine cabinet were delivered; installed medicine cabinet in bathroom 2.
6/17/10 (Day 4)- Finished framing out new walls.
6/18/10 Day 5)- Added in pocket door; closed up old window and framed out window in water closet.
6/22/10 (Day 6)- Installed ventilation units for water closet and main master bath area. Installed a few junction boxes for outlets.
6/23/10 (Day 7)- Prepared pipes for master tub/shower; relocated air vent for water drainage (not sure what it’s called). Prepped for vent installation in bathroom 2.
6/25/10 (Day 8) - Ran electrical wiring and set up junction boxes for lights and switches. Framed window in the tub area. Prepared 2 new spots for recessed lights; prepared spot for center ceiling mount light; installed 2 new recessed lights in bedroom (for a total of 4 recessed lights and 1 center ceiling light). More framework/studs to prepare for shearwall.
6/29/10 (Day 9) - Master bath windows arrived and picked up from the store. Put in vent for bathroom 2.
6/30/10 (Day 10) - More electrical wiring; more framework for the water closet; wiring/lights for the recessed and vents; installed switch in bathroom 2 for vent. Hold-downs for posts installed; Vanity lights delivered.

July 2010
7/1/10 (Day 11) - More electrical stuff; cut holes in roof for vents; all 4 recessed lights in bedroom hooked up and functional.
7/2/10 (Day 12) - Met with engineer to approve hold downs; other stuff I can’t see.
7/3/10 (Day 13) - Added register for vent in bathroom; connected vents to the outside world; cut old shower pipes for removal. Bought our vanity cabinet.
7/7/10 (Day 14) - Replaced duct under the house to new location in master bath; added baffles to recessed lights in room.
7/8/10 (Day 15) - Some plumbing work under the house that I can’t see.
7/9/10 (Day 16) - Window in tub area and window in water closet are in; more plumbing work.
7/10/10 (Day 17) - More plumbing work. Ordered tiles from Porcelanosa (tub/shower tiles) and Bullnose Tile (floor tile).
7/11/10 (Day 18) - More plumbing work.
7/12/10 (Day 19) - More plumbing work. City permit inspector came to check things out. Everything is mostly good except for a few things.
7/13/10 (Day 20) - More plumbing work under the house. Fixed some things per inspector.
7/14/10 (Day 21) - More work I can’t see.
7/15/10 (Day 22) - Inspection number 2. Issue with the epoxy for hold downs. Wrapped vent register with some type of special tape per inspector.
7/19/10 (Day 23) - Insulation along some walls; Added new posts for hold-downs; first layer of stucco added outside around windows. Bought 2 ceiling light fixtures from Lowes.
7/20/10 (Day 24) - Insulation on exterior walls and in attic space; put up some drywall; added light fixture in master bedroom and bedroom 3; set up light switches in master bath and bedroom; added another layer of stucco outside around windows.
7/21/10 (Day 25) - Finished insulation; put up drywall on the ceilings of closet; did some mud and tape; added tub faucet valve and pipe for faucet. Replaced leaky tub drain in bathroom 2; 3rd layer of stucco on outside around windows. We passed our structural inspection!
7/22/10 (Day 26) - Fitted the plywood in tub area to match thickness of shear wall; mud & tape; added bath tub; added drywall to bathroom ceiling.
7/23/10 (Day 27) - Added shear wall in sink area; finished drywalling top half of water closet; added drywall to ceiling of bathroom.
7/24/10 (Day 28) - Added tar paper and chicken wire in bath tub area; mud and tape remainder of stuff; sanded mud in most parts of bathroom.
7/26/10 (Day 29) - More mudding and sanding; drywall (don’t know the actual term) for the floors installed; passed shower wall and exterior stucco inspections! Finalized tile patterns. Chose carpet color for bedrooms.
7/27/10 (Day 30) - Added floating mortar in tub area and added shampoo niche; more sanding mudded walls.
7/28/10 (Day 31) - Tiling Day 1; removed old laminate flooring in master bedroom; painted ceiling in bathroom 2.
7/29/10 (Day 32) - Tiling Day 2; removed tile in hallway; prepping walls for texturing.
7/30/10 (Day 33) - Tiling Day 3; textured walls.

August 2010
8/2/10 (Day 34) - Tiling Day 4 (finished main tiling in tub area; bottom and side pieces will be added in later); Primed and painted.
8/3/10 (Day 35) - Painted 2nd coat of paint in master bedroom & closets. Added vent grill to bathroom 2 and water closet.
8/4/10 (Day 36) - Tiling Day 5 (tiled the floors); added electrical outlets and switches.
8/5/10 (Day 37) - Tiling Day 6 (quarter rounds around window area); added boards in hallway in preparation for carpeting.
8/6/10 (Day 38) - Tiling Day 7 (more quarter rounds around window area); grouted the bathroom floor; textured the bathroom and water closet.
8/7/10 - (Day 39) - Tiling Day 8 (finished added tiles to window area); Added window trim around water closet window. Painted water closet. Mounted door to water closet.
8/9/10 (Day 40) - Added baseboards to bedroom.
8/10/10 (Day 41) - Grouted bathroom wall tiles; added door frames.
8/11/10 (Day 42) - Painted bathroom; added and patched door frames; removed laminate flooring in bedroom 2. Prepped more baseboards.
8/12/10 (Day 43) - Added baseboards to bedroom 2 & 3. Primed door trim and water closet door. Added shower faucet; moved vanity cabinet into master bath.
8/13/10 (Day 44) - Prepped vanity cabinet for countertop; prepped sink plumbing; painted bathroom and water closet doors. Carpeted bedrooms.
8/14/10 (Day 45) - Installed countertop & sink and faucets. Painted doors and trim (2nd/3rd coating). Installed the toilet.
8/21/10 (Day 46) - Installed mirror for master bathroom.

November 2010
11/20/10 - Put up door to bedroom 2.
11/23/10 - Ordered double oven for kitchen remodel. Kitchenaid.
11/26/10 - Purchased towel bars and toilet paper holder (from Lowe’s) for bathroom 2 and master bath.
11/27/10 - Installed toilet paper holder in water closet. Removed existing towel bar from bathroom 2. Patched up holes. Checked out some hardwood floors at Colortile.
11/28/10 - Got quotes from Lowe’s for kitchen cabinets.

December 2010
12/4/10 - Installed towel bars in bathroom 2.
12/6/10 - Checked out hardwood floors at SimpleFloors.
12/10/10 - Put a hold on some kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s!
12/11/10 - Tweaked cabinet list.
12/14/10 - Ordered hardwood flooring from SimpleFloors.
12/27/10 - Master bathroom shower door installed.

February 2011
2/1/11 - Went to Container Store to buy some Elfa parts for auxiliary master closet.
2/5/11 - Met with a countertop fabricator/installer (Monarch) to discuss details.
2/12/11 - Finalized and ordered kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s. Ordered kitchen faucet for main sink from eFaucets.
2/15/11 - Ordered rangetop from Select Appliance. Ordered kitchen main sink faucet from
2/17/11 - Ventilation hood arrived!
2/23/11 - Received range top and main sink faucet.

March 2011
3/11/11 - Ordered main sink (from Overstock).

April 2011
4/5/11 - Chose a contractor!
4/6/11 - Ordered 2 garbage disposals from
4/15/11 - Received garbage disposals! Set a start date for remodel project.

May 2011
5/4/11- Pre-demo by J&G who decided to “help” us pre-demo a wall by kicking their way through.
5/6/11 - The real demo begins. The living room floors (and fireplace brick facade), living room wall, and kitchen were all demo’d. The entryway tiles were also taken up.
5/7/11 - Plumbers came to do some work. Put in venting for island sink, amongst other plumbery things. Went tile shopping for fireplace, entryway and kitchen backsplash tiles.
5/8/11 - Ordered prep sink faucet. Ordered hot water dispenser & faucet.
5/11/11 - Plumbers resumed work on island plumbing. Looks like they connected the island plumbing vent to the main vent line. Received hot water dispenser and faucet.
5/14/11 - Plumbers brought water lines to the island and refrigerator. They also cleaned up the messy retrofit plumbing that came up through the floor.
5/17/11 - Electricians started running wires from the boxes to the kitchen. Cut a hole in the ceiling for the new vent. Received prep sink faucet. Bought some under cabinet lighting (hope they work right…)
5/18/11 - Bought housings and bulbs for recessed lighting in kitchen.
5/19/11 - Kitchen: Holes for 6 recessed lights cut out. More random wiring stuff; chandelier electrical box put in; north-side window removed and hole closed up; ductwork for vent installed; doorway to living room moved and framed out. Living Room: built-in shelf framed and drywalled; corner beads put in where wall was removed. Entryway: cement board put in over the subflooring.
5/26/11 - Put in recessed housings; modified the wall oven area and living room built in shelf.
5/28/11 - Ordered tiles for entryway.
5/31/11 - Rough-ins inspection. Need to modify the recessed housings to GU24; need to expand the subpanel.

June 2011
6/3/11 - Bought new recessed housings (with GU24 sockets) and recessed bulbs.
6/4/11 - Swapped some of the medium base recessed housings with the new GU24 housings.
6/5/11 - Contractor came and worked on the wiring and replaced our existing subpanel with a much larger one.
6/7/11 - Fireplace contractor came to re-shape the demo’d fireplace. City inspector came and approved our rough-in work. Contractor came and prepped walls for insulation.
6/8/11 - Insulation and drywall put up. Mud and taping.
6/10/11 - More mudding and sanding.
6/11/11 - Picked up tiles for kitchen backsplash and entryway floors. Also picked up some quarts of paint to try out in the kitchen and living room.
6/14/11 - Received air switch in the mail.
6/15/11 - Painting begins in the kitchen. The kitchen window wall and doorway to living room walls were painted (satin finish). The ceiling was also painted in both satin and flat in the kitchen/dining room. The stove wall was primed. More mudding in the living room.
6/16/11 - The dining room walls were painted (flat). Wall prepwork in the living room was done. Subfloor repair near the kitchen sink began.
6/17/11 - Subfloor was laid down in the kitchen sink corner. A piece of 1/4″ drywall was added to the wall next to the oven to make things even after the old pantry was removed (also mud and tape was done). Subfloor was added in the hallway towards the bedrooms. Living room was partially painted. We bought fireplace tile (woohoo)!
6/21/11 - Fireplace wall drywalled and patched up. Prepwork on the floor in front of the fireplace was done. The big wall of the living room was painted. Our island light was delivered.
6/22/11 - Flooring was mostly installed in the living room and about 1/3 in the kitchen.
6/23/11 - The remainder of flooring in the living room and kitchen were finished. The hallway and coat closet were also done. Baseboards in most of the living room and kitchen were added.

July 2011
7/8/11 - Installed cabinet door hardware; primed remaining section in kitchen; installed island light; began tiling entryway; prepped fireplace hearth for tiles; installed island outlets; installed vent hood.
7/9/11 - Installed microwave nook outlet; finished tiling entryway; began fireplace tiling; installed cooktop.
7/10/11 - Added cabinet hardware and island light; added island outlets. Finished tiling fireplace.
7/11/11 - Grouted entryway and fireplace; primed remaining wall in kitchen; other finishwork.
7/21/11 - Countertops for perimeter cabinets complete. Island countertops 60% done (only the sides are remaining).
7/23/11 - Contractors got more finishwork done in the kitchen; Main sink faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwasher hooked up; Entryway baseboards installed; refrigerator put into place.
7/24/11 - We changed the outlets in the living room and kitchen from the old crappy ones to the newer style ones.
7/28/11 - Countertop folks came out and installed the quartz on the sides of the island.
7/30/11 - Contractors came and tiled the backsplash; installed roll-out drawers in pantry; swapped out crooked island light with replacement light.

August 2011
8/5/11 - Grout for backsplash tile; prep sink faucet installed; air switch for prep sink garbage disposal installed; hot water dispenser for main sink installed; window trim installed.
8/6/11 - Outlets for cooktop wall installed; dining room chandelier installed;  other finish work; sub-panel connected.
8/7/11 - Living room surface mount light installed; under-cabinet lights installed; Cooktop hooked up!
8/9/11 - Countertop folks came to finish the edges and round them out a bit.
8/12/11 - Under-cabinet lighting hooked up; passed final inspections!